Gorillas - Kings of the jungle

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More than 3000 western lowland gorillas live in the Central African Republics Dzanga-Sangha National Park. They are the lesser-known relatives of the well-researched mountain gorillas. Animal videographer Thomas Behrend has followed Makumba the silverback and his family wherever they went for several months. Including some very rare footage, the film enables an insight into the life of a lowland gorilla family, as well as the people studying them. During his stay in the jungle, Behrend captured touching scenes of the life of the gorillas on camera, from frolicking offspring to the silverbacks frustration with his disobedient "wife". He too discovered the peculiarities of life in the jungle: the ubiquitous humidity, irritating mosquitoes and forest elephants that break into the camp at night.

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Eric's Variety Channel
My name is Ringo Starr and I will be narrating this documentary.
Fountain of Proof
How is it an expert on gorilla's need help finding them? Smh... white people
John Olayiwola
We've got to stop the poaching!
Jojo .W
This video featured mostly about the journey of documenting it rather than the gorillas itself. Sorry to say but the title is so misleading.
Nikki H
way too many commercials
Ronnie Kinder
Sounds like Ringo Starr narrating.
Sapan Mishra
But lion's are called king of the jungle right🤔🤔??