Goranger episode 7

Seeing Sentai, Episode 6: Goranger Episodes 36 - 42


Were halfway through Himitsu Sentai Goranger! A major villain has been defeated, and the Gorangers get new special ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 2: Goranger Episodes 8 - 14


Gorangers really begins to come into its own with some better storytelling, some good atmosphere, and some decent backstory for ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 5: Goranger Episodes 29 - 35


These past several episodes introduce a talking bird that insults Daita all the time, as well as many new monsters and new ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 8: Goranger Episodes 50 - 56


So many new things this week, including a new actor for Yellow Goranger and a new actor for the Black Cross Führer. Thank you ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 3: Goranger Episodes 15 - 21


In which we discuss the enemies of the Black Cross Army rotating out for new enemies, and Red and Blue get some decent ...

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Episode Previews


Let franchise! Visit my channel for more ...

Himitsu Sentai Goranger - Neneknya Super Sentai #caritato Episode 1 (Part 1)


HIMITSU SENTAI GORANGERSelamat datang di channel Monsters_HA, kali ini bukan unboxing barang, jadi skrng saya buat konten ...

Himitsu Sentai Goranger Enhanced Opening


Adobe After Effects.

Seeing Sentai, Episode 11: Goranger Episodes 71 - 77


Red Ranger starts dressing hardcore, and one of the series best monsters is introduced. Only one more week in Goranger ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 9: Goranger Episodes 57 - 63


New enemies, a fantastic ragdoll drop off the side of a cliff, and Daigoro is still a horribly unsatisfying character. Follow me on ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 7: Goranger Episodes 43 - 49


Were in the second half of the series now, and new things are popping up all over the place! Learn about the slight changes to ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 10: Goranger Episodes 64 - 70


Only two weeks remain! Daigoro dies and Daita immediately triumphantly returns. Also, theres a new piece of machinery used by ...

Seeing Sentai, Episode 1: Goranger Episodes 1 - 7


Whats vlog series talking about experiencing the Super Sentai franchise in ...