140213 EXO REACTION TO B.A.P- ONE SHOT gaon charts awards

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Aina Aropi'ah
I think B.A.P is like a brother member of BTS 😍😍😍😍
Daehyun high note
Alma aprilya
02.21 when daehyun and baekhyun sing together 😍
Anna H
I used to be a major B.A.P. fan and still am, but now I am a major BTS fan.\nI forgot how well B.A.P. performs live and also how awesome Bang Young Guks voice is
Anna K.
I'm actually sitting here envying EXO for getting to listen to B.A.P's amazing live preference ; v ;
Babyz sing a Melody for Life
#kingsoflive 👑😍😍\nsorry but my eyes are only on my babyz 😍
it should in seoul music awards right???
BomiKen Lee
Exo was like: OMG they sing live!
Camila Romero
Los conejos merecen más reconocimiento
Chloé Patate
Can we talk about Chanyeol (?) who also sings Dae's part at 2:11 ? XD
Ciel Phantomhive
d.o never take his eyes from bap till the end
Crystal snow
2018 fangirling 😍😍😍😍😍 again
I ended up looking at thr performance during the whole video
Eloxx Prince
Let's not forget that Suho and Himchan are actually same age and friends...I really want to see both of them in the same frame...🤗🤗🤗
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
exo how does it feel being so untalented???
Gracia kim
miss them sooo much 
Hanna Evans
they look really focus!\ni like both groups\nhope to see their interaction\nand i miss bap ha~
Hà My
Daehyun papa + Baekhyun mama = Taehyung (V) son! hahahha=]]]]] i love them! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
I love Jimin and B.A.P
love BAP 😍
IAS 309
In a way, even though I'm a BTS fan, I feel like BTS became BAP, the new B.A.P and it hurts my heart because if I were to be honest,I used to love BAP much more, so much, so much. If it wasn't because of TS ent. horrible management, B.A.P would have been the BTS that we know of. Their concept was dope that even boy idol groups used to be amazed by them and its like you loved every individual member and each member shone in their own special way. Im so hurt and disappointed. But Im still a fan of its BTS. BTS took over the concept that B.A.P had started earlier. I feel like it's lost talent. Their fanbase was crazy and it was just going to get bigger.
Jewel Byun
For everyone saying that EXO looks bored while watching them, STOP. NO. As you can see they were focused and they never let their eyes away from watching BAP's Performance. That is how a professional artist admire its co-artist. And they were like that because SM trained them not to give so much reaction when watching other groups as to be professional. Also YG. That's why you will never see BigBang and EXO reacts so much when watching performances.
Juliyana Chou
thanks for sharing :)
Jαvierα Venegαs
cuando pasan por su lado están en plan: 'no miren, sean disimulados' XD
Kayla Ucu
Hyun family momment ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kris Shang
Sehuns reaction though...
KristiYYY SemangaT
LoveYou 24Hrs
i seriously need bap to comeback now...;.; seriously miss them at the moment
M June D
In my opinion, Kpop groups are better than 1D. KPOP is just so HOT!!!!
Always have and always will love BAP
M Sk
This is how BAP sing live from their Rookie era. Talented idols with great vocals and rappers.
Marely Rivera Zabala
Wuauu. Son lo mejor.. Sinceramente. Es el mejor grupo. Del. K- pop.. Buenisimooosss!!
Marie Michelle Quintos
I really like B.A.P. They can really perform live well.
Meh. Channel
Two of the most talented groups reacting to one another just makes me smile a bit
Old times old times.. When BAP was known to be rookie rivals to EXO in 2012.
Molly Fuller
omg daehyun's so freakin attractive though wth
Muth Topawira
i was like 😦😨😲😲😩😍 they always sing live better than the CD!! wtf BAP
Nai330 Firefly
Come for hyun family reaction
Nami Kim
02:26 Baekhyun sonríe al ver y escuchar a Dae \n\n\n\n😏😏😏😏
Nana Diaries
I love how focused they are watching BAP .. I love my boys (EXO)either way \nI forgot to watch the reaction and watched the performance instead 🤧 I LOVE BAP
Neha Chopra
Honestly what did we do to deserve B.A.P, such legends
Noa Kyu
I will shudder when it becomes exo XD\nWow Daehyub killing his part, why oh why... their always singing live with grear vocal better than cd.
Nolitha July
i feel like exo looked bored
\u003c3EXO-B.A.P \u003c3 MY KİNGS \u003c3
Racha Oukhaba
sehun is enjoying it at 01:13 haha
Rafaela S.M
daehyun went hard there
Im like crying bc i really loved this song and i still do but BAP needs more attention NOW Q_Q
Rulia Lee
2 of my favourite groups in one video!!! And sehun's back is so straight that a fly would slip.
Rutba Choudhury
EXO wasn't showing and emotions but you can tell that they were amazed by the beautiful B.A.P. They were soooooooooooooooooooo good, especially Daehyun with his amazing long notes.
That Bitch
exo looking at B.A.P like : watch and learn \nthis is called talent , sm talentless kids
ThisOneAndThatOne 1
Kai was totally checking out their asses \u003c3
Victoria K
It's kinda weird but Yunggok (correct me if I say his name wrong) looks kinda like F(x)'s AMBER in that hat...
Yoongi is My Grandpa
Can I just say Daehyun killed his part ❤❤❤❤💚💚💚
Zelo's Wife
normally if a group preforms most idols talk to each other , but you could see that exo really respects BAPs talents and listened to the whole song with a very focused look on their faces
Bacon look at your wife!
haters backoff
where you at V? your mama papa is here \u003c3
my ultimate idol miss uuuuu
jjust nonobody
Omoooo. Baekhyun just sings along with daehyun on 2.25 😍😍😍
katherin tatiana patiño alvarez
Wow enserio se ganaron mi corazon B.A.P los amo. EXO quedo super impresionado
kimchi irokke
Actually these are the Seoul Music Awards not the Gaon Chart Kpop Awards
lalisgent -
lost dreamer
Daehyun's voice, they deserve more
ah i love B.A.P and EXO \u003c333333
oof lalibyun
Gorgeous babies in white \u003c3
sa sa
i love boygroup debut at 2012 :v
steph b
I miss bap so much!!! And i love both groups!
this is amazing 10/10 xDD
ғɪʟᴛʜʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜ
Baekhyun and Daehyun! Where's V? The Hyun family isn't complete!
رنيم Raneem
I think exo really amazed to bap they looking like shit to them
I don't get it. There are so much people in the comments throwing shade at EXO. \nWill someone explain to me what happened?
02.21-02.26 bae imitate dae part 😂