MC Hammer - U Cant Touch This

Music video by MC Hammer performing U Can't Touch This.

Can't Hammer MC This Touch

Türkler Doluşun
Allian dijkstra
I wanted to click that like button but I can't touch this...  (ohohohoh)
hit like if you're listening to this in 2018 !
Ashton Cox
Still listening now
Asker Ağa
keeyfinee bak media markt media markt...
Atakan Sgnmz
B -
almost 2k19 and still listening like if u are too !
it's been revealed that we can't click on the video because *We Can't Touch This.*\n\n\n\n\n\n\nwait..
This track has the best dancing by humans in the history of the universe
Cachorro Cachorro
The best and last choreography era ... 😢
Cleopatre Nefertiti
November 2018 !!!
Corlena James1
Boy, could he dance!
Could Be Jeff
My music teacher had this as ringtone
Cracking BROs
He created his channel in 2010 and uploaded this video in 2009 what ???
Curtis Thomas
You can't touch this...
Dark Strange
Noviembre 2018🕴🕴💃💃🙌
Diego Torres Game
when youre girlfirend try to kick you in the eggs, but she fail, and you sing... 0:14
Efe Ulusoy
2018 ?
El Liang
oh and parachute pants. Almost offed it all up. Whew..
Empz Erorz
Still listening in 2029 !!
Fangzahn Aviation Studios
That's what she said on the first date...
Franklin Clinton
when you play GTA and enter to the strip club
Media Markt reklamindan gelenler +1 gelin bi sarılalım
GD [Geometry Dash] CyberStep
1:55 the moves
But, I touched this.
Gy Ho
Still listening in October 2018.
See that girl in the park\nMe: Wow!\nGirl: Can't touch this
Ice Tea
When you have the most kills on the leaderboard.
Ik Ben Leons
Should play this at museums.
Jan Skoroch
U mean November 2018.\nEpic Song.\nWho listen that song ?\n\nGreetings from Poland
Jason Voorhees
Better than Despacito!
Jesus Redfield
Joe Baugh
Anyone watching in November 2018
Kevin Luckins
The winner is.............\nMC HAMMER\nEinfach Geil!!!!!
Kirito XD
Yo vine por los memes
Kristijana Fersen
Ich Kristijana Fersen damals vette wo das lied lief echt geil sage ich die frau Kristijana Fersen
Lekha Chunduri
I'm gonna make my future daughter listen to this song. So if any guy makes a move on her, she knows exactly what to say XD
Life’s just great
Lolek Lolski
Can't touch this \n👇
Love Peace
love this song still listening and it 2018 october
Mark Batarina
If you rubbed a genie lamp you found in Compton, you'll get MC Hammer.
Mehmet Kaya
Mc hammer bu klibi çekmeden evvel adıyaman'a gelip şalvar almıştır şahitleri vardır
Melanie Refuerzo
When you dodge all the punches from the school bully
Michael Dias
Hello ! Ce titre n'est il pas une reprise ??
Compared to today's rap, this is awesome. Cause new gen rap sounds like idiots slurring on the mic, or speaking gibberish.
Mini Meister
This is an undercover workout video 😂
Misha Gadaev
у моего друга есть похожие штаники \\
Misha Trubnikov
Don't touch this!
Nhi Đào
Before I die:\n1.Touch MC Hammer \n2.Find out WHO let the dogs out
Nicat Zekili
Doctor: I must change your heart\nMe: U can't touch this❤
U can't touch this phone!!!
When your girlfriend wants to see your mobile phone...
2018 and still can't touch this...
This was a real dope track man, I remember as a kid hearing this alot.
Ren 54
When you get 51% in your report card
Robenson Jean
Rappers today can’t touch this....
Sabrina Formby
Saima Mutreja
Awesome \nListening in 2018
Serenity White
Good Ole days
They should play this song in Museums.
Steve Edwards
Remember this so well. The original hip hop artist!
Still listening in November 2018.
Takaaki Tajima
Parents at the super market be like
The Dank Meme Master
MC Hammer: \
Wolf_Lover_ xox
DAAAAAAAAAAANNNGG been years an' it's still fire! That means it's gon' be alive for a lot longer! 🔥🔥🔥
Yannina Pavón
16/11/2018\n15.13hs\nSantiago del estero Argentina
when someone is trying to eat your bagel bites
Yunus Emre
Yunusemre Tanrıkulu
I LOVE U BALTA \u003c3
Zulqarnain Shahzad
Man, You can't touch this. 🤪
amado gonzález martínez
Like si te encanto y no te lo puedes sacar de la cabeza
cheif to arbiter
When you get surrounded by zombies and manage to get past all of them
dixit b.c
No nut November playlist. Added
When you find someone in the park biclying at 10mph but you have a motor going at 30mph
ilkut kagan
keyfine bak medimarkt mediamarkt :) :) :) :) :) : ) :) :)
kömür narince
hepyek 2 izleyenler burda mı :)
lanature féesajustice
voila le debut du jumping et suffler
little miss 1594
I should play the song when I have food I don't want my brothers to eat 😂
luis alberto marquez
NOVEMBER 2018 Someone
m.r soh
*2017 and still can't touch this*
memossjblue 27
Quien de noviembre 2018
miguel angel ruiz
like si apenas en 2018 lo estas escuchando
I'm a giraffe and I can't touch this
salomón el guerrero Z
MC hammer es el mejor cantante del mundo \nviva el rap : )
The 90's are calling! They want MC Hammer Back!
when ur baby sitting and u talk about the rules
*November 2018?*
şahin mapper [TDMG]
Kucukken dinler ken kim nie taslio derdim (ken tac tiz) XD
Большая Бровь
Вова Доббрый
Даниил Шумаков
Ноябрь 2018. Как же это охуенно)
Дима Старченков
*_-People don't touch cleep can't touch this.-_*
Ильдар СССР
Молодцы товарищи! Ура!!! ))))
I vividly remember my grandpa calling this song trash back in the day. He said what happened to music industry where's the real music 😂😂and now we call this song a classic. Btw it was and still one of my favorites.