Beyonce Sings Church Bells - Cadillac Records - 12/5

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Love this song!!!! So much emotion...
AJ Heikes
B sang it better
Amber Collins
Why she so mad at the rice 😂😂😂
Amina Ibrahim
Amir Drane
😍😍😍I heard you singing good asl
Ash Panini
Rihanna who?
Audrey Devine
Bayyinah Muhammad
Bianca Johnson
to my ex the pain I felt when I heard this smh
Bree H
she so freaking talented
Brendy Brandy
He felt her hurt.
Calamity JANE
Not as good as Etta
Cat Perez
Chantal Wilson
THAT DAMN RICE !!!!!!!!!!!
Charles Bell
omg damn that rice
Christine Graham
I love this song
Connie Wolf
I loved this movie. I wonder if he was in love with her in real life....I think Beyonce killed it here and with all of the songs she sang for the movie.
Curtistine Miller
Daisy Chombene
Ok but what did the rice do mama? 😂
Daniel de Maranhãozinho
Darren Matthews
I love both song by this one more then the others
Destiny Moore
God I love her version of this song! Muddy face tho when she hit that rice rice has been thrown over their heads!
Eddie L Thomas
She killed this song.
Edwards Louisefi
love her!!!!!!!
what movie was this
Esethu Majaca
love this forever!! omg! wow
Gionna Byers
I just realized that this is from a movie I feel so dumb😂😂😂
Holly Golightly
the pain in her heart tore that rice up!
Hopie Villa
And now the wedding is over...thier life was just begining...then his life was ended...R I P.
Ignacio Salazar
Ilham Habibi
love this song love u beyoncé etta james i don't know
J Mckoy
the rice.....nervous
Jade Fo
0:50\nI heard church bells ringing\nI heard a choir singing\nI saw my love walk down the aisle\nOn her finger he placed a ring\nOh, oh\nI saw them holding hands\nShe was standing there with my man\nI heard them promise 'til death do us apart\nEach word was a pain in my heart\nAll I could do\nAll I could do was cry\nAll I could do was cry\nI was losing the man that I love\nAnd all I could do was cry\nAnd now, the wedding is over\nThe rice, rice has been thrown over their heads\nFor them life has just begun\nBut mine is ending\nOh\nAll I could do\nAll I could do was cry\nAll I could do was cry\nI was losing the man that I love\nAnd all I could do was cry
Janay lifestyle
This is not church bells, its all I could do was cry.
Janette Yemm
Goose Bumps!
Janice Thomas
She sung that song from her heart don't get any better
Jasmine Johnson
F'n Amazing hands down
Javia Ferrigon
Jay Z: did i forget to buy something?\nBeyonce: the rice! THE RIICE!!
Jeannie Cantera
That rice was thrown over becky with tha good hair😁
Jessica Harris
brought tears to my eyes. she has the most beautiful voice. I love her.
Jill Hemphill
Tha dayum rice dun smacked lil walter in tha face!! I LOVE HIS FACE!!
Jimmy Hernandez
Hits you right in the feels lol
John McKenna
This woman is unreal\nLike really. WOW
Kaija Wilson
that rice though 😂
Karynna P. Marshall
shes blessed with a increbile voice
Keisha Nicole
She musta been thinking about Jay cheating on her. That's why so able to draw those emotions.
Kenesha Ferguson
Keribbean Queen
Love it !
Khanyisa Mahlangabeza
attitude on her her👌👌
Kiesha Williams
she sounds amazing but them when doesn't she
Call me mean and wicked,i didn't feel for him for having a heart attack at the end,her broken heart got a hold of him.
wish Beyonce would rerecord  ettas songs like she did them in the movie Cadillac records I would buy the cd
La Toya
My pores raised!! Yassss Bey!! Push through.
Lil ralphy perkins
How dare that rice wen i tell ya the NERVE of that rice 😂😁😂😁😂
Linda Raymond
She was just great in this movie. Thanks Beyoncé.
Lolo Mdhluli
Can't stop myself ppl I'm inlove with this one. This girl though
Marie Barnes
Slade it , like ALWAYS!!!! you don't get no better then B !!! period!!!!!
Michelle Johnon
i love it when she sing
Modathir Reads-يقرأ
I'll never look at rice the same way again
I remember this feeling
Mya Hardy
laws that woman have some powerful vocal cords...I ain't never ever heard this song sung like this that damn Beyonce is something else I love her
Nathaniel Caldwell
best song ever
Nevel Papperman
the songs called I could do is cry
P&C Empire
So who invited her to the wedding
Paris B :D
I heard church bells ringing,\nI heard a choir singing.\nI saw my love walk down the aisle.\nOn her finger, he placed a ring, oh, oh.\nI saw them holding hands\nShe was standing there with my man.\nI heard them promise 'til death do us part.\nEach word was a pain in my heart.\nAll I could do, all I could do was cry.\nAll I could do was cry.\nI was losing the man that I loved,\nand all I could do was cry.\nAnd now the wedding is over,\nrice has been thrown over their heads.\nFor them, life has just begun but mine is at an end
Perry James
Arturo represented for Royal intermediate class Mrs. Russo.
when she said that part me and that guy in the window made the same facial expression, i was like DAMN
Ranaejah Muhammad
etta james dont like b because she sings better .
Raymond Ginzel
she did sing it better because younce is the greatest of all time
Rayshawn Cannon
Her facial expressions get me every time.
Savage Productions
The Rice The RICEEEE!!!
Selena Walker
When #Beyonce said#AndTheRice has been thrown over there heads #IFeltThat
Sharmaine Simmons
Go girl! your voice making me cry
Sierra Clark
Was that Daryl at :43???
Sonya Jackson
Beyonce wow
TaNiya Pryer
She played this character so well.. I was listening to ettas version and I was like why her eyebrows like that and then i realized beyonces hair and eyebrows were the same so I was like \
Taylor Cope
That got damn rice tho
Teoana Ruff
She is not that thick
Beyoncé Sang This Song
Tonya White
The Part Beyonce Played...She Slayed Etta James... Her Voice Is Powerful And Full Of Emotion. I Watch This Everyday. This Movie Is Life.
Tristian Lawson
SMH that rice tho
albie van walsem
this song is called all i could do is cry..\nIts not Church Bells...\n\nBut its a beautifull song. And also beautifull scene.
badabing badabang
damn, done so well gurl
cecelia sheppard
Brought tears to my eyes.
hOgÉ gOt FaNz
I love this song only by her.
renee thompson
Sing Bey....
rona phillp
I love Beyonce
superwoman28 superwoman28
This is my song
thatbasic hoe
this scene made me cry which barely ever happens in movies, beyonce is just SO good