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0uter Path
beautiful music, bring me to past sweet memories\nThank you for the music :)
AJ Peria
Hey it's 2018 now and listening to this. Who's with me?
Aaron Brooks
I'm just listening to this just to put myself to sleep just cuz I'm an abdl
Account Disabled
These songs are like:\n\
Ahmad Kamaludin
It's cute and all but if you hear this in your house when you're all alone, it will give you chills 😂
Ai Lei Dy
This soothes I could study 📖
Angel King
it made me baby cuzen cry!
Ann-Kathrin Modest
Hi thanks for sharing this video.I am only listening as I am blind since I was born and I simply love music boxes as I grew up with them and I collect them.I am interested on what kind of synthesiser this music box sound is actually made.I am a musician myself and also try to reconstruct music box sounds on my tyros4 but I don't have this special kind of instrument.just interested maybe I will get me that synthesiser to get on a new project as also Polish children songs can be made as music boxes well for me it works.I am getting sleepy with this but I must say it is actually no comparison to real music boxes they just sound different and well you can hear that is it is actually electronically made and reconstructed\nGreetings from Berlin Ania aka Aneczka Góraleczka
Annamaria Di Tella
Ma perché siete tutti inglesi non potevate \nEssere italiani solo io sono italiana voi siete \nInglesi anche io vorrei essere inglese ma non lo sono hahaaha😂😂😇
Arlyn Det Ng
I really like listening to lullabies
Ashley Crabtree
Starting at 10:10 At Sea is absolutely beautiful. I would love to find this song by itself.
Audra Mills
put my baby boy right to sleep😆
Avril S
No i'm enjoying it too!\ni'm looking for something for my grandson. this is so nice but he's now 2 and a half !
This is helping me fall asleep😂
Cheryll Santos
It is nice song... very soothing and relaxing to my baby and me...hehehe😘🤗👶
Cindy Daroy
I still listen to this when I go to sleep
Cutieya Spoff
i cried listening to this song :(
I you play Brahm's lullaby at 1.75 it sounds like a nice waltz :3
Diah Mancung Diah
who's listening 2017.. like :-D
Drawing Favorit
2019 anyone?
El show de Nashly
Elizabeth Parrish
Thank you for that sweet song I really love it and you got me to sleep and my family is so happy because you got my baby girl to sleep well that’s all for now bye bye 🤤😴🥺😊
Emrah Tok
yine bir uyutma senaryosu hadi bakalım kolay gelsin uykusuz şirin
Fatuma 188
It sounds very nice and i love playing it for my baby but the melody of chop sticks doesn't really fit in here because everytime i play this for my babygirl she opens her eyes when it plays \
Francisco Zetino
i put my kids to sleep with this music nd i crash out also with them lol they are 6,8,10 yrs old hehe
Ghofur Wanto
Yg Indonesia mana suara nya
Glenda coltlonCate
I'm with you
Hakali Hao
nice coll. thank baby is dozing off at the moment
Hatice olgun
Cok dinlendirici bir muzik cok begendim😴
Heyden Dian
this was my theme when i was a baby... and i use this now for my babygirl.. 😊\nits awesome... 😍
Hipolito Espinosa
I'm looking for this music coz it puts my baby to sleep....her music box was broken
Oğlumu 5 dk da uyutuyor :))
Indrid Cold
This really brings back the memories of me lying in a small white crib with a mosquito net over it. I remember barely being able to see. It was rather like seeing a night vision video where things are pale green and hazy. Those were good times. There was no stress in my life. I still remeber kicking my legs to try to kick the wall of the crib by my feet. But I did not have the strength to scoot down to be able to kick the wall of the small crib. I could hear what I think was a radio and someone humming to it. It has all been down hill since those days. At least I only have about 25 years left on my sentence, and I blink back into non-existence. It sounds really nice. I have often wondered if I should just go ahead and finish with this life sentence I have been forced to serve. But just in case what many say is true, I tough it out, love my neighbours, treat others as I wish to be treated, and do no wrong. But the more I think about it, 25 years sounds like a really, really long time left on my sentence to go back to nonexistence until a judgment day where I may live again in paradise. Maybe the other group of people are correct and nothing matters because this is it and nothing else will be after this. If that group of people is right, I can just go ahead and end my sentence tomorrow and go back to nonexistence forever and ever. \n\nWhich group is correct? Tough it out because there will be a resurrection and a judgment day. You may be forced to live in a paradise or have a finite but very painful life in an inferno. \n\nOr, this is it. Why even bother living? There is nothing before or after this. \n\nI rather like the second idea because you can simply disappear and never be forced to exist again. \n\nThe first idea sounds nice if you are judged worthy and want to live in a paradise. However some do not want to live in a paradise or exist at all. I am one of those. I do not want to exist here, nor in an inferno, nor a paradise. I just want nonexistence where there is no consciousness at all. Nobody asked me if I wanted to exist. It was forced on me by the selfishness of others. \n\nI wonder if there is yet another option that nobody speaks off. What if there is an All Mighty and you live your current life where one can be judged worthy but can be given the option of simply not existing ever again after you serve your sentence here? After all, one can decline a reward if one chooses not to accept it. \n\nThat would be really nice if the group that thinks there is nothing beyond this is correct. Or, my idea of if there is an All Mighty but choose not to live in a paradise and just vanish. \n\nNonexistence is better than the best imaginable existence, to me.
Playing this to my bump right now, 27 weeks with a little girl 👶🏻🌸
Joseph Cadelina
This and the other similar video are perfect! Amazing work. Thanks a lot!
Kerry - Ann Christie
Brahms Lullaby, Fur Elise Mary had a likkle Lamb & Pachelbels Canon😍👌 Having our first baby this May 2019 my husband and I...And our baby \
Kimmieee Wimmieee
Sitting here with little toddlers who needs to sleep on the daycarw haha. One is not going to sleep i think 😂 o she farted hahahah
Kpop -I
my sister is sweet dreams..
Laura Sullivan
Thank you for posting. This is really nice! I hope we can link up here on YouTube. Much thanks and many best wishes to you. Wishing you a fantastic afternoon. Take great care and lots of happiness to you and all whom you are close to!
Lola Gm
A los bebés les relaja mucho el sonido de cajita musical. Gracias ! !!!
I often play this to my daughter during nap time now I myself is loving it .. Even at night I kept on playing this on rewind just for us to have a good night sleep .. Addicted to music box lullabies
Thank you so much for this awesome lullabies collection.🙏 It helped me put my sick little baby brother to sleep
Madina Ghazi
hey, it's 2019 who's is with me?
Makayla Davis
thank you
Marcus Martinez
My Daughter Get Fussy I Put This On & She Stays Calm With A Cheesy Smile
Marni Jacoby
love bach's prelude at the end this mix is great
Mary Mary
we love it my two daughters amnd my selff 😌
Masa Abo Taha
Waw She is very nice music biotifal and nice
Mrs. Ramos
My 4 month old little prince loves it hes almost asleep all the way! ohh i love it too!!
Nazif Kara
merhaba.bebegim 6 aydir bu muzik ile uyuyor.gercekten cok rahatlatici.tesekkur ederim. 😃
i put this on for my twin baby sister and brother and im only ten
Nia Janell
Every night my son and I knock out to this! 😍
Nikki Chrpa
I found this a couple months ago because my (now 9 month old) baby's little monkey that had the brahms lullaby music box in it was broken and that's how I put him to sleep so I gave this a try and it works!!! Sometimes if he doesn't fall asleep by the time it gets to chopsticks, his eyes will pop open because it's a little jarring compared to the other soothing songs but I just remember to skip and he falls asleep 😊 I use this every night for bedtime and every day for naps, I absolutely love it and it works!!! Thank you!!!
Nisa Ibrahim
Go to sleep, little one, think of puppies and kittens. \nGo to sleep, little one, think of butterflies in spring. \nGo to sleep, little one, think of sunny bright mornings. \nHush, darling one, sleep through the night \nSleep through the night \nSleep through the night
Novilaily Indriastuti
So calming and my babies are sleeping😍
Novita Mercylia
Me, my husband and my baby too enjoyed it
Oana Maruntelu
My baby girl falls asleep to this beautiful music :) thanks
Onder Simsek
Harika bir müzik bende yatıyorum 😊😊😊
Pip Squeak
I literally just came to this because my stuffed animals that used to sing the first song don’t work anymore and it makes me super upset so I’m crying cause it sounds exactly the same as the song I always heard when I was littler
Poduri Suma
my baby stopped crying after starting this he is one month 5 days old...
Princess Gachaverse
I love it 👸
Pusuda Ki Kurt
Gayet İyi farklı melodiler eşliğinde bebeğimiz uyudu😴
Rowi Du
Hi JB Audio. I was wondering if we can use this music for our our theater play as scoring? Thank you in advance
Rusty Rios
Thank you so much this is an awesome compilation. It helps my 9 month old, 3 yr old, & 5 yr old fall asleep within 5 minutes. I am one happy parent!!!!
Ryan Dwiky
Am I the only one adult who enjoyed this song for my self?
This was unexpected. I was flicking through the TV channels because I couldn't sleep and the first song came on. I instantly felt tired. There must be some kind of psychology lesson there, but hey whatever, it worked!
Sally E.
I have lived for over 2 decades and I am enjoying this playlist maybe a bit more than the babies are. One of my very precious internet discoveries :3
Sarah Cavanagh
Helps my 11 month old boy drift off to sleep! So lovely and soothing. :)
Sensitive feelings
Spencer Street
I like this music but I can't seem to stay awake till the end
Stacey Pineda
My baby and I listening this such a cute lullaby song we both fall asleep whenever we play it
SuperKami Guru46
playing this on my stomach now  for baby #1 :)
Syeda Sameena
I enjoyed listening this music. love it
William Olafsen
Oh my God I'm so tired
WubWubz 2020
Is it sad I use this to sleep? 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 Goodbye
Yelena Arsenyeva
Zafet Yıldırım
Zoha Abid
This video just brought back my childhood most wonderful memories although i can't live my childhood now but atleast i can enjoy them 😍 thanks for uploading!! Who's listening to these in 2018 ??? 👍💕
august stk
bikin aku tidur ngantuk
betül kaya
Bu ve benzeri müziklerin arasına reklam koyanların Allah belasını versin. Çocuk uyutuyoz lan biz bu müziklerle. Bebe tam uyuyo boktan bi reklam cikiyo başa donuyoz. Her zıkkıma reklam koyuyorsunuz bari bunları rahat birakin
00:00 Brahm's Lullaby\n2:25   Pachelbel's Canon\n4:41   Toyshop\n6:36   Hush Little Baby\n7:50   Mary Had a Little Lamb\n8:52   Chopsticks\n10:08 At Sea\n12:09 Frere Jacques\n13:06 Fur Elise\n14:09 Joy\n15:53 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean\n16:54 Silent Night\n18:27 The Monkey\n20:16 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\n21:28 Bach's Prelude
cordyceps sinensis
so pretty omfg
dave smith
I played this quietly, at first, and fell asleep. So, I turned up my amp and tried to listen to it again, without going to sleep. Unfortunately, all I got was children knocking the door for the ice cream man :-). Seriously though, very beautiful. Thank you for posting.
are these songs on iTunes? they are really good. 😊
edberto jr babehis
Who is 2018
icc icc
it works would the baby drink milk 👼
I'm scared it's gunna get stuck and sound creepy af
We go to sleep to this video every night. Thank you
miriam sanchez Chacón sanchez chacon sanchez Chacón
My sweet 10yr old is in pain and trying to sleep with her first severe sunburn. I found this and she asked what it was and to keep it cause it made her feel better. She likes the stars too. Thx
Had to babysit my nephew, now is his sleeping time. This really helps!!
rahel nariswariputri
really enjoy this song! this one better then the newest version, but let me save offline, Please...
revenge & revenge
My son is 20 mounth years old he still sleep only with this mucis . God bless u for posting 😍 thank u
shaina delarosa
love this 💗
Çiçek Erdal Şahin
Me and my baby feel a sleep wıth this good music
Айсель Эмнагарова
at sea👍🏻
Арсен Антонов
я сама аж засыпаю
i'm enjoying the song, i'm 16