XIA (준수) JUNSU performing "Incredible" live at SBS PopAsia Studios [OFFICIAL]

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Watch Xia Junsu perform "Incredible" live at SBS PopAsia HQ in Sydney, Australia. This is the official version of performance filmed on the 27th of September 2013 at SBS studios.WATCH SBS PopAsia TV on Saturdays at 6PM and Sundays at 4PM on SBS2 for more Asian Pop Music Videos Hits and the latest interviews.Subscribe to Australia's SBS PopAsia Channel for more interviews from Asian Pop Artists, Reaction Videos and Exclusive Asian Pop Content.Download the SBS PopAsia free mobile app! iPhone: Follow SBS PopAsia Crew on Twitter! @SBSPopAsia And... Like us on Facebook! - facebook.com/sbspopasia

... Australia Incredible JYJ (Musical Group) Jaejoong (Musical Artist) Junsu (Musical Artist) K-pop (Musical Genre) Sydney Xia Yoochun (Musical Artist)

what an incredible performance!!!
Anna Laguerre
Watching this performance I remembered that JYJ are not allowed to sing on music shows and I felt sad. but I noticed how genuinely happy he looked.
Anna hernandez ortegon
What happened to the other dancers?? :( I watched this video just to see them
Artie Watts
Superb effort from the backup dancers - the girl in red-and-black pants is particularly outstanding.
SBS Pop Asia, thank you for inviting Junsu. We, the fans, really appreciate it.
Clara P S
MUITO sortudas só dele está ali bem de pertinho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\nI love you Junsu!
DB1992 Pun
wowwww soo closee.. man i wish i was there :((
Daisy Tai
that one girl who faints
Dana Ally-Ray
Junsu looks so cute dancing. I love him in shorts. I'm tired watching him dance, lol!
Eir Hnoss
el es increible
Eva Ma
Speechless... WOW~!
Hae Lee
The audiences!! So~ lucky! that close... wow, I really envy of them!
loveeee junsu, from the tvxq dayss 
Why is he so cute? His smile is so perfect:D Junsu fighting :D
That was AWESOME!!!! SM needs to idk DIE lol jkjk sad that none of the jyj members can't do anything.
Lamienne Belle
Thank you so much for inviting junsu to perform in your studio and thanks for sharing this video to us... Thank you ^^
Loulyah Hyukjae
this is amazing thank you so much T____T\u003c3
M. Zaynn Davio Putra Agubi
XIA verdadero talento y excelente coreografía te sigo desde que estabas en dbsk sigue así y que los éxitos siempre estén de tu lado, saludos\n\nPERÚ, LIMA.
Maggie Bee
He still leaves me in awe of the passion and energy he brings to every part of his work, especially in his performances. What an amazing man.
May Leon
que haya que verlo en programas de música de otros países, porque en corea a todas las televisoras les da susto que el señor LSM no les preste mas a la tropa de esclavos que tiene. pero la vida es sabia y en algún momento todo puede cambiar.
MeeNa Park
he is a super star
Superbe performance, c'est génial de le voir dans une émission :)
Nancy Au
He looks genuinely happy :D
Niqole Cass
This is exactly why jaejoong, junsu and yoochun could be so successful even after getting into the lawsuit with sm, not being able to appear on national tv etc. THEY COULD MAKE ANY STAGE NO MATTER HOW SMALL, AN AMAZING STAGE! This has got nothing to do with stage deco, size or even backup dancers. It's the pure talent and control of the stage that these guys mastered long time ago:) #proud
I absolutely adore his interaction with the fans, he literally enjoyed making them scream!xDD for once I wished I would live not in Austria, but in Australia!xD
Pili Velasquez
JUNSU 사랑해 널 사랑해.
this was incredible!\n
The amount of jumping in this performance is like wow he's probably super tired. And I love the fact after he does a super hot body roll he shakes his hand like 'no don't go wild over me'
Shirley C
También comeback de jaejoong plisss :3
Shirley Forever
Hermosa voz de mi adorado Junsu \n#JYJForever 👏💕😍\n#XIA
Sofia Figueroa
Love xia -3
i love him to pieces!!!! everything in him is beautiful. like.. i mean.. perfect! plus.. he's got really sexy legs:p
Today News
He is INCREDIBLE \u003c3
This is why Junsu is so loved, it doesn't matter whether he is in a giant arena with 10,000 fans or in small studio with 50 fans, when he performs he ALWAYS gives his all to the fans!!! DAEBAK XIA!!!
Ven t
that is a pretty sad stage. you poor baby. But you still manage to make the performance incredible.
Vy's Channel
Rewatching this is reliving every moment that happened on that one day
oh how lucky the fans who were there!! XIA is such a big Super Star
Xoa Vũ Thị
thích vũ đạo bài này ghê gớm ấy.... oppa à, em sẽ chịu khó tập và nhảy đẹp như anh.... hihi :v
YanYan Cook
he's not naturally korean, is he?
Yasmine Lim
amazing dance performance
angelxia XIA
Dance king junsu
thank you for uploading and omg i hope to see this song live, i remember i saw him live for his la concert and you can feel his energy and emotion it was amazing. \n
Incredible, indeed! :D\n\nHow I wish he could perform like this in other music shows in Korea. *sighs*
fbl val
Gamsahamnida SBS PopAsia! Xia Junsu, L♥ve of my life ^_^ ♡ his shirt.
i lee
This dance is so incredibly intense!
Quiero que me baile así de cerca XD ♥
Damn it, you stole my line =P\nWish I got to see him live
love junsu
mina ganda
love his voice
minh phương nguyễn thị
so incredible . His voice's very good .\nfighting Xia . I LOVE YOU !
nook wila
JUNSU ahhhhh sexy \u003e\u003c
Junsu is perfect *-* ...I love him
Omg he couldn't have been that close to me! I would've pulled a straight Beyoncé fan on his ass!!!
soeun An
XIA!  사랑해요!
Junsu \u003c3 \u003c3
It's sad how him and the rest of jyj can't perform in regular show like mbc the live performance was incredible
So distracted by his knees xD and is it just me or does that outfit totally bring out the hips in his hipthrusts? 8D
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