Tape Face Auditions s Got Talent 2016 Finalist

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Re-live each of Tape Face's hilarious performances & auditions on America's Got Talent 2016! From his first audition all the way to the final performance on AGT 2016! What's your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments below. Original Clips:Tape Face First Audition:

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**Connecting_ With_Spirit*
Mel B is acting really Bratty\n\nLike what's up with that??
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Jeez flex tape missed an opportunity for a ad right here xD
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 17:43\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
I don't really see something related with talent
Aia Ross
The first two performance were ok, specially the first one, but the rest are just meh. That's ok though, because he looks adorable.
Amaya Molinero Jorge
Soy español like si tu tambien
Amber Ann Gonzales
never thought i would be so much entertained by tape face even he doesnt speak.. the act was hilarious and very unpredictable... hes a legend the only guy who made it to the final without a single word..such creativity
Andrei jg
Pero q verga
Anju Batar
If this thing is real than he is the greatest singer
If you look very carefully you can see that he has tape on his face. Cool, isn't it? It's an amazing secret!
Atharva Saxena
Does anyone else think he saved that finale act specially for Melb?
Carlos Castelano
That could be true
Carolina Millan
Why was Mel B so rude to him? Doesn't she have a sense of humor?
Cole Knowles
More than a living legend, A Living Meme.
Colin Mc Ginn
how is this entertaining please help
Tape face is a genius
Dallas Marshall
Thought this what Keith from try guys
Diydtu Hccgjcjgcj
Donald Trump
You can do everything with the power of flex tape!
Drew Draws Things
I never want to hear this guy talk.
Du bist wie ein T-Rex, grosses Maul aber kein Bizeps.
Emo Fujoshi
Without the tape he looks like Johnny the homocidal maniac
Ewerton Vinicius
On my god
Farid Zabala Olmedo
Stop recommending me this
Freek Vonk
to imagine this guy without the tape on his mouth and having a social life.
Geir-Arne Bentsen
Tape Face is so funny, silly and highly inventive, and that´s what I like about him.\nHe is kind of like me, cuz I don´t wanna go around and be \
Graham Jac Strauss
This guy is so funny in his own unique way..love this
Damn the girl at the end was so pissed
Indra riski
November 2018 ?
Ironman Fanboy
Legend has it People all over the world hasn't hear his voice until now.
Jayson Tahan
my ggggg amazing its makes me laught all the time????
Jessica Nam
this man got to the finale of AGT without saying a word...
Josh Araujo
That woman at the end nearly ruined it for him, i mean how hauty can someone be? I bet more people know Tape Face than her
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
If you sing or dance, good on you. Continue your dreams. But this. _This will always have my vote._ He speaks to me on a spiritual level, though he has no mouth.
Just another Aroha!
Mel ruined his final performance.
Kailani Ward
LLENN pink Devil
american's humor like british humor \r.. discomfort
I love the fact that America still has no talent since Tape Face is from New Zealand.
Brilliant classic no vulgar comedy, just simple family friendly fun. Talk about Charlie Chaplin type thing
Lego water melons
Wth right so the music teacher out this on in class and I have not searched anything about even X factor and were are learning about Anne Frank and I haven't searched anything about her but it reccoemnds a video about her YouTube is watching me confirmed
Song? 13:57
Я один тут из русских сморю?
Marco Fracassini
he's... doing...nothing. how can be funny!?
Melody Angel
He’s so funny
I'm speechless..
Minty Meadows
There is a riddle for you all :\n1 - A girl just satrted learning driving , she went down on a one way road in the wrong direction , but still she didn't break any law.....How???????\n\n2 - What tastes better than it smells ??????\n\n3 - There was a big lake in a forest , a lion was on the way to the lake......... There were 9 elephants on the side of the lake , the 9 elephants carried 18 parrots on their back , each parrot carried 1 ant in its feather .... How many animals were going to the lake??????\n\n4 - What is the end of the RAINBOW???????\n\n5 - Which \
Noel Modesto
F*** that last judge for not playing along not keeping her cool
This is so powerful 💦 😢
i love American music.I love american people..
Ranni Kaffar
I don't watch this show, so Mel B's job is just to look really hot?
Rasul Aliev
Отличная комедия \nТы лучший
Rebecca Ward
Is any body else watching this in 2018????
Rosie Wong
2018 September?
Scott Taylor
Youtube has put this in my recommended for months straight. I have no interest in the “Got Talent” franchise. It’s an illegitimate excuse of a “reality” show. Why does YouTube keep pushing these on me
Silver Play Button, No Videos
the one with the envelope, im dying 😂😂
Souphia-an ARMY without jams!
2:45 \nSo now I know from where did BTS get the ideas for Singularity 🤧🚶🏻\u200d♀️\n\nJk😂🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Sr. Fritas
*7:04* - Slow-mo plz
Steven Foster
I just sat here watching this with a smile on my face for 17 minutes lol :)
Steven silva
Did he won?
Absolutely Brilliant!!
Tea Fisher
Украинцы есть?....да мнимый талант.....не впечатлил... ничего особого
We all must thank to the guy who controlled the music in the backstage
Women must love him: he doesn’t speak, sure can listen, and still expresses himself without saying a word.
Love this guy
Uhm, ok
Uki Djordjic
14:40 admit it,you tried to do that and failed
Ultamate_Creeper3.0 GAMER
Take face is the best
Umi Young
In his last one the girl in the long dress rolled her eyes at him and made tape face sad :(
Why can't unique acts like this win instead of singers
Visal Kahvi
November 2018 ???
Vitali Abadal
He didn't win a million dollars, but he won a million fans
get out of my recommended... its been there for over 6 months
X Games
This video was in my recomended for 1 year and now i'm watching it, ok youtube you won
14:59 rolling eyes???
I honestly didn't get what was happening half the time. It just seems like a bunch of random acts that made little sense, I wasn't sure if it was going to be some sort of visual pun or if the nothingness was actually going to go somewhere; most of the time it was just a bunch of sporadic acts strung together... I guess that's the point??? If so, not even the randomness was all that entertaining... and most of his acts were overtly simple and contained little talent/expertise. It seems people only like him or click the vid because his face. He seems like a glorified Mime with an emo twist... Sorry, I guess you can't impress everyone...
ice Skittles
00:07\nGood Evening\n00:09\nWelcome to America's Got Talent\n00:12\nI'm a little afraid now, I don't know what's gonna happen\n00:14\nYeah\n00:15\nHowie : And...... You are?\n00:20\nHowie : You are you.\n00:21\nHowie : What...\n00:22\nHowie : What do you.... Do you have a name?\n00:25\nHowie & Mel : Taped\n00:26\nHowie : You're Taped\n00:27\nHowie : Uhm....\n00:28\nHowie : What do you going to be DOING?\n00:31\nHowie : You don't know... [Laughs]\n00:32\nAudience : So.... What is this?\n00:35\nHowie : Maybe we'll... maybe we will talk after?\n00:38\nMel B : Maybe\n00:40\nHowie : Alright I love a mystery. Go ahead and do what it is you do.\n00:52\n[MUSIC ON]\n01:10\n[Music Changes]\n01:16\nMusic : My Love,\n01:17\n[Laughing and cheering]\n01:19\nMusic : There's only you in my life...\n01:24\nMusic : The only thing that's bright\n01:27\n[Laughs]\n01:31\nMusic : My first love...\n01:33\n[Epic Laughs]\n01:35\nMusic : You're every breath that I take\n01:40\nMusic : You're every step I make\n01:43\n[Another Epic Laughs]\n01:46\nMusic : And I (and I-I-I-I-I)\n01:49\n[Laughs]\n01:50\nMusic : I wan't to share all my love with you\n01:59\n[Cheering]\n02:00\nMusic : No one else will do...\n02:06\nMusic : And your eyes\n02:08\nMusic : Your eyes, your eyes. They tell me how much you care [Laughs]\n02:16\nMusic : Ooh yes, you will always be my endless love\n02:29\n[Cheering & Applause]\n02:33\n[Music on]\n02:37\n[Cheering] [Music Changes]\n02:46\n[Cheering]\n02:49\n[Laughs]\n03:02\nMusic : I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight,\n03:06\nMusic : I've never seen you shine so bright, Howie : That guy is brilliant! Brilliant!\n03:10\n[Laughs and cheering]\n03:14\nMusic : I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance, [Laughs]\n03:19\nMusic : They're looking for a little romance, given half a chance, [Laughs]\n03:25\n[Laughs]\n03:26\nMusic : And I have never seen that dress you're wearing,\n03:30\nMusic : Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes,\n03:32\nMusic : Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes, [Epic Laughs]\n03:34\n[Epic Laughs]\n03:35\nMusic : I have been blind; [Epic Laughs]\n03:37\n[Applause]\n03:38\nMusic : Lady in red.... [Applause]\n03:42\n[Applause and cheering]\n03:47\n[Music & cheering & applause]\n03:55\nHowie : Oh, this is great!\n03:57\nHeidi : Hi Tape Face!\n03:59\nHeidi : How have you've been doing since the last time we saw you?\n04:02\nHeidi : Good? [Laughs] Heidi : You're looking good\n04:07\n[Laughs]\n04:07\nHeidi : People are nervous back there?\n04:09\n[Laughs]\n04:12\nHeidi : Anything you wanna tell us?\n04:13\n[Laughs] Heidi : No [Laughs]\n04:16\nHeidi : Alright then start.\n04:17\n[Cheering and Applause]\n04:23\n[MUSIC STARTS]\n04:31\n[Laughs]\n04:33\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n04:42\n[Laughs]\n04:47\n[Epic Laughs]\n04:51\n[Applause]\n04:53\n[Epic Laughs]\n04:57\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n05:04\nMusic : And I'm free [laughs]\n05:08\n[Applause]\n05:10\nMusic : Free falling [Applause]\n05:13\n[Applause]\n05:16\nMusic : And I'm free [Applause]\n05:20\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n05:31\nHowie : Me?\n05:32\n[Cheering and applause]\n05:33\nNick : Howie is going on stage\n05:35\n[Cheering and applause]\n05:43\n[Epic laughs]\n05:49\n[Laughs]\n05:59\n[Epic laughs]\n06:10\n[Laughs]\n06:31\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n06:36\n[Epic Laughs]\n06:55\n[Applause]\n07:06\n[Cheering and applause]\n07:18\n[Cheering and applause]\n07:25\nHeidi : I'm scared\n07:28\nHeidi : Hi!\n07:50\n[Cheering and applause]\n08:10\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO A ROMANTIC MUSIC]\n08:12\n[Laughing and cheering]\n08:32\n[cheering and applause]\n08:38\nHeidi : Thank You!\n08:47\n[cheering and applause]\n08:51\nNick : Man... [cheering and applause]\n08:52\n[cheering and applause]\n09:01\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO DANGER ZONE]\n09:12\n[MUSIC BACK TO NORMAL] [LAUGHS]\n09:16\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO DANGER ZONE]\n09:27\n[MUSIC BACK TO NORMAL]\n09:31\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO SOMETHING ELSE]\n09:34\n[Laughing and cheering]\n09:36\n[MUSIC BACK TO NORMAL]\n09:39\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO DANGER ZONE]\n09:43\n[MUSIC BACK TO NORMAL]\n09:48\n[MUSIC CHANGES TO SOMETHING ELSE]\n09:50\n[Laughing and cheering]\n09:54\n[MUSIC BACK TO NORMAL]\n10:05\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n10:12\n[LAUGHING AND CHEERING]\n10:31\n[POP]\n10:36\n[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]\n10:55\n[SCREAMING]\n11:02\n[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]\n11:17\n[CHEERING]\n12:16\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n12:19\n[CHEERING]\n13:27\n[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]\n13:33\nNick : Tape Face...\n13:37\nNick : Always making something... out of... nothing..\n13:44\n[Cheering]\n13:57\n[MUSIC CHANGES]\n14:41\n[Cheering]\n15:00\n[Cheering]\n15:18\n[LAUGHS]\n15:29\nHeidi : Mel!\n15:31\nHeidi : Mel! Mel! Mel! Mel! Mel!\n15:34\n[LAUGHING AND CHEERING]\n15:45\n[LAUGHING AND CHEERING]\n16:02\nMel : No!\n16:03\n[Laughs]\n16:09\n[LAUGHING AND CHEERING]\n16:22\n[CHEERING]\n16:52\n[LAUGHING AND CHEERING] took me 79 days
jayanta Mahapatra
Omg I love this guy so funny!!!
karma stupid
lancer D
Wow hilarious, but I've never seen such an ungracious participant as that last one.
mekon _2
milaa a
no soporte la cara de culo de la tipa de la ultima presentación
nv ĸaιzerх ғly
14:57 If looks can kill with Mel B
richard bryan sanchez ore
he is wonderfully weird XD
tujh seh
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Анна Агеева
Пиздец пранкер...
Никита К
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Кто русский 👍
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한국인 없나요?
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