Giving baby Posie her first bath! This didnt go well...

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A and K Fun ‘N More
Maybe the water was too hot
AddisonJojo Siwa
Baby poise is so cute
Alayna Carvajal
My 3 month old brother has to get surgery😭😭😭one like for one pray please❤️
Alike Annita
A recomenation is to kind of don't sit her to much. Is not hate I love you!!!!!
All about Grace
I thought her name was paige?
Alyssa Green
5:30 Am I think u went to sleep
Anita Kisses
The photo shoot, so cute!
Arabella and Jocelyn
Ok, Posie is adorable! But........ when are you givin' Carl a bath?? Cause I wanna see dat😍
Ariel Alena
Aye.its_ Adamaris
12:36 Carlll🤣🤣🤣
Ayra Badar
What type of dog is carl
Baba Ganoush
How long did it take for Savannah to become up the Duff after she married Cole?
Benjamin Walters
Cole needs a p on his arm for posie sorry i was not watching i got my phone took away when you had posie love you gues you are so blessed
Brenda Rodriguez
Posie ita a cute name and shes just like everleih there so cute
Brooke Henderson
Awwww I just figured out that my aunt is pregnant with a baby boy 🤗
Camryn Benoit
Posie is so sweet
Cathrine d
You should have them do a photoshop when they get older
Chloe CampoBasso
she is so cute
Coke lover Yum
5:30 am! I think
Dhwani Raheja
Yes want a bath 🛀 with caro
Dos Fifa
Please can I have posie
Emma Green
And she stopped crying
Emma Kate Elrod
I think u did a great job on the bath and stuff love y’all if y’all could shout me out plz caused I don’t have Instagram
Emma Selby
It was 5:30 cause he didn’t have any sleep
Gabby Roach
I love you baby girl she is adorable and pretty
Gloria Diaz
i love when posie take\na bath. I just love it\nso much.
Grace LovesPuppies
Hey you guys should change your channel name to the labrant family. I just think it might be better because it's not just Cole and Savannah it's all 4 of you guys 😊💛
Grace Mae
*this intro is everything*
Gracie Naquin
Bathe Carl!!
Gretchie Schwiebert
You and cole made a cute baby
H&P Fantasy
This family is sooo funny 😄 I love posie she’s a angel 👼🏼
Imani Policard
Baby Posie looks like a literal doll 😍😍
It’s Bella D
You guys are such great parents u are doing amazing I can’t wait till I have kids when I am older I hope I am a good a parent as all of you. All of u are amazing love u so much keep doing what ur doing it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
Jack C
Now that you have Posie in your family can you please do a morning routine and a night routine please please please
Janet Chambers
posie is the cuetest baby ever
Jasemin Abazi
I wish i will be Posie and Everleigh sister
Jeremy Buckingham
Savannah your so lucky for...\nEvreleigh,Posie and of corse lovely Cole !
Joey Esguerra
ok so you went to bed at 530 but barely got sleep so no sleep and went to bed at 530
Josie Wosie
She is gorgeous! I'm beyond happy for you guys!
Julia 895
Been up for only a minute and already 7 dislikes. Even the haters have their notifications on!😂😂💕
Juliana Marulanda
Tittle: Giving baby Posie her first bath! This didnt't go well...\n\nOpens description*\n\n\
give carl a bath
Katelyn Jean
Posie is adorable, also I just got you guys book love it sooo much love you guys so much and I’ve been praying for health for Savannah and Posie!!!!! Also who else thinks that Everleigh is just the worlds best big sister and such a good big helper!!! 💕💕💕\n\nEdit: thanks for all the likes!!! 😊😊😊
Keelan Keogh
Yes give carl a bath he's so cute!!!!!
Kota Bear
Please take a video of you giving Carl a bath! Please!!!!!
Krystine Newson
That photoshoot was the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!!! The ones with Everleigh are so precious, she's a great big sister already!!
Kyra Richardson
I definitely see coles nose in posie
Laila Vlogs
When Chantelle’s baby and Madisons baby are born you need to do a play date with them and Posie 👶🏼
LightningDevils 35
Everleigh loves the baby more than Cole and Sav
Lilly The unicorn
Lol probably 5:30 AM my parents have a baby and That’s when they go to bed XD
Linsay Ozier
Posie is so cute
Ljilja Ivanovic
Lps more around More around
Lynette Torgler
My friends name is Savannah
Mackenzie Lego
Give carol a bath that would be so cute and adorable
Mandy Linn
Can you please do a video on Carol getting a bath
Margrét R
Notifications squad Where you at?
Maryjane Baltadano
My sis name is Rosie like Posie
Maynor Zacarias
I love posie when\nShe take a bath even\nAll the babys alot
Mollie Baker
Am I the only one who loves the intro?
Molly Sullivan
You should give Carl a bath
Neely Simon
This is Posie\n👶🏼\nOne like=Kiss for Posie\n\nEdit: OML 300 LIKES
Nikki Meeks
Awww 🥰 Posie is so adorable ❣️Eveleigh & Posie r going to be best friends. Cole & Sav u r doing a wonderful job with the baby. The pictures look 👀 beautiful. God bless y’all love ❤️ u guys.❤️✌🏼😊
Paris Taylor
Give him a bath while shooting a video!!!!!
Peyton Murphy
Piper Kennedy
I want to name my daughter posie it's such a cute name
Reet Naidu
Posie is such an ADORABLE baby!
Renata Siedziako
So cute!!♡
Renee Brisebois
I hade a bath in the sink
Posie so cuteee
Sara Bernales
She is soo cute
Shaliya's Life 2.0
Umm, by the way Cole looks, i'm guessing 5:30am... I love your family so much.\n*Is the channel name changing to \
Shayla Williams
Please be careful with leaving her in the carseat like that I've seen and heard stories of babies that can't control their head yet cutting off their airway (when not in the car seat holder correctly). Love you guys.
Skye Wolf
When was she born
Sofia Alvarez
usually, I would skip through intros but you guys make me wanna watch it!
Sophia Femia
You have the cutest family!!!!!!!!! Baby Posie is sooooo cute!!!!❤️
This Is Mi Vida
*Aww The Bath & The Mini Photo Shoot Was So Cute🌿💛 You Guys Should Do A Night Time Routine💚🌙*\n\nPS I Have A Family Channel✨✨
Traci Maier
doesnt carl have a insta account
Trash Can
When cole said “ WELL YA SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS OR THAT” I lost it
Trevor Bensema
Posie is the perfect name posie has the nicest sister
Unicorn Gamer Girl
Cole needs to get a P on his arm for Posie
Unicorn Lover
I was like that when I had my first bath then after that I loved them so many baby pics of me in the bath tub
Violeta Garcia
Baby posie is cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Don’t Press read more.\n\n\n\n\nNow your 2019 is cursed to break the curse like this 😁 ps. *Im $ubing to people that $ub and like this comment.* ❤️
Zoraya Ramirez
Done following you guys on instagram
candycorngirl77 Beller
Carl should get a bath
OMG❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ that photo shoot was the absolute cutest. I love your family and I'm so excited to watch Posie grow up with you guys
maria agreda
I want to see Carl get a bath
nathan ingram
Don’t press read more\n\n\n\n\n\n\nnow you’re 2019 is cursed to break the curse you must give me a like
rissa Lissa
I love your intro and I love you little baby girl
zariyah Ali
Give him a bath
מאיה פלד
5:30 AM
ᑎ ᗰ
can wait to see poise when she is older