[XIA(준수)(JUNSU) Showcase] Incredible(인크레더블) [ENG/JPN SUB]

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[XIA(준수)(JUNSU)Showcase LIVE] Incredible(인크레더블)*English & Japanese subtitles are available. :D(Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)*日本語?英語の字幕が用意されてあります。(CCボタンをクリック、それとも?Interactive Transcript?機能を活性化して下さい)[Showcase] XIA Junsu Comeback Showcase Exclusive ReleaseXIA Junsu's show time begins with his 2nd album!!Layered with many different colors, XIA Junsu's 2nd full-length album 'INCREADIBLE'.At his comeback showcase, meet the emotional artist XIA's various style new songs from ballad to hip-hop, Jazz, and funky, for the first time here~The guy who captivated the world, XIA's something incredible live stage, check it out now!▶ LOENMUSIC FB : [Showcase]嵐の歌唱力XIA(ジュンス)のカムバックショーケースを独占公開XIA(ジュンス)の2ndフルアルバムを発表するショータイムが始まった!色とりどりの様々な色で飾られたXIA(ジュンス)の2ndフルアルバム 「INCREDIBLE」の発売記念カムバックショーケース!バラードからヒップホップ、R&B、ジャズ、ファンキーなど、感性アーティストXIA(ジュンス)の 様々なスタイルの新曲を初公開します。世界を魅了したXIA(ジュンス)のライブステージ、今すぐご覧ください![Showcase] 폭풍 가창력 XIA(준수) 컴백 쇼케이스 독점 공개 XIA(준수)의 정규 2집을 알리는 쇼타임이 시작됐다!!알록달록 다양한 색을 입힌 XIA(준수)의 정규 2집 'INCREDIBLE' 발매 기념 컴백 쇼케이스!!발라드부터 힙합, R&B, 재즈, 펑키 등 감성 아티스트 XIA(준수)의 다양한 스타일의 신곡을 가장 처음 만날 수 있는데요~전 세계를 사로 잡은 XIA(준수)의 격이 다른 라이브 무대, 지금 감상하세요!

INCREDIBLE JYJ XIA artist kpop loen loenmusic loentv 韓国 韓流 라이브... 로엔 로엔뮤직 로엔티비 멜론 멜론 프리미어 멜론 프리미어 쇼케이스 쇼케이스 시아 시아준수 악스홀 유니클로 악스홀 인크레더블 준수

jyj가 공중파에 나올 수 없는 이유:다른 아이돌 그룹들이랑 실력차이가 확 나면서 팬들이 jyj로 갈아탈 확률이 높기 때문.게다가 준수오빠는 7살 때 부터 스엠 연습생인 만큼 스엠 입장에선 핵무기 같은 괴물임.jyj가 공중파에 나와서 스엠에 독이 되면 독이 되었지 득 될 것 하나 없기 때문.결론 스엠 ㄲㅈ 개싱키들.
Junsu !!!! Why are you so amazing?!!!!
Abigail Teasru .T.
Oooooooo mmmyyyy G\n Junsu !!!!\nThank about all live shows we missing only because he can't appear on T.V !!!!!!!!!!!\n\nAnnoying!!!\nLook how good he is!!!!!!!\nKim JUNSU!!!\n\n\n
Chanie Moo
He just looks like he's having so much fun and that alone makes such a huge difference and so much enjoyable to watch. I don't have the state the obvious in how well he sings.
Daisy Tai
his smile literally melts me, i cant take it anymore
Dalala Feng
love xia
Props to Junsu for being able to sing and dance for 25 minutes straight. Those are difficult choreography dances.
Darrin Punter
he is a very sexyyy man.......when ever he comes 2 da u.s i always miss him
junsu is incredible 
DianaRose Goodwin
While I like a great deal of his music I am particularly fond of his jazz pieces. I wish there was an album of just hose.
Dongwoon Sarang
Su su ya 💕💕💕💕
Emily Sofie
OMG what a powerful performance of Tarantallegra!! XIA (Junsu) is the best singer of JYJ in the whole world!!! I am XIA's fan from now on....
Grimm Tales
I would consider contemplating murder to get to go to his concerts...
IZdooongiieee IZ*ONEee
No promotion yet solds out concerts, showcases, etc? Thats a legend right there..
Izgubljeni Leptir
He is perfect, my God he can sing!
An amazing artist , I always enjoy your work Junsu !!
Jackie Dog
This showcase was so enjoyable. All of it!
JaeJoong Love
JYJ3...sexy baby,,xiah!!!
He is incredibly sexy! 
Jeslyne Ho
kim junsu is a true entertainer and gentleman. he dances and sings well, doesn't drink or smoke, has good personality, innocent and super rich. oh why so perfect??!!
JiffAnY KawaiiPink
Awosome guys and great performance 
Cuando dice \
Karen V
Love Junsu, such a wonderful singer & dancer, all round talented, cute funny guy
Katherine Mejía
Incredible!!  my fav \nesos movimientos, combinados con esos preciosos ojos rasgados y sonrisa dejan sin aliento
Jusun is incredible!
Liliana Vivas
No hay nadie q iguale a Junsu... Simplemente maravilloso!!!... \u003c3 \n\nNo one equals Junsu ... Just wonderful!! ... \u003c3
Lina Arenas
Xiah doesn't let anyone steal his show!! that's how amazing he is
Great performence !!!! ;*
Love All things
열심히 노력하는 당신이 너무 아름답습니다. 시아준수 힘내세요!!
Maggie Bee
I've watched this video so many times yet I'm still left in awe of Junsu. He's the most amazing performer, wow.
Maha Elbelkasmi
Xiah junsu is really the most perfect artist in all kpop industry and in every way possible. He's a great singer and dancer and actor he's handsome sexy and cute and adorable all at the same time he loves what he's doing wathever the song he performs he does it with all his feelings, he has a really good personality he's always the mood maker of the group (and for me too) just tell me waht does he lack ? NOTHING. XIAH JUNSU SARANGHAE OPPA (ajjushi? xDD) you will forever be my ultimate bias eveeeer ♥♥♥
JUNSU PLEASE COME TO SWEDEN! \nYou are incredible!
Maysa WL
love you :)
Mint Tea
Love him so much,I wish I had discovered him earlier not just a month ago. \u003c3333
Thankful I caught this show live ^^ my ultimate bias 
There's something about Junsu that tells me he's gay. The way he dances, the way he sits and the way he expresses himself (performs) on stage tells it all. I love him regardless!!
Nadia Benites Jares
he is amazing!!! a perfect performance!!
Nana Bang
Nwemyo Oo
I likessssss.......
Our Maknae is a terror
I would love to see Junsu do something with MJ if he was still alive.  So much talent.
Incredible n toxic Xiah Junsu! Love love love!!
Rachael Ann
Junsu is one of my favorite performers, and not just in KPop. In GENERAL.
Rico Liko
RikaSu Kim
The best!!!
Rosa Vela
Thanks Loen for the english sub.\nJunsu is Incredible !\nHe sang better in live!
Can't wait for him new mini album!!!!! JunSu hwaitingggg
Sara Restrepo
Sarah Yoochun Cassiopeia
I still think intoxication was his best song imo.
Shirley Jiang
This man captivates me...
Superhero BTS 💜
Love his voice and can't get enough of his cute laugh!
YAY!!!!! JUNSU!!!!
Thuy Nguyen Thi Phuong
What perfect performaces!!!! He sings and dances really well. Junsu is the BEST!!! :)) \u003c3
Vianey Luna
GRACIAS !! \u003c3 COLAPSÉ !!!!!!!!
Violin Rain
Woah ... I am SOO AMAZED by the number of FANS attending the showcase .... The Xia Effect is something powerful .... & then the way he talked to the fans, so friendly indeed .... reminded me of my Hyolyn ... I love people who has this kind of personality :)))))
Gracias :3\nHe's amazing
Yuli Ayu Pratiwi
Wow I have ghost-bump after hearing xia amazing voice
alisha sakura
he is said to be the best! - so korea's best can't even go on tv, how is that fair?
His laugh I'm dead
Remember that one time Loen was being a bitchass and tried to cancel this and we had to literally force them to do it? ahhh good times u-u
dean / monsta x / knk / wanna one
eliana nascimento
very good
junsu, you are  incredible as always!
hạnh trần
kpop industry need more song like this
iLLiya Nasir
be afraid of the red ocean...
jack delrino Arcdave
That \
xiaa the best!!!
jeung eun lee
진심... 열정적인 가수네요~\n저런춤을 추면서 라이브라니....\n이나라에서 노래. 춤 모두 완벽한 가수가 몇이나 있을까요?...\n근데 아직도 방송에 못나오다니 도대체 이해를 할수가 없는 상황이네요ㅜㅜ\n응원합니다~~
junsu is incredible!!!!!!
joo young Lee
love junsu
maddy xiah
Xiah the best idol in the world 😍😍😛😛
mina 444
Good thing he left SM, I neve have expected him to do such a brilliant , dary performances under that shitty boring company , Junsu showed a complete different side of him when he left and he surprised me greatly! Not that I expected less of him but he just used to perform like \
mo ab
Oh gosh, could someone kill the cameraman......
my pan
junsu's voice is so amazing!
He is an amazing artist. Feel so grateful having the opportunity to enjoy his wonderful work.
junsu is just too incredible \u003c3
rebel yano
He never ceases to amaze me, every time I see him dance and sing...he brings a hot flame to my heart and my eyes can't stop watching. You can see that he puts everything in him on his shows. I can honestly say I'm bless to be a fan of his. He gives me such a wide inspiration aspiration.
OMG, i can't getting enough from watching this video especially his performance in the first song 
shai -
When he's performing, he looks so charismatic,sexy and professional. But when he talks he's a babyyyyy ❤ junsu I love you so much!
💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I'l waiting his cameback!!!!!
Junsu singing Sorry LIVE is just WOWWW
관자놀이로.노래듣는 아서
언제봐도 짱짱
처음에 딴딴딴딴~하면서 조명 쫙퍼질때 소름.. 무대장악력이 제대로뭔지보여주는구나 ㅋㅋㅋ 댄스+발라드 라이브 다소화할수있는가수는 김준수뿐아닌가싶네.
어ㅐ이렇게 춤추는게좋지ㅠㅠㅠ
미치겟다 살짝웃으며 춤추는 모습이 날 미치게하는거지 ~~♥♥♥♥
he is incredible as always!
버터 딸기잼식빵
존멋 소름이다진짜....;;
이6지6ㄴㆍ샛ㅇ겼어 준수오빠 아아사애애애ㅣ
개인적으로 타란탈레그라 기계음 싫음 ㅠㅠ시아준수 목소리가 진짜 국보급인데 기계음에 가려지는거 싫음 ㅠㅠ