Jerry Garcia Band - The Harder They Come - 4/2/1976 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Jerry Garcia Band - The Harder They ComeRecorded Live: 4/2/1976 - Capitol Theatre - Passaic, NJMore Jerry Garcia Band at Music Vault:

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Clem Richards
Great post. Thank you
Frank Bustoz
Damn I miss you and your live music Jerry! Best I ever saw live....hands down! Always humble....and a class act!
Jim Malone
Wow, awesome song.  It makes me wish I knew something about music.  The beat seems so cool to me, like it has a couple of beats inter-weaved or something.  As a bicyclist it somehow how feels like the beat is in tenth gear where you peddle more slowly but the back tires are going really fast.  Yup, should paid attention in music class.
John Horton
A sweet rendition but not so cliffish..
Jonathon Ruzich
Holy cocaine boys!
Lee Johnson
About as good as it gets, folks. Jerry on the shuffling reggae beat with perfect tone...vocals like honey, bass man Kahn in the pocket with a cigarette burning, godchaux in a dinner jacket tickling the ivories, Donna jean swaying, and Ron tutt with the steady backbone on drumz (dude played with Elvis!). Having a bad day? Press play and repeat.
Marty Eiermann
Michael Brower
I'd rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave
Mitchell Cobb
Idk how so many people can talk badly about keith he was so good!!!!!
Purbesh Mitra
Can anyone please tell me who is the lady singing alongside? And what's her relation with the band?
Samuel Godsey
This performance makes me as happy as can be!
Sean Sklenar
this is a really cool song
West Is Best
No offense to the legendary Jerry Garcia, but Jimmy Cliff's original was much better.
This one might be my favorite. Smooth tempo, and I love it when Keith comes alive.
Just seeing Jer smile like that at the beginning is priceless!!
what guitar is that?
Keith is on fire
Look at Jerry doin' that little bounce! Pure joy :)
So awesome that someone got these performances on video. Thank you!!! \u003c3 ~