Efren "Bata" Reyes 2018!!! Top 5 Highlights Match APC 8-ball Pool

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Angel Mareco
Asian Shoegaze
these mf's eating candy
Charlie B
Worst pool I’ve seen in years
DraY Yard
This commentator guy suck.ang ingay mo kumain.i can barely hear the sound out of my headset.ubusin mo mna nsa bunganga mo bago ka magsalita.para kang BABOY kumain!!\nact gorgeous man!
Eric Cardiño
efren now is a faded superstar but still he is the GOAT of this dicipline...it will take a long time before another of him will come...nobody in this sport that can level up to his intelligence and abilility...if all people can notice when efren is playing in the US,there is no vacant sit in the venue because people are entertain when he is playing
Gail Bender
I can do alot better then then
George Ramos
22:22 Efren had a bad shot, but who cares anyway. He's the magician!
Jemsel Moldes
relax gameplay hahaha
Joash Navarro
Who the hell is Max? He's a real trash of all time, lol
KristaL Mac LeoD
still is a GreaT PLAYER BUT Steve Davies beat him like 7 in a row after tying him up in knots to beat him at tactical play.
Mark Minton
Man that Girl on RIGHT is HOT..
Peter Sward
Terrible pool, not worth watching
Sergio García
They are playing like the first time I play.
Trooth Hoortz
Not sure why this got uploaded. Bad games. Terrible commentators.
bianca Mae vicentino
22:22 did he pushed the 10? Isn't that a foul?
This pockets almost look like they were enlarged lol buckets!
led das
sunny singh
Who the hell are these commentators? They are awful 🤣😂🤣😂
This guy used to be my physic and math professor