Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Live) - American Music Awards 1/28/91


... American Music Awards (Award) Hard To Swallow (Musical Album) Vanilla Ice (Musical Artist) Vanilla Ice - Rollin' In My 5.0 (Music Video) - Extremely Live

207i WiseWizMuse
😎🔊🔊🔊🔊💘ice, ice baby!
I remember when Vanilla Ice came out I rush out and bought the cassette and played the shit out of it lol!!
Aframe Antiques
Alberto Chavez
Those were good days when people put on a show. Man I miss it.
Arianni For ever
I still like him 😍
Es de reconocer el atrevimiento para cantar de esa forma tan horrible
Bears Fan 34
Vanilla Ice Rules
I remember when I first saw this. I thought to myself, self, Vanilla Ice should do a rap about The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That day happened and I decided to stop thinking about stuff.
Bryan Sangle
On my high shool days i had been memorized and this is the only song or rap that i can sung.
What He said was no different than the Fibs that these New aged ones speak all the Time, They spoke Fairy Tales so why they persecuted Ice that way was because of Jealousy, The Hypocricey*
Candelario Gonzalez
O.k Pipo nember one the 90 fakiu mother the 2018 music Reguetón
Channel 01
Just saw him on the I Love The 90s Tour.. Was a great show!
Chris Sanabria
Chris' Toy Show
Those backup dancers look like their Under Pressure
Claudia Olivas
Saludos dsd juaritos que rolitas de aquellos tiempos puro veneno chido
Cookie P
What happen to his dancing friends, that a lot of dancing
Corey Walker
I dont care what anybody say Rob still a rap legend. He already amitted years ago he sold out.....hes a nice guy....lovely family. I think if he put out records now he be hot . He learned from past mistakes . He left the drugs alone i think he be focus now on true hip hop and not the flip flop...America give him a chance..
Pepsi man copy vaste your ..
Dadecounty Dale
4 MC Hammers dancing with Vanilla what is still mind boggling is that it took Queen almost 6 years to put a lawsuit against Vanilla for using parts of their song
Darrick Meadows
Lot of people don't know it Vanilla Ice is actually an incredible man with a great story it still makes great money today by building houses and introducing new technology into homes I love his interviews and I'm very proud of my fellow American mr. Vanilla Ice
David Q
Still a better performer than any rap artist now
Under pressure and don't you forget it!.
Dimirin 123
Кармен так танцевал
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
Dope huh!
Erick Pineda Lugo
Recuerdo cuando bailaba y vestía como vanilla ice..
Ernesto Ruiz
This is epic
Fernando Silva Oliveira Silva
Brasíl rio de janeiro muito bom
G Rokz Star
actually more talented than most of todays so-called \
Gabriel Islas
Sonido puramente de los 90
It must be Pretty hard to keep Those Moves while rapping at the same time. Now that is Talent My fríend.
Herman Booger
Ice Ice Baby still be jamming
Huey Le
Whoa! I remember watching this and \
Ilwu 13
Keep paying queen for under pressure sample
I rather watch 2 hours of Vanilla Ice than 2 minutes of any tatooed mumble rapper...
$$$ This is actually 🔥 $$$
Javier Mendoza
Better than Just in Beaver 🤣
Jay Lookie
I’m still a huge fan of Vanilla Ice even to this day.
Jesse Montoya
So badass he even had slick dance moves rappers now days are too high and or drunk on stage to exude that kind of energy or concentration
Jocelyn Cordova
Vanilla ice cute hotting beautiful handsome sweet heart man
Jose Manuel Hernandez
Que recuerdos de mi adolescencia ✌
Juan Manuel Duarte serrano
The best off de anymore off 80 and 90 s un total the rap. You now?? Fan númer one off México thogueter
Jude Jude
People make fun of him but dam i would of been outta breath a long a$$ time ago... Suge kept a tight leash
Kick Live
Mic was fuked he took care of solved that problem real quick...
My Words to my Motha...Hey Mom, still listening to this 30 yrs. later...2018.... Word!! LoL! 🤟🤟🤙
Lisa Hatton
Alright stop, while I do up my can't listen to this without hearing Jim Carey on In Living Color..
This guy worked hard.we love you rob
Marcos Fernandes
curti muito esse som muito bom 10.
Mark Marsh
THIS pre-fabricated audible excrement was a huge nail in the coffin that Popular Music lies rotting in.
Mary Cope
Watching in 2019〽️
Maurice Gilmore
I am not going to hate. I was getting down on some vanilla ice.
Memos Salazar
El mejor rapero que he conocido 😁😀🙌👌👍👋👆💪
Montana Ranger
real drums...real pre programmed tracks...back when talent got you somewhere.
Nathaniel Reid
When rappers actually put on a show
Olmes Rodriguez
American the best 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍
Bring back this music instead of the crappy music that we have today.
Like si te encanta
Jim carrey did it better
Rambo Tan
better than drake
Redrum By Design
from the peeps who made fun of him dammn son to the peeps who introduced him at a show hahahaha damn long live the Wayans XD
Regan Morris
I know all of the words to this song forwards and backwards it is a really good song
Ricardo B
Wonder if songs of today will still be getting played in 30 years time ?
Ricardo Clavijo
se agradece este vídeo
Robert McCann
I like Jim Carey's version better.
Roland Rodriguez
Dude can really dance!
Ryfeal Davis
he can move
Saturnian Pytonwielki
Love black music - Vanila Ice, Eminem, Justin Biber. Best rap
Shanen Frost
You know even though he looked absolutely ridiculous in that suit, I got to hand it to Vanilla Ice. He was actually a very talented performer! Even though I never really bought the rapper thing from him and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was white. It was just that his raps were weak! But his stage presence and his performance ability was just excellent!
Shannon Taylor-Ward
I remember watching this the night it aired. I was never in to Vanilla Ice but had a whole new respect for him after watching this performance. Even I had to admit that the kid could move and put on a good show.
Shivek R
serious cardio
Sidney Toala
I remember when this song come out every one was playing it.
Back when there was no back tracks in rap.
The Double Champ
Crack is whack!
Everyone wants to make fun of ICE but when this song first dropped all the hoods were bumping it hard.
Tomas Milian
Queen's Under Pressure
Victor Garduño
Que bellos tiempos todos bailando aaaaaasssssiiiiiiii
William Souza
Xochilt Viberos
Esa la bailamos desfilando enla preparatoria amatepec México como olvidar año 1999
bill Slattery
This is for the world's greatest home flipper
bobby cowper
funny thing, whites do rap way better than blacks. it's a natural form of entertainment for whites. beastie boys , house of pain , vanilla the list goes on.
byron silas
Word to your mutha, period....👩\u200d👦\u200d👦👩\u200d👦\u200d👦👩\u200d👦\u200d👦👩\u200d👦\u200d👦👩\u200d👦\u200d👦
KIW ha
doug castel
Amazing ..! Love it ..! Nothing to do with the shit Nowdays..!
gallo claudio
Todos mis amigos queriando bailar com Vainilla Ice con colores fosforecentes en aquellos tiempos alla en mi querida Guadalajara, even if we didn't understand no word at all. Lo que hace un buen ritmo y Buenos pasos de baile. Saludos desde los Angeles!!!!!!!!
guy sumpthin
No lip sync here !!!
For all the jokes people made of him after he fell from the top ... dude could put on a show.\n\nStill great to watch years later.
james williams is a patriot !! yeahhhhh
jeremy hunt
different back up dancers from the Video .
mickey rat
Amerikas first whigger
mike Mitchell
I cant watch this with a straight face after watching Jim Carey play Vanilla Ice
olimpia hernandez
8O. \
His mic didn’t work took the dj s mic and carried on
tyler durden
Meanwhile: pearl jam 10, nirvana nevermind, and soundgarden badmotorfinger all drop this same year. Bye bye vanilla lol
i remember before he hit big time he was sighned to perform at concord college in athens wva he tried to backout concord threatened to sue he came and performed 4 songs and left still a pud today
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