Emma Pretend BABYSITTING Baby Doll Toys

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Emma is pretend babysitting two baby doll toys! The babies are hungry and ask Emma to feed them. Emma makes them go brush their teeth before they eat anything. After that, Emma and the babies go find Auntie to ask her to take them to the grocery store. They all go to the grocery store to get some healthy pretend food to eat. Uncle K just closed his shop when they arrived. Uncle K asked them to find his animals and they have any food they want free. They bring the animals back and Uncle K gave them a bunch of fruit and vegetable toys. They go home and Emma pretend cooks all of the food for the babies to eat. Finally, she puts them both to bed and sings them the nursery rhyme song “Are you sleeping brother John?”

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Abd Rahim
I know that doll it's luvabelle
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Love baby toys
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I think emma are so so cute..and I love to watch your video
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This is the fist time seeing Emma and I already love her! She’s AWESOME!
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Very nice Emma you always make so good video like you
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1st Comment!!! Love you :)) \u003c3
Cristina Hernandez
how they going to close the store on you like that 😳😜
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Where did you this Minnie kitchen set
Diany Rizky Purwo Atmojo KarinaLove
Babies like to drink milk. example when they cry.
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I love your channel so much
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Hello emma
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can you bring me luvabella doll and other baby and what is your phone number
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Nice baby sitting
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She cute🤙🏼
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You cook fruits?
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You have a lot of toys
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Boiled fruit?? Mm sounds good cook for me please
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really like Emma
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But emma you can't cook fruits or vegetables
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Baby doll toys
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Wow! Can i help you? Watch the babies?
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