Cadillac Records - Howlin Wolf Sings

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Cadillac Records - Howlin' Wolf Sings

Adam Scott
I feel that they based howlin Wolfs character more off of \
Adrianna Winfrey
The big bad wolf!!! 🙌🏽🍫😍😍
Ali At
gooood scene,gooood actor,goood song
Another Kahn
Aurora Lara
Ayan Awad
he is so hot
Beautifulmadre Hood
the actor portraying howling wolf can get it. his part hands down was my FAVORITE parts in the movie.
Boon Rasec
Quisiera saber cómo se llama esa canción alguien me podía decir gracia
Brodoc Betty
Well acted scene.
Carlos Rodriguez
Bad jam
*adds Big Bad Wolf to Christmas list*
Christine Gatehouse
One sexy man made my panties wet
D James Morgan
Debra Williams
I loved him the most I love his character and integrity according to script. he didn't live above his means and he didn't owe any man. And he didn't take any stuff. And don't forget sexy
Deija Huggins
Love this scene , powerful chocolatey goodness 😍😋
Don Wal
this guy killed that part, he is the reseaon i reply the movie again.
Donnie lee
I heard Wolf and MUDDY WHERE. Great Friends. Hollywood
what's the name of the song he's singing?
Essence Hall
omg his voice gives me chills, the good kind.
Fighting Junk
Sounds better then the original,energetic !
Gia The Original Fernandez
I think Eamonn Walker did an excellent job potraying Howling Wolf and doing his own singing which i fond to be extremely well done bravo,bravo!!!
GoodNight Robicheaux
Yo #DeepVoiceGng Alpha talk ya heard 🐺 Ooooohhhh! Smoke Stack Lightning
Jamal Dixon
Them Mississippi boys in the house!!!!!!
Jaymesha Allen
They just don't make them like him anymore ugh I wish I was born back then
Jersey Finest
THIS is probably my favorite scene in this movie! Loved it!!
      Cadillac Records was a good movie for the most part, but this portrayal annoyed me. As a longtime fan of Howlin' Wolf, it was frustrating to see him portrayed as little better than a sinister Machiavellian who chased other men's women for fun and threatened to kill his rivals in public.\n      No mention of the fact that this brave, very talented man only got famous in his middle age, kept a level head towards his success, stayed faithful to his wife, and constantly avoided the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol which struck many of his contemporaries. No mention of how he made sure he got a GED after being illiterate till his 40s, kept the money he earned from the blues, and even provided health insurance to his band.\n     None of this was in the movie at all except vague hints to show him as a taunting villain laughing at his rivals' misfortune. Rivals he, oh right, collaborated with multiple times in their musical endeavors.\n     Eamonn Walker, for the record, was great as Howlin' Wolf, but he needed a better script. Maybe even a whole movie devoted to Howlin' Wolf, I'd happily pay money to see that.
Joe Mikos
Watched this movie at least six times. One of my favorites! Up there with, Standing In The Shadows Of Motown. Funk Brothers are UNBELIEVABLY great. These guys seem to have lived good lives in the Motown era.
Joy Banks
Damn what a man
Julia Brooks
I love Eamonn Walker (Howlin' Wolf) in Cadillac Records and Chicago Fire.
Julio Cezar Ferreira
muitooooo louco
Khalan 00
name of the song?
King Commando
This acting was spot-on by Eamonn Walker, but i hated how the writers depicted him as a kind of antagonist. Wolf, like soo many other blues players, was likened as a kind of folk hero and was devoted to keeping a satisfied audience.
Lea Lea
Lenaa Bhabie
Love this movie
Linnie Barbie
This part gives me chills every time..Best movie ever.. I think he sound better than the actual howling wolf!
Lover of the 80's
I loved this movie fav part
Best part of the film by far and wish we could have heard the entire song. It is sacrilege to say Eamonn Walker's version was every bit as good as Howlin' Wolf's? Walker's voice is incredible!
Marsha Brooks
This is my favorite scene in the whole movie. This was a perfect character match. \nEamonn Walker hit a home run with this one. I never knew this song existed until this scene. Smokestack Lightning \
Marvin Whittaker
Howlin Wolf didn't get enough exposure in this film
Master Epps
These hoes ain't loyal
Mike Harlan
He' on Chicago Fire now
Mizan A
Too good and extremely chocolaty good looks.
Mqondisi Nkomo
Ridiculously inaccurate film that soils the image of so many....Howlin Wolf was a real gentle man.
Music Mastermind
I love me that Big bad wolf!😍😍Lol
Best part of the movie!!!!!
what's funny about this to me is trying to sound like Wolf...there's just some guys that are utterly unique, and Wolf is one...guys like Wolf and Elmore James had this weird tonal thing going where it's a mix of highs and lows together, the singer is getting the lows and missing the high edges, IMO. But trying to sound like Wolf is like trying to paint Mona Lisa's I'm not complaining. Fun and entertaining movie
Queen Doda
\u003c3 the wolf
Redman 2000
that's one fine chocolate sista....Damn!!!! I see why wolf be howling....
Rodrick Hatton
Rp McCrorey
I have to admit. That damn wolf was BOLD
Rufus Hughes
My favorite scene! That was a BAAAAAAD MAN!! Had that chocolate treat FOCUSED!!
Sam Loves fresh sans
One of my favorite movies 💯💕
Sam Osman
This is such a bad rendition of this song, this guy is nothing on howlin wolf.
Seasoned WeMoon
EEEEamonneeee - Train Stopped 🚂❣️LOL
Smooth c
Get Your girl out the RING!!!😂😂
Star Bright
Omg this guy is fine ! !
TXejas19 TXejas19
Tanya Piche Blues Band
Very good film, well made, disturbing in parts, well put together considering...Wolf is my master.
Tee m
That's a big dude dammmmmmitttt
Twosheds Jackson
Movie had problems....but when no one else is treating this great subject you take what you can get!
Tyshawn Phillips
Been searching for a better scene of this forever
Tyson Black
Oowuuu!!!! Oowuuu!!!! Oowuuuu!
Vernon Payne
Does anyone know the name of the chocolate sista. Damn she’s hot
Yvette Couvson
Now that's a MAN. I have never been more swept off my feet 😍😍😍
Z. GvS
Pls link of this version 😫😫
aina-louisa carter
He is so creepy but I love it!!! He is one of my favourite characters
cooley high
that beautiful chocolate queen in this scene though:O
Where's the complete cover track!!!!
good game
He looks like a slave
james lowman
music lovely music
john rios
this movie was so fire
This fool can't sing to save his own balls.
ken big redd scott
The actors re recorded the songs for the movie, they sound better than the original artists.
love di choreo
You'll note that \
marilisa sachteleben
the inimitable Eamonn Walker.
damn so sexy
When Adrian Brody went to hand him the gun. That was one of the hardest laughs I have ever had. Because that's a friend. Lol
qw re
what movie is this?
shante B
Sexy af lol
0:52 the one on the left is the real Hubert Sumlin!
love that movie, and this scene, powerful!
ღ p a s t e l / / p a n d a s ღ
I'm his 666th sub..\n\n\nLol illuminati confirmed