Jessie Reyez - Figures

Music video by Jessie Reyez performing Figures. (C) 2017 FMLYKiddo - Music video by Jessie Reyez performing Figures. (C) 2017 FMLY

Figures Jessie Profit Reyez Split

-MNK- 77
November 2018?
7th King
Here after Good guy Ft jessie (Eminem's Video) dropped
Alexandria Hensley
Every once in a while a song comes along and touches your soul.
Ana ;p
Lyrics:\n\nFigures\nI gave you ride or die and you gave me games\nLove figures\nI know I'm crying 'cause you just won't change\nLove figures\nI gave it all and you gave me s❤it\nLove figures\nI wish I could do exactly what you did\n\nI wish I could hurt you back\nLove, what would you do if you couldn't get me back\nYou're the one who's gonna lose\nSomething so special, something so real\nTell me boy, how in the f❤k would you feel?\nIf you couldn't get me back\nThat's what I wish that I could do to you, you, hoo, hoo\nTo you, you, hoo, hoo\n\nFigures\nI'm the bad guy 'cause I can't learn to trust\nLove figures\nYou say sorry once and you think it's enough\nI got a lineup of girls and a lineup of guys\nBegging for me just to give 'em a try\nFigures\nI'm willing to stay\n'Cause I'm sick for your love\n\nI wish I could hurt you back\nLove, what would you do if you couldn't get me back\nYou're the one who's gonna lose\nSomething so special, something so real\nTell me boy, how in the f❤k would you feel?\nIf you couldn't get me back\nThat's what I wish that I could do to you, you, hoo, hoo\nTo you, you, hoo, hoo\nFigures
Angel Siverio
Someone coming here for eminem?
Angga Prastioko
Ada yang kesini karena awkarin?? 😂 follow my ig @angga_prastioko
Anna Woods
Her voice does things to me I can't explain holy shit
Antonette Stylist
Her voice is too beautiful❤❤😞
Apoorv Sharan
She's Damn cute😍😍😍
Arobi 14129
Who came here after good guy?
August harbøll
If you dont like you have a sad life👍
Austin Hare
Bianca Loveless
this song makes me upset at a man I've never had
Bias Avhisa
Breana Langhorne
This is a beautiful song with such a deep meaning that i have lived every day of the last 8 years of my life
Brittany Hooten
Why does this song make me feel sad yet savage af at the same time, while being happily married at that. 😂😂😂\nYou got skills
Cecilia Tan
siapa yang kesini karena awkarin
Celeste Holt
I'm mad that I'm just now finding this song SMH 🙄
Who else found her on your own?
Christal Christopher
her voice does things i cant explane
Clorox Bleach
omg this song is *soooooooooooo* good
Cottoncanzy Annchristine
replay replay replay replay, can relate so much ilu!
Craig Cameron
“I’m willing to stay cuz I’m sick for your Love”-Description of why everyone is here listening. 2018
Who's still watching this in November
DRK Roman
Who came here from Eminem? This pretty damn good
Danielle B
Not just boyfriend and girlfriend \nIt could be family members \nDad and daughter........
So powerful, so beautiful!
David Uchiha
I came here from Eminem \
Dek 19
That song does things to me that i seriously can't explain 😍
Demmy Mkhabele
this is out of this world
Damn girl, who hurt you...
Djidda Koïsse
Your voice heals Girly.❤️
Donnisha Charles
This song is sad but its true 😭😭😭😭😭😭SHE DID THIS💙
Came after Eminem
Fawk You mean
Been looking for this song ever since I saw that domestic violence dance in France got talent😩
Fleetss O
I from France got talent because this song is so good
Frederick Kpodo
*Eminem's video brought me here*
Gage S
Her voice is winy
Gaming with Nick
Who came here after watching eminem's clip?
Geoffrey Anderson
My ex sent me this then broke up with me. Now I understand why. She gave me ride or die and I gave her games... figures
Gucci Gangers
I've always wanted 2 smash a guitar
Ibrahim Baloch
Good guy
Iman H
this song makes me want to break up with the partner that I don't even have lmao
WOAH! This girl's voice is something else 😮
Investing Hustler
Still listening in 2018. Perfect break up song 😞
Jazna Blanco
How many people were here before that dance video. 🙋
Jerry Dunham Jr.
Wow, this is my first jessie reyez song. I'm digging her. Guess I need to listen to the album now lol
Jo Ramos
At her concert she said she lost 20 pounds due to extreme depression then went to the studio and broke down and made the song and in this video she’s actually breaking down fr
Joao Salvattore
I have listened to a few tracks of Jessie before and I loved her voice instantly the fact that she collaborated with Em just made me like her even more.
Kobe Sanders
My boyfriend broke up with me but he told me that he wanted me back so I took him back because I love him happy thanksgiving
LahceN l otaN
comme for eminem
Laui Miaui
Those lyrics... amen.
Leticia Cornejo
Is a perfect song i realy like this song
Lily Pillbug
Holy crap her voice is freaking amazing and unique
Madison Bolduc
I feel the pain in her voice😫❤️
Maelani Terlaje
you can literally feel the pain just by her voice, I dig this so much 💓
Magdalena R
I'm here because of Grace Vanderwaal 🙃🙃
Mari Jackson
Underrated much! Just found this song
Marsha Tate
Love her voice subscribe to creativetomakeup on YouTube
Maya Rose
Whoever hurt her stupid af. Pretty, talented girl who willing to stay even though you hurt her
Melanie Guerrero
Im willing to stay bc im sick for your love. 💔
Micheal Fizzy
I witnessed my mom go through it during my childhood. She would have left my dad but chose to stay because of us. This tears goes out to you mom for the love and sacrifice u made for us. I will never forget you.
Just found out Ive been cheated on for 3 months... this song is exactly no words exaggerated how I feel now and throughout the relationship. Volumes. I was with him for 3 years..
Nadja Delyona
Either she can act reaaalllllyyy good or those are her real feelings :( what do you guys think? Did she really cry? \nAt least she made me cry lol but it's so emotional
Ndapandula Shilongo
She's so underrated
Nicole Roberts
When she said \
Precious Life
This song is so amazing that every time I listen to it, it gets me in my feelings 💯
Quieyonna Williams
Who else cried through the entire song because u felt where she was coming from😪😪
REAL DICK is here
So glad eminem got u
Samruddhi Mithbawkar
Selena Ciera Perry
I can feel her pain in the lyrics. Breaks my heart. 💔
Shanna Newman
When your in abusive relationship and scared to leave because you love them and you don't want to lose them so you take the thorns with the rose. Speaks to me..
ShifaNadirah Najwa
Gragra liat sg awkarin mana ni?
Slim shady brought me here....figures
Tasha Harris
i cant explain how glad i am I found her music.
Im crying i finally found this song after searching for a whole year. My search history was full of \
From eminem
Tommy Rollins
okay so the camera man need his ass whooped
Van Rivera
probably the only song I have heard the last four days and no, my heart is not broken... this song is just so good.
Who this
Yes, I came here after seeing the dance of Dakota and Nadia from Got Talent but shiii! This song has become a part of me(tho I have no reason to relate with the situation🤷🏽\u200d♀️)
I can feel the hurt in her voice, and she’s just so talented❤️
abby c
her voice carries so much emotion and nuance
acee outlaw
Im here because of eminem and she's very talented... ty em for showing me another real music artist.....
Her voice gives me chills, I mean like this feeling where I feel like my body is vibrating! \n*like I can't explain* 💔
brittani pitterson
I love the remix with Daniel Caesar 😍
Got here from Eminem!
envoyer des nus
I came from the dance against domestic violence on France got talent
fries bevor Guys Pizza
Here because of Shawn Mendes?\n😍😂\nShe is soooo goooddd
“I’ve got a line up of girls and a line up of guys” YES
kevin clark
wow just wow i got goosebumps and shivers down the spine ❤❤❤❤
Funny how I was rockin with this for over a year now when this maybe had 2 million views, and every comment was her being strung out and sounding whiny.. And now it took Eminem to get people to recognize talent. Humans are such hive minds it cracks me up.... It figures...
Eminem brought me here
melissa castaneda
I can’t explain how much I wanna cry when I hear her voice
problemathicc leo
This song is beautifully written and beautifully sang am in tears, because I truly relate I truly am relating to the song. Thank you for this masterpiece! And I hope to anyone reading this a life full of joy and happiness and a beautiful love story that will brighten up ur life and help u out through what ever you are going through!
sheila starkey
Sounds alot like Duffy
Everything about this song is incredible. And the emotions in her voice and face. I felt those exact emotions. This song is therapeutic for me. Blessings to those artists who make incredible music
whatever me
كفاح إمرأة
واو احلى صوت والاغنية حلوة كثييير وين كنتي مختفية انتي ياصاحبة الصوت الباح صوتك يقتلني 😍😍🤩😍🤩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Nice song