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Baby Lullaby Songs To Go To Sleep Songs to put a baby to sleep lyrics baby music to put babies to sleep best music to... lullabies for babies to go to sleep

Aiza Santos
Nice song for baby sleeping
Aleyna Tilki müzik
Alisya Almonte
Like this comment if you are bored and scrolling through comments:) 😂
Amber Bekkema
Ik word er héél rustig van o
Angie Smith
My new little guy is out within two minutes... This is a lifesaver!
Arlene Cruz Aguilar
Con esta y de.las estrellitas duermen mis niños bien rapido y muy bonita canción de bebe
Baby Mom
The best GoodNight song ever! 👌🏼👌🏼my babygirl sleep so fast after it! Thank you so much! 😊
Bella Cimure
Who else is scrolling trough the comments - waiting for their siblings to fall asleep?😂
Best Baby Lullabies
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Beth XoX
i cant sleep ahhhhhhhhhhh
Bill Cipher
It took like an hour and a half to put our foster baby to sleep
Brianna Jefferson
This always take me to sleep best one
Bryan Puente
Rip X
Carlos Schusselin
¡Muchas gracias! Mi bebé ama esta canción. Saludos desde Paraguay \n(Thank you very much! my baby loves this song, greetings from Paraguay)
Cat Lou
My 4 month old sister is really poorly and hasn't slept for days and this has just helped her go asleep
This music is long time ago... but keep nice to hear.. I like it. The music recommend for mother father have baby on the home, the music is great way to bring your baby go to bedtime. Thanks Best Baby Lullabies
Chance Jones
Who says you need to be a baby? This works just fine on adults, myself included. XD \n
Christina Benavidez
it puts my 1 year old when i know she is sleppy 😉 i love this so much 💚
Christofflucas De vargas
Chrstina Praga
Very nice calming music,it puts everyone to sleep,baby,older,younger,cherish this moment's they will never come you my babies.😘🚶💇❤💗💕💖💛💚
Clovis Kioko
This is the greatest sleeping baby music
Courtney Nicholson
I'm using it on a 5 and 2 year old. It's working better on me then them. Lord help me
Danielle Goddard
thanks for all the best lullabies I'm 8 and I still listen to them
Declan Todhunter
Dang I love this song do you???
Des Cochran
I played this for only one minute and my sister fell asleep
Destiny Norris
my 3 month old loves lullabies , it's the only way she can sleep peacefully
Diana Ross
OMG...who ever made this song I thank you so much. My 4 week old baby has been fussy for the past 2 hrs and I put this song on and immediately she is calm and asleep. So thank you so much!
Dominican_ Bear
best one yet\nthis gets me and my little brother to sleep And I'm 14!\nthank you 😁 😁😁 \ni owe you all my thanks
Enchanted Unicorn studios sisters
I help out in a daycare and it puts all of the babies to sleep in only matter of minutes
Iv been trying to put my 1 month baby to sleep for the past 2 hours with him being so fussy. As soon i put this on for him it calmed him down and put him to sleep! Im not going to lie it was putting me to sleep also lmaoooo!
Felicia Damon
I'm playing this right now for my 2 toddlers and my lil girl who's due easter 2017❤❤❤ we love it ☺
Games,app,songs and cartoons app
I tried all the lullabies but not worked but this lullabies put my brother sleep in 4 minutes
Irina Alexander
Can't do anything except read comments while this is playing 😅 everyone write down a joke for more entertainment.
Isaias Tapia
I can't believe there are over 12k losers with no life who went out of their life's to give thumbs down to this video.
my niece is sleeping like a pillow
I'm stuck reading comments \nbecause I don't have YouTube red 🙄
Janet Ruiz
This is the best it made my niece go to sleep in seconds😂❤️🙌🏼
Joseph Infinite Guy123
At first I was skeptical about this. But it actually works. I was able to put my 4 month old baby brother to sleep
Jèssica Patricia
Playing this to my 1month old twin nieces and they've fallen asleep so peacefully 💗👶👶
Kai Phumynavong
I play this every night for my 4 yr old son. It works like a charm. Thank you 💋💋
Kayla Johnston
Hay I love this it is amazing I usually look at the comments as well😄😆😅
Kaysse Ibrahim
even I (29 year old) went to sleep
Kenya Ramirez
It helped my baby brother go to sleep while he was drinking his milk😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Laina Logova
This works for my baby sister it cools her off and when i put it on she lays down and put the blaket on her and drinks her bottle and pass out 💓
Latoya Guion
I love this song is the best ❤❤❤❤
Leilani Romo
when my baby cousion crys this song helps when he cant stop crying he hears it and knows oh bed time music good songs best baby lullbies
Leslie Morris
I have a wild child, my three month old baby has been listening for about thirty minutes & is still awake & kicking & smiling 😭
Lexi Nicole
Used this since my twin girls came home from nicu and omg I love it as a single mom to twin this right here is a life saver !!
Liana eve Marshall
Hi I am tied now so I am going to sleep
Liliana Gonzalez
Logans Mom233
My son has been suffering from severe acid reflux since the day i brought him home from the hospital. He would scream and wasnt sleeping well and it would make me so sad because i wasnt sure what to do as a mom. I found this and it helped tremendously. Im not sure why, but i guess it was soothing to him. I would always play it to help him sleep. Hes 5 months now and this is still his favorite tune hes usually sleep within 10 minutes of listening to this.🙃😊
Luana Cani
My baby boy get sleep to fast with this amazing music and moom too😊😊💙❤😪
Luna Bear
I'm 9 turning 10 and I have been using this to sleep for almost 2 years...
Maisie Lawton
It is so soft 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
May Santos
Did anybody notice that the song does not change
Melissa Ramos
played this lullaby for my lil two month and was peacefully napping along with a lil smile on his face 😍❤😇👣thanks lullabies 👍👍👍👍
Michaela Turner
Everytime I listen to this I end up falling asleep before my sin dies lol and one day o cried off this lullaby to this day I don't know why I was crying🤦😂😂
Monika Betle
You made my baby fall asleep but in 2 hours of the music 😘❤️ Thank you
Mr Peace
My Baby Brother & Bigsisterplays
I was only bouncing him with this music for no joke three minutes and passed out thank you! 😊
Mya Watlington
This right here puts me to sleep and I'm 19 trying to put my nephews to but I go to way before they do and they will wake me up and start laughing at me
Naveed Ahmed Khan
Oh this luluby just made my 1and a half year old newborn sister go to sleep oh my now i know this is magical love it thanks😙😍😂🎶
Nick Nguyen
Where did you get the lyrics, B.B.L?\n\nLove it! but how do you get dislike?
Noor Dhaliwal
Who else is scrolling through the comments because you have nothing else to do while waiting for your sibling to sleep 😂
Oso Blanco
my girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and put this to her belly every night and baby starts reacting all the time.
Princess Chioma
Am feeling sleepy trying to get my little brother to sleep
Reshma Goolcharan
Works like a charm....\nEVERY , SINGLE , TIME !\nEveryone is asleep in about 10mins or less 😀😀
Who else here is trying to put there little sibling to sleep ? 😂
My 2months boy stopd crying felt sleep by listening this music even I got sleep while listening thank you for lullaby music...after \n4hrs continues crying... My kid slept by listening this.. I loved it
Sandy Khaira
We have been using this since our son was 3 months old, he's now 19 months old and knows as soon as he hears / sees that it's sleep time, I find it relaxing too 😀 brilliant to support going into a deep sleep
This lullaby made me cry, I don't know why, but it touched my heart 😥♡♡♡
Shannon Holmes
You are the best my baby brother we are so far on it every time my mum askes me to get him to sleep I all wase yous this thanks so oooooooooooooooooooooo much do all of you agree put a big fum up if you agree
Sina Bell
The best baby lullaby in the whole world is the 8 hour one . Thanks for the great idea
Special thing
love this I can't deal with a crying baby like my girlfriend can so thank u for this cause now I can bold with my baby in me an my girlfriend can get some sleep with
Taylor Mackenzie
Every time I listen to this I have to read the comments or else I fall asleep with my 2 year old... Lol I'm a 24 year old single mom and full time student I have to get the rest of my homework and house work done. No sleep for me just yet. When I plan on going to bed though this is what I'll be playing. :) Thank you best baby lullaby.
Teyanna Monique
It works on my sister
Tina Sherlock
My mom used to put this on now she’s dead But I still listen to this
Unicorns are awesome
When I Put This On For my baby Brother he start danceing instead
Vania Vanity
It's making me feel tired 😴
addy Millay
This puts my baby to sleep every time thank y’all so much for that love y’all ❤️😂😘💕🙏🏼
Never get tired of this lullaby. Thank you for the music.
chinaz bamo
My little sister was so tired but she couldn't sleep and I used this she fell asleep in 5 mins.
deepthi bellamkonda
Very nice baby lullaby even I sleep while this music is playing along with my 7 months baby.since her birth I am playing this music as soon as I played she fast asleep.this song reduced my burden of lifting her continuously for sleep.
francine forbes
My little sister who is one goes to sleep with this every night
itz gwen
My cat fell asleep
juana mustafa
Your a hero
mj sonico
thanks for this song my baby brother like it
rosa jakaj
My girls love this, although I think it puts my husband to sleep the fastest🙈
sarai medina
It works 😺😘😘
skellotongirlplayz a.k.a toy chica
It's worked for my cousin
smol tae
i literally just put my 17 year old brother to sleep with this and now he's acting like he never heard it before in his life 😂😂😂
sumeja heleg
suber je
taai nasilai
This is a good lullaby song
udhayasooriyan gothandapani
My boy and girl loving this. Really it 's working
vahag karapetyan