8 Hours of Gentle Lullabies ♫ To Put A Baby To Sleep ♫ ♥

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5-minute Crazy
Türk milleti el salla
Ana Larasati
This song reminded me of the hard times .and how i ended up here. for me this song is more like a healing song.. beautiful ❤
Anamiriam Alvarez
Thank you. for this delightful music that calms the spirit,relaxes the body,and enhanced the mind.😄🤗💞🐦🐥🐣🐤⛅
Anna Kanef
My baby love this lullaby
Aryo Kresna
Even though I'm a 12 y.o I cried (lol) it reminds me of my childhood a lot and the pictures... w.. WWOOOOWWW !!!
Ava Raymond
Can you do this same lullaby but on blank dark screen my little sister loves this but it's too bright for her it would be great I subscribed:D
Bernadette Guanzon
This song so verry beutiful
Binah Israel
My baby just love this song thank you best baby love you💙💜
Brian Schon
Bryony Steel
Sry it glitches a bit
Büşra Dilekmen
10. dakikada rüyalar alemine kavuştuk. Teşekkürler bu müziği yapan kişi 😍👍
C Vue
Beautiful. But you know... It actually sounds very similar to this one Korean song from a drama I've heard before...But still beautiful.
Corene Hippolyte-Newman
And.....finally she's asleep. Now I can chill and have my Oreos 😂
Diana B
Dona Margaretha
Like to songs
Earlene A
This music is great and the 2 hour one
Elena Telega
I've been listening to this music for 2 years every night with my babys ... We can't sleep without it!!! Thank you it's beautiful!!!!💝
I'm not and I love this
Francia Ovard
Z. Z a sz. Mm,zu
Glitzy galy 123
Is it ok if i put this for my dog to sleep??
Gosia Haraf
Love it ❤️
Gusti Meliyanie
finally, i found it, my baby favorite song
Heather Tufts
How did this get more than 5k down votes? It's so lovely
Ian McMillan
A crying infant brought me here
Jada Joseph
My babygirl cannot sleep without this playing
Jaguar Haunting
I love you,
Jamileh Amini
الاهی که همه بچه ها با آرامش بخوابن 🙏
Janet Johnson
Im a nanny for a sweet little girl and she went to sleep in a blink of an eye when i played this song. I love it.
Jenn Saldua
Been playing this lullaby to put my baby to sleep since he was born. \n\nAnd still playing it til now that he's turning 3. Thank you for this wonderful music!! :)
Kanha Dananjaya
just 5 minute., and my 12 month baby boy fall asleep. And his father stay away from us, because he cant finish his job while listening to this song., fall asleep already. 😂😂
Kassandra Quintero
I remember playing this one of the first nights at home with my daughter. I held her close and cried a little because she was so perfect and I wish she'd stay little forever. Now she's hitting milestones that signal growing up fast and time rushing so quickly. Mommas enjoy every second with your little bundles because you will never get them back.
Katiana Angely Rios
$200-$300/week every week until Christmas who needs it ? Need some extra money for the holiday!? 🎄🎁\nCOMMENT \
Kearah Gunning
I sleep with lullabies all the time infact I'm listening to lullabies right now and I'M only 7 and I'm fall in asleep💤💤💤💤😴
Laly Feraru
I love this song my baby sleep every day with this lovely song 👍✌️
Laysan Andrews
This song makes my heart melt. Every night I shred some tears when I play it for my daughter’s bedtime. I’m so grateful that I have my baby girl. She is my biggest blessing from God 💕
Lizzia Furr
This is good I love it
Lomialagi Rerecich
The pictures are so sweet and beautiful. I love it. I Herve found my new favourite lalaby
my have love this song
Magdalena Melnarowicz
My baby girl dont get sleep and paces on this song. IT is beutifull song and i cry when i hear
Maricel Buiza
What is the title of that lullaby song?i really like it very calming and relaxing.😴
Maricel de los Santos
I like it👍
Marie Lagu
This music is memorable for me. I can still remember my first nights being a mom. And this music was helping me get my baby to sleep. Now he's turning one. Time flies so fast. Thank God! 💕 and to the creator
Marvin Campbell
Did you see the turtle it was huge😂😂😂
Mary Calderon Marrero
My bother was crying so I put this song and he fall asleep
Maya Regina
i sleep not my brother. my brother crying😭
Mechelle Rafales
My baby boy loves this song... it relaxes him and makes him fall asleep easily... 😘😘😘
Michele Matsumura
Alguém reparou na imagem sinistra que aparece em 1:21:00 . Muito estranho o menino amarrado com uma corda no pilar... Ai credo 😖
Nadsem Lee
Какая же красивая мелодия....она прекрасна
Najlae Rahmouni
Impeccable \nروعة \nينام طفلي مباشرة عند سماعها 😚😚😚
Natkdnxn Djdxf
What name first song
Niam Sinno
God bless you for making this beautiful video and wonderful photos. 💕
Paulina Łańcuchowska
Thank you again😍its soo beautyfull my little son sleep again😍
Raveesh Kutty
So soothing and relaxing music. My 4 months old son loves this music and goes to sleep in 10 mins. Thank u so much for this music ❤❤❤
Renee Sheesley
Out of all the songs I've tried to get my son to sleep to, not one can compare to this. Something about it is so touching and relaxing to the soul. It's a beautiful song and I'll use it for years to come 🖤
Ryan Fox
This is possibly one of the prettiest tunes I've heard, simply beautiful. Discovering it just tonight our little boy has fallen asleep calmly listening to it..
Sadie Bell
What is this song called
Sandra Miano
I love this lullaby for my son it relaxes him and then he falls into a peaceful sleep most of the time I get so relaxed also that I dose off with him ! I just love everything about this lullaby it's perfect
Seyma Arslan
6 dakika olmadan uyudu oğlum gerçekten cok güzel 👍🏻 insanı rahatlatıyo😄
Slawek Kaminski
Cudowna kołysanka♥️ mój synek odrazu usypia przy tej muzyce💋♥️❤️
Special thing
3 hours of music is best to sleep deeply infant. It is the best relaxing music for infants and young children. It is a lullaby that plays instruments to sleep and relax babies and children. Nana with relaxing sound to sleep. Relaxing music for children and songs to relax and sleep the newborn. Thank you very much for watching this video from your Live Dreams channel. I hope you like it and do not forget to share it and subscribe to our channel :)
Susan Koya
My baby she can't sleep with out this music. . She relaxing and feel sleepy 😪 \nThank you for this smooth music.
my 8 weeks daughter listen to this,and she is so relaxed that she fall asleep straight away. thank you
Teresa Cheng
Tinisha Baker
My son fell asleep in seconds I love this
Tricia Bays
I have written lyrics for this song for my little one. He calls it the i love you song now.\n\nI love you,\nI love you,\nI love you very much,\nI love you.\n\nI love you,\nI love you,\nI love you more than the sun, the stars, and moon in the sky.\n\nI love you.\n\nI love you, \nI love you,\nI love you very much,\nI love you.\n\nI love you,\nI love you more than the sun, the stars, and the moon in the sky,\nOh so much, I love you lots!\n\nI love you,\nI love you more than the sun, the stars, and moon in the sky.\n\nI love you.
Umed Bahronov
I like it it makes me feel good and sleep and have been for you
Vanessa Goncalves
Adoro.. já está na minha playlist... Principalmente por ser oito horas e não ter anúncio.. muito obrigada minha princesinha ama.. tem 4 meses...
Vanny Huot
I miss my mother so much when I hear this music. Homesick~~
Wolfae Fox
If you scroll down a bit someone named Tricia Bays wrote some adorable lyrics for this lullaby, please scroll down, find her comment and like it so it comes to the top of the comments! :D
Zanna Maka
Good music
angelheart 20
Wow very nice the video all the pictures so beautiful and im happy to watch it while i make sleep my baby..
anggun ananda you name
I love you very much
bernadette favier
lovely music.....
brittany jaco
I’m so 😴
Need more comments to entertain myself
Thank you for this lullabies... I listen this melody when I was pregnant. One weeks ago I was born my son. Today when he hear that melody he goes sleep in 1min. So I was crying every time when I hear this .. 😆  THX ❤
drew blevins
Am I supposed to fall asleep also to this?
ekaterina Moseychuk
Супер мелодия,моей донечке понравилось.
elif kara
So nice ...\nMy baby fall asleep :) greetings from Turkey
fateha begum
Who has disliked dont know the meaning of peace
hanan Dannaoui
Best best song my baby finally sleep ....
My baby loves to listen to this while nursing. It puts everyone in the house to sleep lmao
its me kyle
i love this song beacuse it its so relaxing
john vinuya
I love listening to this music when iam putting my son to bed specially when im high as fuck
neetu anitanupam
Thanks this helped me so much to make my baby sleep he is now of 1 year and liked it very much
ryzah datua
whos with me reading the comment box while playing this for kids?? 😂😂😂 just dont know what to do
sanya sambath
My 6weeks old girl crying so hard but I just playing the song 10min later she slept peacefully.
Best lullaby ever
syarifah Safiyyah
Before I sleep I always don't forget to open this song
This is my all time fave\nPut my baby to sleep all the time
vanessa gomez
This song helped my baby brother to sleep and it actually made me a little sleepy to
vergilio thethird
this lullaby is working my one (1) year old baby brother is now sleeping thank you to the creator of this lullaby it really works thank i will rank this lullaby a 101/100
wirairak pragobsuk
ลูกฟังไม่เคยถึง5นาทีเลยหลับปุ๋ย เพราะมากค่ะ😊
yourgirl ania
I'm tired good night 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
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Even though this was a lullaby, it made me cry...\nIt reminded me of my dead fish....\nEdit: Wow.. I've n-never had these much likes... Thanks... ☺️
최고예요\n아기가꿀잠자네요\n감사합니다 \n감사합니다
어린이집 낮잠 시간에 틀어주니\n쿨쿨 잘 자요~~^^