Every Time I Die - "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space"

"Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space" by Every Time I Die from the album 'Ex Lives,' out now! Order at

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Absolutely Gone
See the vocals as an instruments, not a vocal delivery. It adds to the aggressive nature of their nature
Wish they had sources/source videos for every single clip on here. No I'm not going to prowl the dark web to find them cos I'd probably come across much worse stuff
Bacon is God
Soundgarden shirt @ 0:07
Beezow Doo Doo Zoppitybop Bop Bop
Blake Peterson
Because rap isn't a bad genre. It is idiots like you that give metal fans a bad name.
in some ways, this is disturbing and hard for me to watch, but for the same reasons I can't look away
0:22 \
Candy Garalt
Clockwork Hermit
I am just tired of trying to peacefully put gas in my car and here comes some asshole blasting rap music pulling up next to me. Every other word being the N-Word. It seems like every song has the same drum machine line. The popularity of rap baffles me. It is no-talent garbage.
that song title haha
Consciously Aware Of My Sub-conscious
I WANT TO BE DEAD WITH ALL OF YOU!! I WANT TO BE DEAD WITH ALL OF YOU!! I have no friends....Mmm I just love the reality of this song and video. Really wakes me up in the morning and such a good bed time story.
Cosmo K
I want to be dead with my friends\nI want to be dead with my friends\nWide-eyed, brilliant, dynamic rest\nI want to be dead with my friends\nI want to be dead with my friends\n\nWhen the iron sharpens the iron [3x]\nSharpens the iron\nI want to be dead with my friends\nI want to be dead with my friends\nA vulgar, loud, unforgettable end\nI want to be dead with my friends\n\nLet boredom cease the beating of our purple hearts\nAgainst this, even gods fight violently in vain\nWhat chance could we have stood?\nWe're the last of the lost\nBut now we are the first of the fashionably late\n\nLoved ones decompose\nYou'll dance around their bones\nMost of us are wholly ghosts\nAll of us are wholly ghosts\n\nLoved ones decompose\nYou'll dance around their bones\nMost of us are wholly ghosts\nAll of us are wholly ghosts\nWe made the scene when we made a scene\nAnd though it was brief, it meant everything\nOh what a pity, now they're bound to make us saints\nOh what a pity, now they're bound to make us saints\n\nAgainst this, even boys fight violently in vain\nWhat chance could we have stood\nWe're the last of the lost\nBut now we're the first of the fashionably late\n\nI refuse to be the only man put to rest in a mass grave [3x]\nYou were all there with me [3x]
Crystal Stevenson
aspects of reality.
I keep trying to burn this song, lyrics, and video in my brain. I want to burn them deep in my mind... All of it.. So I can play that bitch like an a track inside my head. Fuck the dickless naysayers and the large clit dikes on bikes that got to hate because I am geometricly proportioned and I say. The day that Justin Beiber becomes number 1 out of 100 influential people in USA &Taco Bell starts making real tasting mexican food you know the end times are near & mankind has truely degenerated
Why can't we all get along...and hate rap together!
David Villalobos
Going to go see them for the first time on August 4th
Dee TA
We made the scene when we made a scene\nAnd though it was brief, it meant everything.\nOh what a pity, now they're bound to make us saints.\nOh what a pity, now they're bound to make us saints.\n\nAgainst this, even boys fight violently in vain,\nWhat chance could we have stood?\nWe're the last of the lost,\nbut now we're the first of the fashionably late.\nI refuse to be the only man\nPut to rest in a mass grave\nI refuse to be the only man\nPut to rest in a mass grave\nI refuse to be the only man\nPut to rest in a mass grave\n\nYou were all there with me\nYou were all there with me\nYou were all there with me
Drew LeMmon
Dufuq did I just watch?
Eckhart Muller
So sick!\nAmazing song and video!
But hardcore isn't metal at all. :( Anyway, *watches 3-minute video* k. *closes browser like it never happened*
Evan Merkle
This video is so messed up. But at the same time, it goes so perfectly with the song. Most of ETID's videos really go along well with their music.
Fedi Hanna
at 2:06 to 2:13....wtf is that?
If you hate an entire genre you will never truely experience music.
Frank Brazil
that was awsome
Goddamn Aliens
Hasset Anteneh
Are you Rand Pawl?
Hauntsy Wauntsy
Where the iron sharpens \
Actually, you probably can't. To scream like these bands actually takes training for your vocal chords to be able to take that abuse without it hurting.
This isn't metal. Metal sucks.
Jared ?
The deep web in one music video
Jasmin S.
Omg my first time listening to them was when they preformed with the used and omg I was 13 the people there I didn't know what was coming for me we were in the front I mean I could kinda put up with the pushing and shoving a little but when they sang el dorado and decaying with the boys or something like that I couldn't stand very well because there was a Mosh pit and people swaying left I almost got hit in the head by body surfers and btw this was my first hard concert. I felt like I was going to die not really ,but it was cool I guess ,just not the one for too much chaos I mean pushing ,a moshpit a little bit of body surfers then yea I can have a good time
Joachim Johannessen
Thanks for Copenhell! Bought a etid t-shirt.
Josh Sullivan
A friend and I instantly crowd surfing the second they played this song live is such an amazing memory. The line \
Koessler Caviness
some of the footage is from a movie called begotten
Kyleaaron Nightcore
Luke Myers
Subgenre's ruined creativity in bands, I'm a firm believer in that
Lyndon Caswell
Fucking hell genre discussions enrage me so much. Who a gives a fuck what genre it is. Genres to me seem to be only used these days as sophisticated way of segregating music fans and causing arguments. (E.g \
Manny Garcia-Figueroa
That's cute.I bet you feel so bad ass right now lol
Mason Ratcliffe
Not a big fan of Everytime I Die but this song is pretty good and the video is killer. I live for videos like this.
Michael Milner
Your mother should've swallowed you.
Morgan Wells
Is there an HD version of this somewhere? I accidentally wound up in the video as a front row concertgoer but I can't see my face :-/
Mr. Clean
What have I just witnessed. I feel like I have been raped.
Murray Martin
'can you see Jesus' where does that clip come from?
Nathan Blackmon
I love that this song is about my other favorite band The Chariot.
Neal Farmer
hmm your a fucking tard dude its not really exactly hardcore but more of a southern variation of mixing southern rock and roll with metalcore its not hardcore but its something better and way more different than the shit bands you probably listen too
Nick Angelo
Non Serviam
And though it was brief, it meant everything.
Oscar Saucedo
This video is so brutal.
I like how this sounds, I don't exactly know what the video might represent, maybe it could mean what weird things have happened in this world or what others perceive as normal, we think is wrong or weird, perhaps?
Richard Krzyzanski
.......... and the award for \
Robert Charles
This song seems to have a meaning, like a warning about our destructive nature through the eyes of a victim of our atrocities. It reminds me of \
^ agreed
Quit arguing and listen to the music
Seth Spencer
Hey, that firing line is pretty good!
Sick! \
I want to read about or watch everything that was showin in this video. Sauces? 
Side Effects
it's very sad that this world has revolved around Darkness and decay so much to a point now that videos like this are being made. We are just desensitized now and we want it worse and worse. It makes me sad the band has chosen to do this. If they were graphic videos of unjust treatment or something, by our government, or some kind of point to it, I would understand. But these are just graphic Clips to gain attention. it makes me sad
Southern Deathmonger
They sure do took a lot of video influence from Eyehategod's \
Steve Doubt
Old Eminem, Masta Ace, Rugged Man, Apathy, Diabolic, Immortal Technique, Rakim, Atmosphere, Biggie, Vinne Paz, Evidence, Old Nas, Aesop Rock and many others I can't remember right now are good artists. Give them a chance.
I love this video!!
The Wolf you feed
What in god's name is that creature right in the picture there at @0:42?????
Ex Lives is one of the best metalcore albums of all time. Honestly haven’t stopped listening to it.
Tino White
soooo friggin creepy yet epically awesome\n
Trevor Puroll
New favourite band
Ty Pippin
now go do \
Where is the picture @ 42 seconds from with the girl and the dog faced person?
Warrior Tha Witt
This band touring with Lamb Of God would be a good idea IMO
Xxserial KillerxX
Sam sent meh
Yoda Zemunski
And what about 2:30? Where is it from? The sign says \
Zach Rollins
da fak did i just watch *.*
so interesting.
coolest monkey in the jungle
Thank you, rap and hiphop are some of my favorite genre's, but I also do enjoy this stuff and plenty of other stuff, people need to stop with that 'I only like 1 genre' bullshit and just enjoy music without hating on other peoples tastes.
fluxcapacitor \\o/
I just wanted to understand some parts of this video (I guess the whole scenes at all): The \
All the freaks and geeks coming out for the ETID vid.
i love rap and etid
jay masters
I hate watching this video, I always feel like there is someone right behind me.
julian monico
I can already imagine my headache form all the headbanging I'am going to do at warptour, monster stage is stacked this year 
this is so good Sam has great taste in music
love music
my cousin knows these guys I love them!!!!
0:17 is that voldemort
I liked this video better when I first saw it and it was Eyehategod's \
nathan's channel
his guitar was screaming ...woe 02:08 03:00 sweet!\nEvery Time I Die- watching this x_x
My all time favorite music video
I want to see what that jawless man is about, that's very intriguing and the blindfolded man who's just smiling as if he's just stepped passed the line of sanity.
I refuse to be the only man put to rest in a mass grave..... Epic
Jesus Christ putting on a killer show at 2:46