Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina Luis Fonsi [Official Video]

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Anne-Marie Demi Lovato I'm someone else's baby Luis Fonsi Marina Ra... Rockabye Sean Paul Solo Symphony What Is Love Zara LArsson baby clean bandit

im in love at the same time broken hearted watching this video
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Luis Fonsi🔥❤🔥
Aden Kurnia Gusti
this song deserves more attention than despacito
Adrian Lopez Gutierrez
Marina and the diamonds ?
Ahmed Mej
Marina, you stole my heart.
Alejandro Suarez
1:43 Papasitooo
Alex Olkhovskiy
Getting Shakira vibes 😀
Alma La Pony
Porque chingados no sabía que existía esto?! Jamás lo hubiera pensado \u003c3
Alvaro Aguilar
My Greek goddess is back and more powerful than ever! Diamonds are forever. 💎
Do we want to talk about how beautiful Marina looks at the slow motion part after she shot the arrow?
Arabi x Nightcore
This song means something so much more to me.. 😢\n\nI'm gay..\nAnd both me and my boyfriend are from a conservative family..\n\nWe can't be for each other despite our deep love and yearning to be eternal lovers.\n\nI can't see myself with anyone else..\n\nYet I'm already arranged to marry someone else..\n\nLife is cruel and unfair..\nI just wish we lived in a different world. In a place and time where we can be together..\n\nI constantly cry myself to sleep knowing that the promises we made won't last..\nHe knows this.. and it's why he is suicidal..\n\nSo here we are both suffering just because other people force themselves to control the way we live our life.. 💔\n\nEdit:\nThe person they want me to marry is my cousin.\nI have no way of contacting her and I've honestly never spoken with her..\n\nShe doesn't want to marry me.\nShe's also being forced to accept this marriage.
Arynn Trisyia
this song so catchy..i feel wanna dance n cry at the same time...
Marina is very underrated 🔥 I'm a rap artist and it's my dream to be able to work with her.
Ayush Upadhyay
*If you're here reading this comment, it means you've a great taste in music.*\n\n*have a great day beautiful.*
Bornean KotaBelud
Ohhh.. She's Bi. She needs baby so she chose the guy. Hmm
Bích Trâm
From Vietnam with love, I love this MV and this song! 💙💙💙💙
Carla Arruda
Only me who thinks that the guy in the beggining is so sexy? Oh my😍
Charlotte Parker
Cindy Hoult
Marina can get more recognition after this, absolutely
Coles Corner
Ok I probably watched and listened to this 20 times today. :D edit:omg Ty for 423 you guys are the best
Me, a gay man: How could you possibly be thinking about someone else if Luis Fonsi is in a suit in front of you.\n\n\nOther lady: *shows herself*\n\nMe, slightly less gay: Oh I see...
Daniel Smith
It’s been so god damn long I forgot how good marina was at singing!😍 she just better keep making music x
Danielle Bibeault
God Marina and that red dress. Looking that amazing should be illegal x.x.
Dohra dee Ecsplorer
Marina made raggeaton greek.
Eda Altay
Marina? Marina And The Diamonds.
Wig? Snatched.\nTiddy? Out.\nHands? Thrown. \nHotel? Trivago.
Soo obsessed with this song! I would have never imagined that marina and the diamond and Luis fonsi would make such a dope ass song !!!!!!!!
Frank C
Directed and Edited by Clean Bandit (our very own extraordinary talented Jack Patterson 🙌🙌🙌 Shout out to Marina, Luis Fonsi, Starley and those great actors who featured in this MV 👍👍👍)
been watching this all day long and i cant get enough
Graham Comstive
Only just discovered Marina, Thanks to Clean Bandit. How have I not heard of her before ? She looks and sounds so gorgeous. Her vocal range is amazing and so different, and superior to what we are used to. As many have said before, she is a true goddess.
Gun Fission
God dang it. The pitch Marina, the timing Luis, wow Clean Bandit. You got it man. Feel like fighting in a war of love.
Guzz Cavada
Wow this song is such a masterpiece. The singers, the beat, all in perfect harmony. This song needs to trend 😊😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
This is better than Thank you, next\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*Fight Me*
Henry Schafer
Hollyzeh Drawer
Marina is a freaking goddess and you can't change my mind
Soo amazing! Marina has such a classic, old hollywood glam look in this video.
Ian Stone
A sad song but just gets along so good... wry clever..
Izuku Midoriya
Marina and Lana Del Rey have similarities, they both have that melancholy tone to their voices, as if they sang for someone dead, and their voice literally sounds *Angelic* because they would fit a choir of some sort.\nWhen will they collab? ;(
Jazmine media
so... not many english speakers here. i found this song on my recommended and with all honesty I LOVE IT. luis fonsi's voice and verse makes my heart flutter. god bless this man!
IF you know the lyrics, you know the song is a sad story.
Jess Herz
Queen marina has returned 👑
Juan Verano
Quien presente antes de los 100M 🤙🤙
Kely Bai
Grace Chatto first turned her ex boyfriend to a dog then left behind her lesbian friend and at last married to Luis Fonsi lol.
Leslie Stevens
I don't understand why this is not an instant hit in youtube
I'm so incredibly happy that Marina is finally getting noticed since Electra Heart! Diamonds forever and always 💎
Lucy Films
Luke Faulkner
Just came across Marina through trending (I knew Clean Bandit, so clicked). She's great! Any song recommendations?
Maia Orasanu
I listened to this song 5 times in a row. I cried every time. So fricking sad.
Malte Morgenstern
woohoo here before one Million Views
Mang Cek Kian
I came here for Louis fonsi ,, Anyone?
Marina and The Diamonds
Mat Lin
Lyrics\n\nSé que te gusto a ti todavía\nTres, dos, uno\n\nStanding here in an empty room\nI saw you there and my blood ran cold\nTake me back to that long September\nDon't know how I ever let you go\n\nI was young, didn't know 'bout love\nYou were wild, couldn't get enough\nGave my heart to another lover\nDon't know how I ever let you go\n\nFind me, in another place and time\nIf only, if only you were mine\nBut I'm already someone else's baby\nGuess I had my last chance\nAnd now this is our last dance\nYou fell through the cracks in my hands\nHard to say it's over\nBut I'm already someone else's(C'mon)\n\n\nBaby, ahh\nBaby, ahh\nBaby, ahh\nBut I'm already someone else's\n\nAll caught up in the way we were\nI feel your hands getting close to mine\nDon't say the words that I love to hear\nThe beat goes on and I close my eyes\n\nI was young, didn't know 'bout love\nYou were wild, couldn't get enough\nLet's leave things the way they were\nYou'll stay with me like a lullaby\n\nHey, sé que te gusto a ti todavía por mucho que digas\nAdemás puedo ver en tus ojos\nQue no sólo quieres quedar como amigos\nTienes mi corazón, eres mi obsesión\nSoy tuyo pa' siempre\n\nGuess I had my last chance\nAnd now this is our last dance\nYou fell through the cracks in my hands\nTell myself be stronger\nMy heart's like a rubber band\nAnd it's such a shame\nYou'll always be the one who got away\nWe both know that deep down you feel the same\nHard to say it's over\nBut I'm already someone else's(C'mon)\n\nBaby, ahh (Eso no, eso no)\nBaby, ahh (Mereces mejor)\nBaby, ahh (Y a tu calor)\nI'm already someone else's\n\nWish I met you at another place and time\nIf only, if only you were mine\nThis love story ends for you and I\n'Cause I'm already someone else's\n\nBaby, ahh\nContigo otra vez\nBaby, ahh\nMereces mucho mejor, mucho mejor\nBaby, ahh\nVeo que lo que tienes con él no es amor\nBut I'm already someone else's\n\nBaby, ahh\nCada noche más te extraño, cada día sin ti me hace daño\nBaby, ahh\nSabes que mereces mejor, lo que sientes por ella no es amor\nBaby, ahh\nPor mucho que digas somos más que amigos\nY el tiempo se acaba\nI'm already someone else's\nEn cuatro, tres, dos, uno
Marina!?\n\nDamn she's even hotter than before! 😍😍😍
Mikey Schulze
It´s great because of Marina!
Miss Mist
It's an art I discovered and I need help I can't stop pushing replay button😍😍
\u003c3 Marina and The Diamonds
Mridul Kalita
I heard this song two times but I have desire to hear it again and again..............
Nazarelys Blanca Arcila
I love the mix. Flamenco music and Clean Bandit, it´s just a hit. I love it. Luis Fonsi adds a tropical accent and it´s great
Niharika Parashar
Her teeth are so cute😍. I know I am weird 😅😂.
Pedro Ivo
Brazil ama vocês \u003c3
Pence 2016
Sorry but how is nobody talking about how beautiful the church is
Petcharat Jentaworn
I just loooooooove how the story is being told through this song. This video is genuinely amazing! The part where the girls were looking at each other at the laundry really got me damn ;(
Pink Pixie
*Everyone here be like: Ah Marina! She's incredible omg!!!*\n\n*_But I'm like: AH LUIS FONSI AND CLEAN BANDIT!? My dream has come true :)_* \n\n*No joke this is honestly like my 1000th time listening to this song :)*
Lovely music. Also check out Talia's cover
Pixl Pixl
I love Marina sooooo much and I love this song.\n\
Raihan Dheka
Indonesia 🇮🇩☝️
Renaldo Pandaleke
idk how many times i've heard this song already. dammit you guys
Ruben Alemán
MARINA QUEEN!!!! 😍😍😍💕💕🌚
Sam Sabb
Beautiful song and i t s very very amazing i love it 😄😄😍😍
Sebastian Elytron
History repeating itself, \
Shaun Nolan
I am absolutely, totally, uncontrollably addicted to this song.
Sleepy Wolf
Clicked this by accident to tell you the truth. Best accident ever.
Suneek Anthony
The way luis starts is overwhelming ♡ can't stop listening it again and again
SuperAwesomeCaptain McFluffyPants
Comments : \n85% Marina fans \n15% etc.\nP.S. - I am a huge marina fan.
Primadonna girl \u003c3
Syamirul Kamaruzaman
It’s amazing how it could so sad and happy at the same time lol like tf ? Am so into this
Tamer Bsoul
When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was a Havana parody
Tawfik Tayeb
📂Documents\n └📁Music\n └📁Clean Bandit\n └📁 Bad Songs \n └⚠️ This folder is empty
Tech Monster
Thanks Marina for such an awesome song
The channel of random
I told my friend I like this song\nThey thought I meant the one by Justin Bieber 😂
VINCINT Official
This is actually a pretty sad song if you think about it
Vishal Kumar
This song deserves billion of view's 🥂🥂🥂
Vishant Singh
Hey stranger !!!\nWait wait wait...\nDon't be rude, show some love !\nThank you ❤
Wil - Co
Ya extrañaba escuchar la voz de Marina en música nueva 💜.
Woje Woje
Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi\n0:00●━━━━━━─────── 4:07\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Xquavius Ellison
I'm confused, did Marina lose her diamonds or did they just not want to make the title too long? 😂
Yafa Khalefeh
Before 20 m views!! who's with me??
Marina, from Marina and the Diamonds?
Zach H
Okay but Marina in pigtails is the cutest thing ever
bone goblin
that girl looks so badass in that suit, especially when she's dancing
fabio_roblox y mas!
tan linda mi Marina!!! te luciste reyna
ginacarano 4ever
Came here for Marina ❤️
hmyea nikki
disconnect its better
mon broke BP
This is a combination that I never know I needed in my life ♥
Luis Fonsi: hola Shakira \nMarina: actually my name's Marina 💃
singing time
Better than Justin Bieber 's baby
teresa magana
Marina, please don't retire yet