Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Baby feat. Ludacris.

#VEVOCertified Bieber Def Island Jam Justin Pop

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*I'm here in 2018. You?*
A r M y• F o R e V e R
Esos tiempos 😭😍❤️
Adrian Dolorier LADF
Like si la estas escuchando ahorita 2018!!!
Adrianna Abramczyk
2018 september? 😜😂✌️
Agata to ja
Aisha Sahu
17 nov. 2018 anyone.First video that has likes equal to dislikes approx....its epic...😂😂
Akash Akhand
new song jaldi hi Justin beiber
Aldi Prayoga
NOVEMBER 2018 ? 😂
All thing are here
Anyone in November 2018 Please hit like 👍👍👍👍👍
Amna Maqbool Qureshi
2018 anyone??
Andy Carela
2018 😅?
Anil Sharma
Likes won ....!😂😂\n10M likes ....!😘😘
Arron Howard
He’s still getting paid for this video to haters 😭
Ascetic Sight
When u know likes are more than dislikes...that hints good time is coming :)
Ashley Hernandez
Bianca Caroline
Senhoor vai fazer 9 anos que ouvi essa música, saudade dessa época ❤️
Bijay Acharya
But everybody knows JB sucks😵😵😵
Black Zephyre
FBE video anyone?
C-W-A Bros
This is the nastiest shit I’ve ever heard, actually try to be good like the Beatles or Queen
Cold Air
Who's After Fbe...?? most dislike video??
Can you please dislike the video till november end i want to see can we cross 10 million dislikes
Destri Ayu hardi
i start to hate people who dislike this legendary song that brings back so much nemories from my junior high school. this is my favorite version of Justin Bieber.
Por que essa música tem tantos dislikes em?
november 2018 ?
Elba gi
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! 😍
Eliseu Guareche
Alguém BR assistindo essa merda em 2018
Essau Cordova Gora
November 2018 ? xd
Fabiana Arana
y mi bebé ahora está casado csmr😢😢 siempre seras mi bebo rubio ctm te amoooo❤
Gabe The Dog Meme
November 2018 anyone?😂😂😂😁😁😁
Gesiel Rochinski
alguém 2018
Ghosti xD
Why I wathing this shit T^T
Gina Zakiya
Who watching 17/nov/18????😂\n\n\n\n\n\nOh yeah that my favorites song😂
Global Wrestling Universe
10M Likes Vs 9.5M Dislikes😂😂😂🔥🔥Who Will Win???🔥🔥
Henry Li
I thought I was the only one watching this now just to see the dislikes...
Oof that dislike to like ratio.
I'm alpha RJ
*_#9.1M 👍 #9.1M 👎 😂again it is balanced now😂😂_*
Itz Luna
Bet in 2019 people are still wacthing this lol 😂. November anyone?
I’m fine
*Inserts another comment saying I came from FBE*
Jeremy Williams
Back when times more much simpler
Johannes Middelhuis
~After all this years, i still bleed from my ears~ this song is just...
Jonas Silva
Justin bieber - baby ft Ludacris and Drake \nBecause see 1:20
Who remembers watching these on disney channel?
Kids Only
Novner 2018 15 ?????
Who else from FBE?
Kristina Angelova
Шикарно. Просто слов нет
Laura Daniel
De adolescentes era lindo \nHASTA que creció y es horrible \nNo es que me gusta \nPero....... era lindo \nAmi me gustan los 1D ONE DIRECTION
Leyla Aliyeva
Luisa Amaral
9,6 milhões de dislikes e 10 milhões de likes 😂😂daqui a pouco empata 😂😂
Maria Vitoria
NOVEMBER 2018???
Matter boy
Anyone 2018??? 🤔🤔🤔 23rd september.........
Melanny Infante
te ano beby
Merci maman Lange-line
I’m watching this because of that BTS remix 😂😂😂
More subs then Justin Y!!?? 1447
Tuesday, 15 November at 22.31 am or pm i dont know? 😂
Who is here during the 8 million likes and dislikes??😂
Peyton Hutchens
he is basically harassing her and stalking her though the video, and then they get together!!
October 2018
R1ob3rj0s3 Bl4nc4
lol 10000000 millones de like :O wow \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\njajajajaja 9600000 millones de dislike 2018-2019 ? like :)
Love u j.b , fans of justin biber like here😙😘😘😍😚
Sabihafatma Khan
15 November 2018????? 😂😂😂 and you
Salomon Pitt
Luke si te sale el paso del minutos 3:03
Satasiya .k
December 2018 ?
Seba Mallette
December 2018?
Sebastian Elytron
The most epic Like v Dislike battle in YouTube history😂😂😂
Sharanayya Swamy
I love this song
Singing Indian Girl ♫
I used to listen to the luda's rap more than the entire song. Good old days. November 2k18 and listening 💗
How does this now have more likes than dislikes
who came on this video to see the ratio like / dislike?
Steve Gartner
HAHAHA!😂😂😂 If you see the likes and dislikes...\nLikes: Dislikes:\n10M. 9.6M
Sunil Thakur
After hearing it I am thinking why I am here🤯🤯🤯🤯
Thamiris Conde
Lindo maravilhoso príncipe
TheBattleCats God
That Oh in the beginning is my go to stuck in my head tune.
Vasso Gamin
Remember in elementary school girls had the just Bieber back packs and one direction book bag too?😂
You Tube
Primera ves q veo este video tube un dia del asco lla no puedo perder mas alv \u003e:'v
Youface HD
2018 ???😂😂😂
Zidan XD
Babi babi Babi babi oooooh Babi babi babi babi Oooh yeah babi oooo yeah babi ooooh This song D3vil Broh Translate Babi at Google Indo =\u003e English
bani janet Mamani Quino
Este video tiene más visitas 👌
bobkata 444
15 november anyone\nONLY ME OK 😂😂
Who else came after the fine brothers vid?
commit die
Who was checking the dislike count?
am i the only one who came here from FBE to see the dislikes lol
jUsT 4 fuN
Most dislikes things always becomes too famous. .😅😅
kyoshi 03
Haha when I was young Justin got me caught up with high tops .. oh and don’t forget when everyone came to school with silly bands on their whole arm GOOD TIMES
lili Hernandez
rahul kakde
November 2018😂😂😅
ur mom
*love(D) Justin Bieber*
vi sutton
yanuar alhadid
November 2018?
who came here bc of the youtubers react video lol
zakaria El
Novembre 2019 ??😘😆
· Akutabi ·
More likes than dislikes? Whats worng with people
Áutumn MSP
Who else came here from the FBE video to see the likes/dislikes ratio?😂
Дастан Сабыров
Даа дизлайками не потешишься 😂
حسن العراقي
اكو عرب بطياره
วานีตา สาและ
2018 ???💕
DESEMBER 2019? 😂
It’s been only 8 years!? It feels like a century from this JB to JB in 2018 for me tho