SBS [2013가요대전] - 비에이피(B.A.P)

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2013 SBS 가요대전2013년 12월 29일(Sun) 8:45 PM

131229 20131229 B.A.P (Musical Group) SBS SBS Gayo Daejeon (TV Program) Seoul Broadcasting System (TV Network) k-pop 가요대전 케이팝

#B.A.PisBack방용국 내꺼야
Bang looks  cute with his bangs and Zelo looks manly with that haircut.I feel like the universe just flipped.I did not expected that.\nMe likes it. *v*
AJ Varela
That was so short T_T I wantd more, and I think they deserved more too. Anyway, BAP KILLED IT! they made great use of what ever they had :)\n\nI was glad to see the push-up dance [that's what I've been waiting for ^^]\n\nZelo \u003c3 Please stop growing. lol ^^ Maknae looks so mature now T_T
Anh Zelo
B.A.P is The best on the best on the best... i can't belive in my eyes.. OMG is so AMAZING.. :3
It doesn't matter guys if they had less time for performing then the others....\nI feel so proud and I can honestly say that they present a big pride for Babyz...\nOur polished diamonds (lol i k it sounds cheezy but still...they r ^^)
BAP Busan WonBin
It's ok, SBS underestimates B.A.P's international popularity. Since B.A.P is not that huge in S.Korea yet, many of them still don't know B.A.P. Hope in future, S.K people can like B.A.P songs more as well as mainstream TV broadcast! ughh..
This was a good stage, although I feel they have earned more time than they were allotted.\n\ have really come into your own :)
BTS and Hyuk Oh Fangirl
YongGuk look so cute with that hair cut!!! And I love the way Daehyun make his high note a bit wave!!! Sounds good~
Bea Rabbit
This performance is just *PERFECT*. \n♥ Epic as fuck intro. \n♥ Finally One Shot with Himchan. Very handsome Himchan(these hair, god bless his stylist). \n♥ These clothes. They all looks soo epic, especially Zelo and his panther. \n♥ Great live singing(they never use lip syncing, even they have tiresome choreo)\n♥ Unique Daehyun high note(2:10 just listen this angel voice)\n♥ Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Princess ''meh'' Jun and ''me gusta'' J-Hope reaction lol \nI'm so proud of being Baby. 
Bubble Tea
Dongwoo jamming to B.A.P is the cutest thing ever \u003c3
Channie Ten
Jongup flip was freaking how his flip match with the beat..
I'm guessing it will take at least 6 months and at most 8 for them to make an amazing comeback with new agency new staff new contract and a fresh and clear mind!\nFighting b.a.p!
♥ Jongup ♥ B.A.P is back!!
Dejalynn Saili
I keep replaying Daehyun's high note!!! It literally is the best high note in KPOP!!! Im in love their voices!!!
Dija. H
My boys deserved more time. Great performance!
Eevee '
I always come back to this bc Daehyun's high note is no joke. B.A.P's performance was on point. I love them so much omg.
Eunice Lois Jimenez
I am very happy to see B.A.P slayin' every performance. Wooot woot. I saw Infinite's Sunggyu and Dongwoo singing the song. Groups that I loveee ❤️
Hyemi Mo
They're back!! I've really missed them! BAP jjang!
daehyuns note change always gets me
proud proud proud.....Youngjae you tortured me... Love it when daehyun changed his high notes once in awhile.. Gukkie cute hair style... JongLo intro was awesome... Himchan perfect as ever.... wish they can perform full song.\nand proud Inspirit as well.. happy to see sunggyu and dongwoo enjoyed the stage.. ^^
BAP is on an entirely higher level in kpop. From the time they debuted until now, they have dominated and they will continue to do so in 2014!!!
Grandpa Gyu jamming!!! hahaha cute Infinite n BAP hwaiting!!!
Joan Horanson
Ohmahgad I am so proud of my babies \u003c3\nThey never lip sync even tho their choreography are so damn hard and they are not even in a good condition but they still manage to sing live \u003c3\nB.A.P seriously change my life \u003e\u003c
Jongin Future
i'm a baby since warrior omg , i missed them so much! please participate more in reality tv show :(
I exostans and i missed being babyz :)
Jung jazle
hell yeah!! my babys are coming back this november!!!
Kah Yen Lew
Watched this like a million times and I can't get enough of daehyun's ad-lib! Hated that the performance was that short but it does has it's impact with BAP's killer stare and daehyun's killer ad-lib!
Kelly Nguyen
2:12 he knew that if his voice went any higher, his voice would crack so instead he went down, making that part 10x better tbh!! it shows how talented of a singer he is if he can instantly change his voice
Kim Memegyu
i keep replaying the part where daehyun pulled off that high note😜😜😜
Kristine Truong
My holy trinity B.A.P, Infinite, and BTS all in one video ;; u ;;
Kyuri Cyroneilen
i'm a little bit irritated by this\nnot because B.A.P, of course they perfect as always\nbut time that given to them are too short, they not even get one complete song\nanyway, hope they win with their next comeback \u003c3
Laikha Lee
Daehyun's high note is no joke.. 👏👍\nProud BABY here.. 😄\nB.A.P 짱 !!! 😍
Laila aljaaidi
lol at sungkyu and dongwoo enjoying ♡
Laura K.
리얼 개명곡 가사랑.. 이런컨셉계속했으면 좋겠다 ㅠㅠ
Lieke Tolenaars
tell me why are they so underrated?
Luminous Glory
Great performance!! Zelo looked really handsome!
I still will never understand why One Shot didn't win in those music shows??? 😤 Never made any darn sense to me!..One Shot song, choreo, lyrics, video and message is legendary! Even at that time you would type in betrayer in Google and Youngjae would come up! lol It was epic! I think there was some conspiracy going on, don't care who disagrees with me! 😛 B.A.P own and rock every performance live! 😍 The 6 Kings Slaying everything since 2012 and beyond! 👑👑👑👑👑👑 B.A.P are Life! 💚
M June D
I'm so annoyed at myself for being a VERY LATE B.A.P fan. I just became their fan only last June of this year 2014. I find them so different from other boy groups. They are so unique. I can say that they are not a typical boyband next door. I fell in love with them. Gosh I'm so late. Before B.A.P., I wasted so much time idolizing an over rated group who always lip-sync during their performances (I will not mention my former favorite kpop group) Now, I'm a B.A.P fan.
Marry Me Yoo Youngjae
bap don't need 7mins performance coz with 3mins they can prove you that they are the real king of the stage!! so proud of these six talented boys!
Meera Lee
dae's high notes!!! asdfghjkl and Bang oppa you looks so hot and so handsome, so charismatic!! All of you are, gosh i'm missing them so much!!
Miss Rea
B.A.P. is the BEST!!!! :DDD
Moon Angel
still cannot move one with the PERFECT STAGE ever!!!
Mouna Amir
they didnt even perform their entire song while others got more then 3min this is bullshit !!
Nana Murasaki
WOW THIS WAS EXCELLENT... their dance opening was great.
Niqole Cass
I'm not exactly a fan of any groups that performed this year, but I've got to say amongst all the performances that night, BAP and Shinee were on a totally different level. Even gd and taeyang didn't make me THAT impressed even though they had long screen time (sorry no offense intended just my opinion). But yet bap was only given 3 minutes with all their comebacks this year! Seriously, I get it that big companies like yg jyp and sm will get more screen time but please also take into consideration SKILLS!! I'm not a fan but I'd think these boys deserves much more than this mere 3minutes!\nAs mentioned, this is just my own opinion and I'm not hating on other grps, just feeling unfair for this guys.
Noely Hernandez
This will always be my favorite daehyun high notes! Kpop be sleeping on B.A.P. I mean legends
Nur Amalina Haron
i am still waiting for daejae to go on immortal song 2 ugh
Nurul Nabila Zulkifli
Pretty much everyone's best hairstyle \u003c3 Codi unni jjang!
best moments:\n1) Daehyun's  high note........\n2) Sungkyu's fanboying.......
Oh Grace
i really need other artists reactions to this! \ni want to see their shocked faces at B.A.P's natural awesomeness!  
HUUUUUU could've been longer SHOULD'VE BEEN LONGER. I can't help but notice how much B.A.P has grown since debut! They're growing to be fine artists instead of just idols. Just the vibe when they go onto stage. It's in the moves they make, the way they look at their audience and the way they move their body. I see it strongly and I think this is something that can hardly be thaught and only real performers have. Fightingg B.A.P!!!!!
Prana Wuland
2:42 is he jin (BTS)? OHHHHHHHH
Sandra Adams
2:10 Daehyun's unexpected high notes killed me omg!!!!
Satrio Khg
Shahnoza Holboeva
Ok so don't misunderstand this. I love SNSD especially Taeyeon, but I am kind of upset that almost every band that performed got more than 3 minutes time and when it came to B.A.P they just cut the song and performed for exactly 3 minutes. I mean after all the new songs and MVs that B.A.P released this year and all the hard work they put into their new album I think they deserved at least 5 minutes on that stage. I just think it's unfair that SNSD barely appeared this year as a whole group and only had one comeback they still got to sing 2 songs. And again don't think I'm hating on them because I have loved SNSD since 2008 and I still love them. Overall, this year's performances were great. Thanks to all the artists that put in a lot of work to entertain us ♡ I love kpop
Sofea ,
This audience is bias they only scream and cheer for the boy groups but they were totally silent for Cl & lee hyori.
OMG I got the goosebumps listening to Daehyun's high note... Meaning that it's legit *AWESOME.*
YelynaCeyzella Lahai
YuirZa Hani
The best part in this performance. .\n1. YongGuk swaggy walk !!\n2. HimChan back with their Original Choreography !!\n3. DaeHyun High Note + Amazing adlibs !!\n4. YongJae standing like a Boss !!\n5. JongUp awesome back flip !!\n6. Zelo's English is Amazing !!\nAnd not the best part is..\nSBS should give B.A.P do their full performance. ..
Zee Shan
my favourite performance.. the intro was wow..
ain sk
OMG!!! The AMAZING perfomance EVER!!! DAEHYUN high note!!! WoW! Amazing. Jongup dance! Omg!! I love this performance so much! The opening DAEBAK. B.A.P really DAEBAK! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Why is it short, i wish it be longer. But anyways this was freakin amazing! I can't stop watching it.
I love Daehyuns voice here and they all look HOTTTTTTT
Best Absolute Perfect!!!
berlian Almuhdor
After bap going on these half a year long tours they really getting better and better on stage....they're really killing the stage even in only 3 minutes.... sorry if im so proud of them sobs
call me sensei
LOL is Yongguk mad xD \
It seems like its an insult to refer them as a kpop group. The singing, the choreo, everything.. this is phenomenal performance.
Zelo looks hot here~
the quality of their performance was so awesome u can totally tell they have so much experience and their confidence is totally different from most of the groups that performed that night, its so hard to believe they only debuted in 2012 they act like they've been around for yrs. love u bap!!! 
In this ceremony they were the only who sang IN LIVE with BEAST.
performance should have been longer... i thought they would win #1 with this song, but...\noh, my~ jongup's flip was so clean and timed perfectly.
*this is my opinion and partly my experience in what i am writing*\ni don't mean to be rude and i hate comparing groups myself but when *my friends* ask me which group i like better out of bap or exo (they're my top two) i would choose bap and they would question why.\nin *my opinion* i think although exo has more members, bap are really unique musically and personality(?) wise. i love the fact that nearly all of bap's music has a meaning; even album songs (BTS too!) and they work really hard to please everyone (not just BABYs) with their music by trying out different types of genres.\n*hold on!*\ni know that ALL idols work hard; they do but in reference to bap, from what i know and heard of they haven't taken a real break; the longest they had without promoting was 6-7 months however during that time they were practising for their concerts, working on year end performances and working on an album. even when promoting and debuting in japan with one shot (and releasing jap ver. of warrior) and doing concerts in japan, they were also working on their (korean) comeback which is to come in january 2014! (i'm pretty sure; cannot wait ;A;;) bap has really done a lot since their debut, they had their first concert in the second year of debut which not a lot of idols can succeed(?)/do (from what i've read) \ni really hope that bap will continue to be successful and win more awards and get to travel around the world, they really deserve it ♥ (can i just add that daehyun always amazes me with his vocals; singing live everytime!)
miss woohyundaehyunwonho
i keep replaying daehyun's epic high notes
I'm furious!! Stop treating B.A.P like this...Just because they are from a small company and they are polite don't mean they deserved to be treated this way!! =.= Kwenchana...B.A.P still killed the stage with their live performance...B.A.P WILL COMEBACK SOON AND SHOW YOU ALL....
n. faye
2:12 shall be cherished. Daehyun, that's a really beautiful live moment :') 
noorelliysa ali hassan
wow intro good...🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
omfg daehyun's high note is the best. and for god's sake sbs, their performance should be longer than this. T.T oh and i swear those hairstyles were perfectly fit for them!!!
계속 봐도 안 질리네. 완전 내 스타일이다.
yo Daehyun's high note was awesome
When I think I'm already amazed by their live performances, they come up with THIS! No, they didn't sing the whole song, but they KILLED IT! DANG, I can't stop watching this *o*
2:49 omg yongguk's face
Seriously b.a.p needs more awards they are just too amazing! Daehyuns vocals just make me speechless. It's really unique. It's like more amazing than all the lead vocals in other groups. I wish they got more stime to sing this song.
sunny anna
2018 I still amazed with this performance...
takemeto Seoul
watching u every second performing is just like a magic :)\n\nso proud to be BABY :))) 
valeska beosundres
B.A.P never seize to stop amazing me!!! they are so creative and brilliant \u003c3 their opening dance is just amazing .. But i wish if the voice adjustments were better and they had more time :/  , but other than that they were just peeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect \u003c3 
itz been 2 yrs but i still stand by saying that this was by far one of the best performances of gayo daejun. yet, cl etc's boring performances have way more views
wellysa amanda
the most time i like daehyun so much its when he's singing one shot. the high note so expert
whipped for zhu zhengting
2 years and 2 months later and I'm still watching this performance, repeating Daehyun's highnote over and over and over again.
2분42초에 오른쪽 아래 입 빼죽 내밀고있는사람 B1A4에 산들인듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ;;
정대현 생라이브ㅠㅠ 고음개조타ㅠㅠ
시기가 어떻던 B.A.P 노래들 특성 상 연말무대는 매년 레전드였는듯
2:42초에 오른쪽 구석에 왜 입을 삐죽 대고 듣고있는 거죠오.. ㅜㅜ..노래 별로라고 생각하는건가..