150324 XIA 3rd Concert in TOKYO - Incredible- 준수 Junsu

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Colette Bell
Movements so fluid xx
Leo CC
I love it, I of get tired of watching Xia’s dancing.
Magdalena B
ba mi się i te włosy :*
Maggie Bee
His performance level...wow when do we start measuring everyone on a sliding scale of zero to XIA? 
Millie Rose
How I like 1000 times??? \u003c3 \u003c3
Semra Görücü
Tường vi Lương
Your voice and your perform just like that are belong to the god . You are the best vocal . Your talent will never be out of all
OMG.....he blows me away !!!!!
You can tell he's so happy~\nHappy Junsu makes me happy 💕