Bimbos in Time #1 - Atop the Fourth Wall

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There are so few words that could describe this comic. Here are two: "Utter. Crap."Originally uploaded November 30th, 2009.NOTE: The original ending song of this video, "Smoke on the Water," was removed due to a copyright claim.RUMINATIONS: When you have to do this kind of thing for a living like I do - spending week after week looking at terrible media - you tend to forget about them because they begin to run together. There are only so many dumb comics put out by Maximum Press that all have the exact same premise and characters that actually stand apart from each other, you know?Not so with Bimbos in Time.No, Bimbos in Time is one of those special kinds of comics that's so horrible, so completely disconnected from reality and sense, that you will never forget it. Five years later and I can still recall looking at how much I had already scripted for just the first four pages... and then realizing how much comic there still was to go through. Spoony once made a joke in his Highlander: The Source review that fit perfectly with this kind of comic: "I'm sorry, but all I can do is just cut back to me making this shocked face because every single time it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life."My utter confusion about it has changed a little in the intervening years. As was discovered later, it turns out Brad Jones (the Cinema Snob) actually worked (may still work, but don't recall off the top of my head) for the creator of the comic (and the Bimbos movies) on the podcast Radiodrome. Said creator was more than happy to admit that the comic and the movies he made were, for the most part, pretty much garbage and apparently he got a good laugh out of the comic review and the eventual review the Snob and I put together for the movie Bimbos B.C. (a fan had been so "kind" as to donate the film). He's admitted that the comic was, in fact, made with the express intent to make the worst comic ever. If not for the fact that I consider another comic out there to be the worst (I keep the comic's identity a secret for the eventual day it turns up on the show), it's very likely that Bimbos in Time would indeed hold that distinction.And it's hard to pin down a single thing wrong with it - sure, there's the amateur quality to it, but lots of stuff out there has amateur art and writing while still possessing good idea and concepts, or are just at worst merely average. But Bimbos in Time has nothing like that - it's just bad jokes, zero characterization, and zero to little backstory to establish anything. Hell, even after seeing Bimbos B.C. I still don't know why the women are referred to as "bimbo warriors." Aside from being young, white, and (some) blonde, I don't see any evidence of them being promiscuous, stupid (well, legitimately stupid, not stupid like they are in the comic), or vapid in any regard, as are considered the stereotypical traits associated with "bimbos."Subsequently, this is also the first appearance of Little Kuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged fame on the show. We had met during a podcast once, but I was nervous and didn't want to come across as simply promoting my own show and we got into a friendly argument over Ang Lee's 2003 version of the Hulk, so I don't really count it as our first meeting. Instead, I count our first meeting as Youmacon 2009, where I met him in person and got to hang out with him and talk and stuff. We've been closer friends since then, with him kindly lending his voice to the occasional joke on the show and he let me be a shopkeeper in Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged who told a young Marik Ishtar about the "Kill Your Family" show.Another memorable thing to me with this once was simply the grueling process of making it. This is the one episode of AT4W that I'd happily remake, though not because I was unhappy with how it was written. On the contrary - I actually thought I managed to spin crap into gold with this one, despite the agony of having to come up with new ways of saying "This is horrible" every five minutes, it turned out pretty dang well. Sometimes adversity is what's needed to get creative. No, the problem with this episode is that I filmed it while I was ILL. I don't think the comic is responsible for me being ill, of course, but just I was miserable when I filmed this and I recall having to stop once or twice just to lay on the futon, take in deep breathes for a minute or so, and then resume. And while most people probably can't tell, *I* can tell, so it's the only one I'd want to refilm and do a better job of it.All in all, though, it's still one that I'll happily reference in terms of just how awful it is and compare other awful comics to.

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Wasn’t there a comic where Batman meets Sherlock Holmes? Linkara, get on that?
Abel Yuen
Whose idea was it to make the worst comic ever again? Was it a challenge or dare? A possibility to explore? Forgive me if that concept vexes me but ... wow. 
Alex Fernsby
Well, I'd already watched the Bimbos review with the Cinema Snob, so no surprises really. However, this one had the Tim Curry lookalike....
Alice Darhk
and yet, you made a movie. Better than Bimbos in Time.
Andrew Bull
I consider this comic a comparison mark to other bad comics so you can say, \
Andrew Gwilliam
There's at least two more spelling errors that Linkara missed. Trying to spot them is probably a good distraction from the story, artwork, and attempted jokes!
I know so you bimbo!
Dude, that comic art.
Benji Buttons
I wonder how something like this even gets produced...
Bill White
Where is linkara and avgn crossover?
Butterfly Utonium
Wait, were they implying that Sherlock's niece was a hooker?
I'm disappointed that  you binged 'cloths' as a spelling/grammar error, but missed the wrong form of 'your' right above it
Conrado Javier
Some should make a Reboot Starring LARRY THE MALE BILBO!
Da Lime
8:36\nI totaly lost it here rofl X'D.
hi Mr. Linkara, have you noticed that everytime someone travels in time, they mostly manage to get to know every mythic figure because real figures are mostly boring for them?, why get to know King Richard VIII when you can get to know robin hood, why look for Anibal or Alexander the great when you can get to know hercules or jason and the argonauts, why look for Oda Nobunaga when you can get to know Sun Wukong, Boar King and Kintaro?, and this thing goes on and on... funny stuff, Jack the ripper actually existed, but his story has been modified way too much for people to believe in it anymore. 
6:10 - \
He should do more movie riffs.
Ethan Edwards
I am now sadly wondering about the 300th episode review. Could you, in fact, be doing the said worst comic you've ever read? Or are you probably going to do Terror City because that thing is shit and everyone wants to hear you rip it or something.\n\nI don't man, all I know is this wait for number 300 is making me crazy.
French Paul 1988
Is the \
Gaucelm de Villaret
For me, this is one of your funniest reviews, Linkara! Congratulations!
Geoffrey Sorkin
Linkara thought this was the worst comic ever. So young, so innocent.
GoGo Artist
My God, this has to be the worst comic ever made. That enema joke made me cringe until my face exploded. (\
Ise no Kami
The Jack the Ripper/Sherlock Holmes section reminds me of a certain Case Closed episode that also used these figures. Oh, and it's infinitely better than this crap.
Jake Bryant
00:02 nuff said
Jeremy Baker
Why does Ma look like a fat Rita from Mighty Morphine Power Rangers?
Jord IL
at the end I thought you were teasing an AIR PIRATES review xD
I believe the Cinema Snob already reviewed the Bimbos movie. It would have been nice if the 2 reviewers made a crossover into this one :P\n\noh well, too late for that I guess
This is a PG movie? You can see her nipple!
Lexx Alolia
Tim Curry's glove is Lion-O Gauntlet! They did it! They really did it! You monsters! You killed them all!
Michael Stethem
God, This comic has humor that only fans of Teen Titans Go would find funny.(Oh yeah. I went there.)
any reason why you felt a story about Bimbos traveling through time should be grounded in reality? The constant complaints about characters from works of fiction showing up makes me worry that you thought this was based on a true story.
Did...did Jack the Ripper have a safety razor?
Odella Lark
Am I the only one who thinks Gabrielle kinda looks like Kitty Forman from 'That 70's Show'? I hope I'm not.
Otaking Mikohani
13:23 The funny part about this (yes, there is something funny in relation to this comic)? There's actually a manga series called Young Miss Holmes that follows the adventures of Sherlock's niece solving mysteries. Someone in Japan actually took that idea and ran with it.
15:51 Robot . . . Chicken . . . ISN'T . . . FUNNY!\n\n\n\n(Never was. Never will be.)\n\n\n\n\n\n(Have I mentioned how much I HATE Robot Chicken?)
Well, gwenivyre wasn't very faithful herself.
I was expecting the art to be stick figures.
157- That's Seth MacFarlane in a nutshell.
Tanner Price
11:39 \
Still better than what I could as a review: I'd just loop the Galvatron \
Taylor Gibson
That was Tim Curry? Tim, why???
The Reaping Hopkins
That miller time wss probably my favorite AT4W Joke, right next \
The Reviewer
17:59 RIP Vincent Price, why is that on a tomb stone in the old west?
Why do I have a feeling that a high schooler drew this in either free period or lunch or even during class.
Tony Koslowski
The only thing that could possibly beat this comic in levels of stupidity would have to be Marville.
I remember cinima snobs review of bimbos BC.. my god its not even entertainingly bad..
Books are best friends
andre somerville
time ravel into another dimension where Camelot and Sherlock Holmes are real
arma jiro
A time-travelling Elvis without Barry? Madness.
3:40 Shot on Shiteo!!!
I had a dog named Ashley Onec.
emil tucker-orr
still a smarter comic than marville #3, 4, and 5
j p
9:10 if you thought the orgasm pole was terrible I now present the orgasm rolling pin.
I actually got disappointed when the Holy Grail clip ended.\nJesus, this comic sucks.
lastswordfighter none
As if this piece of shit comic couldn't drop anymore copyright infringement/piss poor references to better things I noticed at 12:35 there is a dragon and Hobbit hole in the background. 
Can someone bring in Kefka and show this guy how to be a good foppish villian?
16:54 - \
Love the bimbo voice. So funny.
So the Lone Ranger had to deal with graboids?
левон хачатрян
Coloring penciles,random characthers,characthers that look like the same,bad grammar,tonnes of plotholes,random love and unfunny jokes.This,this is Sonichu 20 years before Sonichu