Tape Face Auditions s Got Talent 2016 Finalist

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Re-live each of Tape Face's hilarious performances & auditions on America's Got Talent 2016! From his first audition all the way to the final performance on AGT 2016! What's your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments below. Original Clips:Tape Face First Audition:

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This is so stupid.\n.\n.\n.\n.\nWhy he didn't get the golden buzzer ?
AbdulKhader fatimah
He reminds me of Charlie Chaplin
Akan Xan
Январь 2019
Amber Ann Gonzales
never thought i would be so much entertained by tape face even he doesnt speak.. the act was hilarious and very unpredictable... hes a legend the only guy who made it to the final without a single word..such creativity
Aniram Aniram
ставим лайки кому понравилось
Auto XD
ว้าว กวนตีน
Ave holman
he makes me laughed honestly
January 2019?? Who is?
Burak Büyükaksakal
Cameron Coker
Carolina Millan
Why was Mel B so rude to him? Doesn't she have a sense of humor?
Cc A
Christian Calt
This guy looks like a crackhead
Comic Sans
who else saw this guy and thought he was momo?
Dat Little Seagull
He probably uses tape so he doesn’t laugh or smile
Dr. Derpy
there i watched it youtube. you happy now?
DritusXd YT
What this music 1:30
What is the name of your backup¿
Emremehmet Acar
14:35 IT IS AMAZING !!!
Erin Rust
The janitors would have fun cleaning up all that confetti
Forum Arcade
He's a genius at timing and making the best jokes out of the stupidest setups.\n\nI want to book him for events.
Freek Vonk
to imagine this guy without the tape on his mouth and having a social life.
Still funny in 2019...
Giarno Gaming
Ada yang dari Indonesia
Damn the girl at the end was so pissed
IcyNeonShadow INS
I wonder what his lips look like
Ironman Fanboy
Legend has it People all over the world hasn't hear his voice until now.
Jessica Nam
this man got to the finale of AGT without saying a word...
Jogador Psicótico
Josh Araujo
That woman at the end nearly ruined it for him, i mean how hauty can someone be? I bet more people know Tape Face than her
Just Ella22
January 2019\n U there
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
If you sing or dance, good on you. Continue your dreams. But this. _This will always have my vote._ He speaks to me on a spiritual level, though he has no mouth.
Jäger _
Пойду «пусть говорят » смотреть\nА не этот басурманский контент
Mel ruined his final performance.
This guy looks like joker.
I love the fact that America still has no talent since Tape Face is from New Zealand.
Leonardo Castr
Alguien que hable español?
LxSniper The last Dragon born
This has been in my recommendations/suggestions for over two years.
MR Gamers
I'm a son from Morocco and my mother is sick and I do not have the money and I opened this channel and I want to participate in the channel do not earn money to treat my mother 😭😭
Maelizo :v
Alguien español :( ?
Marcelo guzman
Marcos Paulo
What's the song? (9:48)
Marta Laura Zayas
this is the best talent I've seen so far. Yes, he is a genius.
Matej Pruša
Januar 2019 xD???
OKE YOUTUBE I HAVE WATCHED THIS VIDEO!! \n\n(This is in my recommindations over 2 years)
Meme Video
still got my tapd on since 2016
Movies Free
Мне одному не смешно?
Nassollo !!!
He make me laught but he didn't speak how is possible?
Nataly 321
He is creepy but... Funny
Pool nommnom
His haircut tho
Potterhead Petite Lune
4:57 On dirait mes délires dans la cuisine sur la chaise qui tourne quand y'a personne jpp😭😭😂😂
Ruan Araujo
Qual o nome da primeira música q toca?
Ryan Jeesus
Alguém sabe o nome dele?? | Does anyone know his name ??
14:11-когда с друзьями услышали любимую песню)
Sa Bowall
И вот это вот финалист??Вы серьёзно?какие то примитивные выступления.
Sansy Honda
did he ever win
Some One
This dude needs to be an actor
Steven Foster
I just sat here watching this with a smile on my face for 17 minutes lol :)
Surya Ega
4:35 Daniel Bryan Theme Song WWE😂
Tboy tv
What is the name of the Music 1:17
Women must love him: he doesn’t speak, sure can listen, and still expresses himself without saying a word.
Toy Siri The Fox
Я думала что это Тиль Лендеман...
U R S Z E J;—;
Why can't unique acts like this win instead of singers
Universal Music
I think Mel was on her period during the last video
Vitali Abadal
He didn't win a million dollars, but he won a million fans
VladAN VladAN
Hey guys it's not funny. I can't understand.
Yovel Romero
Face tape got no talent at all
Yusif Şirinov
Cool This Video And So Funny But Its Cool :DD
This. \nWill\nTurn \nBlue\n👇
azi fkeoakandla
2099 anyone?
baba meraba
cj vomero
Fine YouTube, i'll watch it
gabrielle kalian
I feel like this was a dare that went too far
jossip PW
He is like a modern day Mr. Bean
lancer D
Wow hilarious, but I've never seen such an ungracious participant as that last one.
lucile depret
Well he is à good mime clown but I've seen better, all his show is about reacting to him making basic jokes with famous music ( like what was funny about recreating the scene of \
puIIIistiy wolk
Руские залайкайте коммент чтобы англичане подумали что я что-то толковое написал)0)0
reigndel tandas
i really like that tape face his verry funny😂😂😂😅😅very amazing funny factor i love it
sans :V
The son of Tim burton
soh s
When they both put on the shades, I got oddly turned on wtf
i never watched him because i didn't like the tape over the mouth but i definitely missed some funny stuff!!! Thanks
zanthrax corp
I watched the whole video. You can stop recommending now.
ι'м ѕad вoy
Alguem do Brasil em 2019???\n\nDeixa o like ai pq os BR DOMINA !!
Масар Носуева
Серго Кочев
Почему его считают смешным ,у нас так даже в квн не шутят
앜 웃곀 ㅋㅋㅋ
Wow that really amazing
이수린Grace Lee
Any one can explain why this is fun? I am just curious I don't get why people are like just praising him so much. I'm not saying that he is not talented, but I'm just curious. ;/