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Some primates are vegetarian, but not these chimpanzees in Tanzania. In this realm where carnivores rule the trees, you wouldn't want to be a nearby Colobus monkey.➡ Subscribe:

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Im so disturbed by the music and voice. This is not a silly moment by any means.
Adam Turk
Nuggz455 same I think to
Animals are Perfect
these Chimpanzees like meat and veggies is what you ment in the Description.
Aspiring Marauder
News flash to folks here, Chimps eating Colobos is NOT cannabalism. Apes and monkeys are entirely different genus' of animals from each other. Saying it's cannablism is like saying that humans eating beef is cannabalism.
Batwoman Mea Sanso
I think they become this way if they cannot find food, fruit that is....
Benoit Tricot
Chimps are like us, adaptative.\nThere may be an ecosystem change that makes them begin to eat meat (like for us when the last glaciation occurred).
Bijoy Baral
So sad :(
Charles Manson
That's what happens when you ride to the eastside.
fuck that, he likes meat
Corey Cathers
Those chimps are canibals
Noooooooo, this narrator
Some would argue that a chimp eating a monkey is the same as a human eating a monkey. Or a fish eating a turtle. There's just some lines we shouldn't cross.
David Delgadillo
Like bananas and 'meat'...sound familiar?...
Don Do
I wanna see how they're reacting when facing the lions! I think they'll stay up on the tree, cause the lions will eat them just liked they did to their distant cousins small monkeys in this videos.
DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun
I wait for when vegans demand we convert other omnivorous animals to veganism.
and vegans say humans are the only primate that eats meat
Every vegan who says eating meat for humans is unnatural needs to see this video.
joe rogan podcast louis theroux episode
Heard Joe Rogan and Bill Burr talking about this so thought I'd check it out. We're more civilized definitley but it makes you think.
So vegans going on that eating meat is not natural should look at this. Because we were basically this a while back lol
Eating the own kind
Listen here meat shills, an ape's diet consists only 2% of meat, constituting them as frugivores.\n\nFACE IT. YOU ARE A NATURAL VEGAN. NOW FUCK OFF!
Jesus these things are just like us their arrogant and display uncanny emotions.
Ian Casteel
nice, same hear\n
JAZZus Christ
....yeesh did he just compare savage apes to the NFL? You got balls buddy.
Jack Caldwell
i wonder all the bleeding heart Poor Monkeys people at on this one LOL
Jacob Forester
here bc of Joe
Jamie Parker
Try (type word for word in YouTube search box. Case sensitize the phrases if you choose, it won't matter, though), \
Jason Stevens
These chimps have good taste. Nothing like a couple of juicy steak filets for dinner.
Jay Frost TV
Race war in 3...2...1
Jay Jafar
LOL did you see him swing of that branch at the end with one hand with the monkey no the other on the tree
Seeing an video with apes that kill on of them.\nFirst reaction make a racism joke and think that you are smart .....\n\n\n\n\n really?
Starting to?
Kossolax the Foresworn
well it sure doesnt look like these chimps have mastered the skill of hunt quite yet.
Detroit simulator 2016
How do they film this without being noticed?
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I fucking HATE monkeys, apes, orangutans, primates, gorillas and all the other furry fuckers in that category !!
but they are so intelligent and make great pets
People still convinced we are herbivores ?
Neeraj Singh Chahar
Thanks to Bill Burr also .. !
Nujood Qaboos
I find that historically funny
Phil Deez
Anyone know any videos where you see a monkey get attacked and killed? Ive been searching everywhere and cant find any...
Pravin Patkar
Project X
Monkeys killing Monkeys... why does that sound so familiar?
Crips vs bloods
Chimps eat those smaller monkeys alive and they die screaming while being torn apart, yeah that's what nature looks like. Not like your disney movie like how tree hugging leftists would like you to believe.
Roger Stacey
Some use chimpanzees as proof that humans are meat eaters by .nature but humans can do totally without meat and be healthier.\nIf some want to emulate chimpanzees they are not following the dietary path they are best suited for.
Rumble Stiltskin
This narrator is no David Attenborough. 
Ryan G
lol cant really take this seriously having an American accent commentate n them. doesn't seem very edgey does it?
Sally Long
lol... it looks like Detroit ... lol...
Sexy Man
Ahh, they are just like Americans! ^^
Sharky McShark
I watched this, just so I could see what bill burr keeps going on about.
Spencer Beauchamp
Just like the NFL? I thought i was watching the NFL highlights. Damn, clicked the wrong video again.
Steinadler X
faking mankiz ;]
humans are evolved to eat meat because the first specie in the human family tree was the australophitecus africanus after that australophitecus started eating dead meat then homo habilis started hunting animals with hands cuz they were ape like but upright and homo erectus killed them with spears neanderthals with swords and homo sapiens with killing machines now thats some food
Why do Americans pick the most annoying voices to speak at the most irritating volumes in the most bone-saw grating tambre for these things? Why didn't they just stick with the British guy?
Thomas Huffman
I know that vegans are freaking out here in the comments, but, you know what? Get over it. Chimps are only doing what they have to in order to survive.
Thrilla Whale
Apes also kill the young baby males when a new leader takes charge to mitigate sexual competition. Just because it's natural doesn't mean we're obliged to follow it. Also, steaks are awesome.
Tom Smith
Elon Musk brought me here
Tyler Durden
This is what life really is
Vincent Chi
shingeki no chimpanzee\n
Vladimir Poutine
Thanks for clarifying.
Wesley Letendre
ugh, this narrators goofy voice is unbearable
White Rhino
they have more in common with the NFL than \
Yan zen
remind me of human beings
Yura Sama
Chimps also kill and eat ther own babies, thay practice canibalism in their very own groups.
Zahi Kanaan
this is nature, but when humans mass produce chicken it's suddenly considered animal abuse/torture. oh humanity, you're quite the comedian. 
who is the camera man !!! respect!!\n
Is this the standard of narration on all US natural history programmes? He sounds like he's doing voiceover on World's Wildest Police Videos. Thank god for Richard Attenborough and the BBC.
Just like these chimps eat smaller primates, some people in for example Africa eat and hunt chimpanzees (bushmeat).
Bill B brought me here
faiz abbas
Frodo should just used the one ring
gato e cachorão
nature it's good for animals you know
john Allen
i like chimps more now thought they were some weak vegetarians
Did no one here wonder how the cameraman got so close?
Hey greenpeace hippies I thought animals didn't have wars?
lol so funny how the ugly chimp is rushing all over the ground dragging the monkey around the bushes once he catch it
That narrator is pretty annoying.
why doesn't it look right?
Typical American narrator. Just obnoxious. Only thing missing is 20 instant replays in slowmo.
It was a stunt-monkey, the chimp let it go after that sequence of filming.\nThey put a lot of film together - that wasn't even a full hunt. There is one video here showing the monkey screaming as it was being eaten alive, quite alarming.
Thanks Joe Rogan....
wendy perry
Contact me at with your cell phone number or email address if interested in my baby chimpanzees for adoption ([email protected])
witless X
chimps can jump, \