Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Music video by Vanilla Ice performing Ice Ice Baby.

Baby Ice Vanilla

thief thief baby.
Adolf Hitler
Under pressure?
Ali Laghrim
Vanilla Ice fans: Ice Ice Baby!!!\nQueen & David Bowie fans: Under Pressure!!!\nThe real mad lads: Is this a JoJo music reference?
Andre L. Vaughn
Ariel Intriago
The copy cheap of Under Presurre \n\nI love QUEEN
All the dislikes are from Queen fans.\n\n\n(including me)
Bailey Chain
LYRICS:\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPressure pushing down on me\nPressing down on you, no man ask for\nUnder pressure that burns a building down\nSplits a family in two\nPuts people on streets\nUm ba ba be\nUm ba ba be\nDe day da\nEe day da, that's okay\nIt's the terror of knowing what the world is about\nWatching some good friends screaming\n\
Ben Storm
2019 people and still listening to this great song ???? Ice ice baby.........
Celeste De cardona
La coreografía uff buena me encanta 😍😍😍 y sin enseñar traseros 😉😉😉
Christian Beals
I wonder how many times vanilla ice passed out while making the music video
Cookie God
To all the 1.1 millions people who liked this video\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou have disrespected the legend Freddie mercury
Corrupted Lullaby
Ice Ice Pastry...
I'm here from Thats my boy
Funny how many people stress the sample from Queen, but the same suckaz don't complain about chorus line and dance routine copied from Spike Lee \
Me: Alexa can you play ice ice baby?\n\nAlexa: playing under pressure by queen\n\nEdit: wow thanks for the likes
Dark Master blue
David Walcott
Word to ya motha.
Doctor Juicy
imagine comparing a clearly MEDIOCRE and irrelevant band called queen to the immortal flame of our lord and savior Vanilla Ice and his magnum opus, Ice Ice Baby
Emo Shrek
*me* : Siri what song is this?\n*siri* : Under pressure by Queen
Epic Games
*John Deacon wants to know your location*\n\n\n\n\n\nOh yeah yeah
F Imran
Fake Corey
Rip Iggy and Abdul
Finnish Guy
Why don't Queen fans understand that Under Pressure was sampled in this song not copied?
Frost Demon
I'm pretty sure this is a copy, how can a normal human like him do the same as someone from Queen?
Informer me shake ya boom boom down!
Garfield Vevo V I P
How dare vanilla ice steal this\n\n\n\n\nFrom jojos bizzare adventure! \nThis must be the work of an enemy stando
Ты тут от бэдкомедиана?)
Genesyz Gatzby
The Lil Pump of the 80s
Their are two types of people in this world ones who say “ice ice baby” and others saying “pressure pushing down on me”
Gsxr-1000 Rider
Rice rice baby
Hacker 101
I was with a friend at a party a few weeks ago, and I heard Vanilla Ice start playing, thinking it was Queen/Bowie. I was sorely disappointed, since I'd never listened closely to Vanilla Ice or long enough to expect something different.
Hanzo Main
You, a peasant: iCe IcE bAby\nMe, an intellectual: *under pressure*
Hayden Martini
My favorite rap music is vanilla ice song
Google | Ice Ice Baby\n\n_Sorry, did you mean: _*_Under Pressure_*_?_
Iron_ Spider
like if under pressure or reply if ice ice baby
Isak The Potato Guy
This was made before i was born LOL
John Lennon T-Posing
I used to think the bass riff actually came from this song. I didn’t know Under Pressure was a thing. Until I watched Bohemian Rhapsody back in November.......
José Alberto Zambrano Torres
Love 90's
Karla Dijanuš
Other people:*hears bass*ice ice baby\nMe:PRESSURE PUSHING DOWN ON MEEE
Kenny Flanders
I pity your wife if you think the beat was made by Vanilla Ice\n\n\n\n\n\nUNDER PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!, QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristen Constant
Excuse me but does anyone know how to dislike a video more than once. Because my little disco deaky shall not be disrespected in such manor.
Ice ice barbie 😂
L Leon
Makes me smile
“John Deacon left the conversation”
*Under Pressure wants to know your location*
Great Song! Except Suge Took all the money
Mac_Daddy of Parkland
Say what you will, this album has sold over 150,000,000 copies to date.
Maria Clara
This is why John Deacon is hiding from society
That skating song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Mitchell
Suge knite wants to know your location
Mhel Jr
V.I.P. - Vanilla Ice Posse
Miss Willingtolearn
After all these years Vanilla Ice is still gorgeous and a great dancer, and anyone who says the apposite is just jealous!
Mystic Old git
2019 yeah! Wow
Natalia Bańkowska
Nf 5000
50% of the comments are about under pressure and queen. The other 50% are Jojo weebs
Noah and friends Ortiz
Ice baby in my right
Copyright Copyright Baby...
Pablo Man
Published in 2009\n *Here in 2019*\n Be back in 2029
Paige Thomas
yall needa stop commenting about how this is a copy of under pressure. literally no one cares they are both good songs
Panda Parade
You, a peasant: ice ice baby\nMe: Under Pressure
Patrick Papão
Your stand eated Avdol
Pavel Johnson
Тоже после bad comedian`a?
One hit wonder
Under Pressure...
QueZ miZ
Anybody still listening in 2019?
Reece King
People idiot :It's a copy of under pressure\nMe : Wow you should be study in NASA
Richard Glazebrook
Love it 2019
Ronan Robinson
your DJ shoot's fishing hooks???
Rudy Fernandez
Asian version: \
Sigi Huge
Who still remembers can’t touch this
Sissy Dewey
I dig Queen's new sound and man does Bowie look different here
Spikewing the Dragon Hybrid
I love Under Pressure
Stratton Watkins
Queen did it better but still not bad
Tatiana Oris
You copy queen
TheBruno WTF
ES ECKO!!!!! :V
Thiara Contreras
Stop collaborate and listen we do that in my classroom
Tony Poo
Under pressure whatttttt?😂😂
Trent Ratcliff
Does anyone else like under pressure more than this logan paul looking boi
Tthomas Cheaques
2019 gang here anyone ?
Unbruisedtouch *
Oh JOHN, sweetie I'm so sorry for this.
Velizar Zhelev
WndrWmn72 A
I feel like I had the best of both worlds! I was a kid in the 70's. A teenager in the 80's and a young adult in the 90's!
Young BOI
Ice ice baby
Yura Franko
Zuko Ortiz
any body still listening to this in 2019?
aoa •
Woah Freddie Mercury’s voice sound different here
cri cri
Ice ice cream with your burger ?
The dislikes are the right people here.
Bloody sacrilege.
this song puts me under pressure
kill lock
10 rappers enimen is to afraid to diss
They should not have gotten any fame from this song since the song is basically under pressure With different lyrics and a terrible singer
loco trike
This my jam 😆😉😎😎😎
marco ubidia
Queen - Under Pressure
rhye ;
Азамат Бекмурзаев
Кто от BadComedian ставь лайкос! =)))
Тупо Ник
Пишите на русском,я нихуя не понимаю!
I love Under Pressure!... Wait a second