Aqua - Barbie Girl

Music video by Aqua performing Barbie Girl. (C) 1997 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S

Aqua Barbie Girl Music Universal

/AdidasVipper/ Msp
Wowww im here in 2019 😍
Amirah Gallimore
Why am I here in 2019?? 😂
Anita Nandi
Her face expressions 😍😍😍😍
Ankita Bardhan
This song dissed the Kardashian’s way before they became famous 😂😂
Anonymous Unknown
Is no one going to comment on that guys haircut? Ahahahaha
BIg Smoke
Пиздец, одни пиндосы в комментах
I can't believe my kindergarden school played this song little should they know is that it's kinda dirty.
Carlos Borja GG
Soy el único que habla español :v?
Cole The Troll
Hold up this ain't my family guy 24/7 live stream
Я БарБиии Уепннреовшвлал хачУ деРол ф
D Unique music
September 8 2018 🔥 ❤️
Darius_ Curry
WoW now I remember that song💕💕💕💕\n2k19?
David 015
This deserves a dislike. ;)) 😂😂
Dawid Jambor
Wtf im doing here in 2019
Demetri0 xd
Quien de aquí habla español
Diana ho
Who is watching this in 2019 \nMe 🙋🏿\u200d♀️
Dunja Gruhonjic
Eliane Rodrigues
Alguém do Brasil🇧🇷?
Flapping Online logic
Who's here in 3019?
Foxx Foxx
Why do people say if they are in 2019? We not stupid we know what year it is.
GBT plays
Isso me lembra free fire
Gymnastic Karisa
I am 12 now and this song was my fav and my dad said I was scared of the begging Lol
Hakan !
2\n 0\n 1\n 9\n Vous êtes là ?
Hindi Poker With Dman
I'm here to see some nice classical and nostalgic comment of 90's ppl but all I see is 2019 comment.. ppl getting worse and worse day by day
Infinite Love
0:30 \nMe: *Inhales* \
ItzYaGurl Leah
I just realized how dirty this is......\n\n\ntrust me....just listen.... \n\n\n*shook*
Jimin San
I am Baby
Jimmy Naylon
anyone watching in 2019?
Josh Y
Wtf am I doing in 2019?
Juaquin Lopez
Así no canta Barbie
Katia Vlogs
Kyamerah Hughes
65% realizing how dirty the song actually is\n15% saying what year they’re in\n10% reciting the lyrics\n\nTHE OTHER 10% ARE JUST CONFUSED AS TO WHY AND HOW THEY ENDED UP HERE
Levi Medeiros
vim por causa do freefirekkkkkkkkkkkk
I legit used to sing and listen to this 24/7 when I was younger, now the lyrics are lowkey haunting me Haha
Luan TV
Sou a barbie girl kkkk alguém 2019?
Mads Ziegler
What a shock when I found out that this song was about sex, I’m danish btw 🤷\u200d♂️❤️😂
I always thought it's 'and dress me everywhere'.. is it 'undress me everywhere'? XDD holy - my childhood would be broken!
Marwa Ibrahim
Look at the lyrics on Google just realized this song is so DIRTY MINDED\n\n\n\n\nLike 👍 if u agree (you don't have to)
Mat Salleh TV
Those dolls look so real. Did they use CGI for this video?
Meliha Beganovic ツ
Miko_SakuraY T
2\n 0\n 1\n 9\n ?\n\n👇
Muroto-Kun :3
Can people just stop with with the \
My Dear Journal
Ken: Come on Barbie lets go party 😀\n\nBarbie: ah ah ah yeah 😊\n\nKen: Come on Barbie lets go party 😀\n\nBarbie: Ooh woah ooh woah 😊\n\nKen : Soo you coming or not? 😐
My Strange World
Here in 2019....Can't believe this was 8 years ago!!
Naverada Potato
*nO👏 oNe👏 CaReS👏 wHiCh👏 YeAr👏 aRe👏 YoU👏 iN👏*\n\nEdit: I said it because I am sick of everyone saying that, it’s annoying
NicollMich Luna
WHO IS IN 2019??
Niko Chevinson
this song has two meaning:\n1. it's about sex\n2. it's used to be a joke to people who used excessive plastic surgery that time
wtf im doing here in 2018?
PG7GAMER Minecraft
Nova música do Free Fire
Pro gamer
Who is listen 2018
RB whatsapp Status
Rile Tex
I like how she just ignores Ken while he just want to go on a party.\n\n#prayforken
Ronaldo Saragih
Samim Gaming
2019 .. and I still listening the song .. and U ?? .😊😊
Sandy Brandt
Shawon J
What am I doing with my life 😂 2019?
Shivaay Annika
2018 july??
Tahsin Tasnim
I am a boy.\nBut secretly I used to like this song. \nI miss my childhood now 😭
Tanjeedur Emon
High on \
*_”Undress me everywhere, imagination.”_*
TikO LoRd
this is what happens inside your mind when you smoke weed
Valdemar Rajczyk-Jørgensen
2\n 0\n 1\n 9
Valentýnka D
Vanessa Aviela
Lmao 2019, actually i search the cover 😂
Most wanted song till 1997 to 2019 to .........
Voula Louta
2019 I'm watching
1997 I was 7 years old then I loved this song! HI from KAZAKHSTAN !!!
XxDefuse_bear's :p
8 years ago, still watching in 2019
XxValentiproxX Guajardo
Year 2019: this still my favorite song\nYear 3078: this still my favorite song\nYear 3079: I HATE REGGAETÓN, LET'S GO AXE BAHIA, LET'S GO BRITNEY SPEARS, LET'S GO QUEEN!!!!!!!!
Xxxwolfgodxxx 2
Who else survived 2018 and now is in 2019?
Yan Tomashou
Че пацаны пластик фантастик?))
Decpacito +5B\nThis amazing work of art +500M \n\nPeople have no taste of music these days 😢
You_ Tube
20 yrs later I am finding this song and video is more depressing and funny in equa l measure.
Did you know there is a verb song they muffled this song in the background I have watched it once at my girl so far
cotton candy sky
Seriously-_-why am i watching this😂
dripping acid
emiliana arrieta
ese ken si esta feooooooooooooo
I met my life partner Mary Jane back when this was still current on mtv
fyfy j'b
brunette barbies are the best 👼🏻🦋🦋🧚🏻\u200d♀️🧚🏻\u200d♀️
hd scrafer
Jemand von masters of dance partrox hier?
I danced to this with my ex.
omid asa
I heard this song, watched his dance. And my cancer was cured.
pradeep cctv
2018 july
sara the compositor
2019 y sigo escuchando este temaso :v
slutty shistar
now I know ken is not bald and barbie don’t got black hair 💀😂
It's my birthday today. This is the first song I listened to whilst being 14. 😂😂
sude nur almas
timurovich t
Мне кажется что Нетта Барзилай хорошо спела.👌
wistful soul
2018 30 JULY?
Салават Каримов
נדב קידר
انریکه iran
چه خاطره ای هایی داریم با این موزیک ویدیو👍👍❤😘😍
OMG so good !\nim here in 2019♥️\nSouth Korea ?🇰🇷