Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

Cyndi Lauper's official music video for 'Time After Time'. Click to listen to Cyndi Lauper on Spotify:

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#tata! #tata!
passava na rádio ❤❤❤❤
Saw her with Rod Stewart in Atlantic City August 2018. \nGod, she still got it. Very good.
Alexander Alvarez
Que gran Temazooo. Para nunca olvidar este Bello Tema .que siempre. Quedara marcado. En mi.corazón y quedara. Para la.HisToriaaa. y que.Buen clásico.
Angel Gimenez
Annie Ponce
te amamos!, desde méxico \u003c3
Benny D Martinez
Much love hope your doing well in Nyc and your shelter.
Björn van Draanen
Good number
Blitz Production
That was a wonderful moment when Dustin dance with Nancy ! ♥
Bob Hooey
I love this song the great Cyndi lauper
Burt Reynolds
Funny how some of these comments are stating that Stranger Things made this song famous, Well, it didn't!!! This song has always been well known. Since the day it was released as a single in '84
A MUSICA +bonita da cindy !
Carlos Caco
1:46 best hiding spot ever
Carmelita Rodriques
Cyndi Lauper I like all your songs you did a nice job from the 80s and 90s so many people like your songs
Carolina Góis
2018 😢😔❤
Christian Cambridge
Oh 1980,s little did we know how much you would impact our lives at the time and stay with us forever , we didn't have much but we had music like this in our radios .Thanks miss lauper
1983:Hawkins Wheeler's house\n-Dustin : \
Colin MacKinnon
Thank you Nancy. You made Dustin’s night.
Cristian Monsalve
Amo tanto esta canción algun latino por aqui
Crystal Rodriguez
Wish I grew up with this type of music 💕
0% sexo \n0% drogas \n0% insultos\n100% arte
Daniel Fernandez Acero
Daniel MacNair
The music starts at 0:42\nThe song starts at 0:57
I dance with dustin \u003c3
this video bring back memories of my past mom ..,,when we used to watch these sweet videos back in the 80s  on video cassettes ..makes me cry .nothin beats the classic 
Dylan Campbell
Cyndi Lauper pure genius
Road to 1 million likes.
Edithytavo Riospacheco
Beatiful frron o México
Elisa Landucci
Musica boa,nunca fica velha.
Eric Beaulieu
A great,beautifuLand TimeLess classic masterpiece.I will forever Love CynDi LauPeR and her music.Thank you CynDi for everything.-Éricxxx
Erika G
I think nicki minaj used the intro for her song \
Damn, I miss the 80's... no bills, no money, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning while munching down on Kellog's Frosted Flakes and not a worry in the world... those were the days.
Gary Kimrey
She is awesome in concert, never ages and full of energy and spirit! If you have a chance to see her, trust me go!
Geissy Lima
Alguém ai 2018
Gustavo Farias
Top 2018 👍
This reminds me of my teenage years. I was lucky enough to be a young adult in the best years of music.
Yeah yeah we get it . Stranger things brought you here
James Spam
I'm only 2 but they don't make music like they used to. Gosh darn shame
Jason Hobb
C'mon 1000000
Jefferson Juno
Why do I keep coming here “Time After Time”
Jeremy Coborn
Old mainly cool \
Jessica Tolledo
Eu amo essa música\nja escutei muito e chorando\ncom dor de cotovelo😂😂😂😂😂\n\n2018 🇧🇷
Jim Engeriser
They filmed my grandmother driving by in this video at 3:26 in 1984.
John Galt
you will fall and catch me, when its convenient for you.
Joseph Carroll
what a beautiful song...thank you cindi....
Josh Bieler
venal desires once obscured... latin for hypogriff, vanities demand ocular obstruction... find me... finding me...
Juanita Saldivar
Yo soy latina y esta cancion me encanta y toda la musica de esa epoca
Kendyll Davis
The first time I heard of cyndi lauper was when me and my dad where watching the goonies and her song the goonies r good enough came on and I liked it so I asked my dad what that song was and he told me and I’ve loved and listened to cyndi lauper ever since that day lol
Laura Tozer Art
Does anyone remember when Seth Macfarlane sang this song to Cyndi? So good!
Lil’ Dino
Stranger things anyone???
Cyndi Lauper has more views than most new artists and look how old this song is. Great things never-ever get old. This song is timeless.
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
1983: \
Masked .
Stranger Things everybody?
Moses Poses
I still live in the ((( 80's )))\n the future is a very dark place
MrsMelNewsReporter :3
Anyone still watching 2018?
Music VIP
*DECEMBER 2017?*
Nancy RdgzTv
November 2017?
Ndiogoufall paradayis Fall sene
Cyndi inlov 🤰💃👯👫
help my arc
Paul thomas Ruth Jr
They don't make music like this anymore I love this kind of music like this
Powerful stuff, here. Not trying to make it religious, but this sounds like God's refrain to humanity.\n\nMay all \
Poetic Nation
First heard this when I was a little/tiny (lol) kid, and I thought/felt that this was an amazing song - 30 years later, that thought/feeling has not changed. #Classic
Programmer Technican
hello me of the future
Remote God
One of the most beautiful hit songs of the 80s. The chorus'd-out guitar tone is iconic, definitive for the era. Lauper's voice so beautiful it hurts. The bassline is excellent, really smart and well-crafted - listen to it. Really timeless lyrics, and that chorus..
Riger Vazquez
Hawkins Snow Ball 84!
Robert Tompkins
Oh. Attain Lou Albano! You are so missed. This song showed that Cindi is a true artist, not just a campy poppy star. Beautiful!
Rosângela Queiroz
Cindy, this song reminds my youth so tenderly... I also had to leave somebody I loved.
Saionara Felix Antônio
I love you Cyndi Lauper
Santiago Mond
El tema que suena en Stranger Things cuando Dustin en la SnowBall no tiene con quien bailar hasta que Nancy se acerca y lo lleva al salon❤
Sasha Siregar
....and now the Stranger Things 2 related comments started.
Sekai Ni Heiwa
Cyndi you know I love you don't you?
Shadowkitty114 Shadow kitten
Stranger things 2 made me love this
I feel bad for Dustin\nPoor kid😥😥
Slowpoke Slowpoke
Whos here from Stranger Things. Only me okay..
Super Kiwi Bean
I remember being a little girl watching this for the first time on tv 💜
anybody here from stranger things season 2 episode 9 ??
Thembisa Jawula
Watching this video, praying no one walks into my room because am bawling my eyes out. Feeling so stupid right now. LOL!
Travelling Weasels
The final episode of Stranger Things 2 brought me here ❤
William Kouka
love the eightys music
Ygor Souza
Ja amava essa música antes, e depois que tocou no final de Stranger Things então.. haha ❤❤
brian anyona
Most comments are like this song came in the 80s and I was born in 1998 and I love the classics
carlos hernandez
este es mi tiempo, para mi esta epoca nunca muere las mejor epaca de la musica es esta
jorge lucio m.soares jr
Me lembra minha adolescência....\nÓtima música prá relembrar!!!
Cyndi, just wanted to tell you that you gave me and so many people such a great time! You are a fantastic woman and herewith Best out of Bavaria, thanks for all!
I remember this song . Time goes fast . As we all get older...
michelle marina
This is a very lovely song. Its difficult hear such song nowadays
nostal 10
Cade os adolescentes que curti Cyndi lauper?
salomón brick
cyndi lauper es la mejor cantante del mundo \nviva el pop : )
Wow millions of kids danced to a break up song on their prom. I always wondered why I always felt a sweet pain when I listened to the song
teddy buzay
J'Aime Bien La Video Teddy Buzay
tricky jay
wellington epifanio epifanio
a globo e um lixo imundo
Людмила Гвардина
Ирина Г\nЭто было влечение Но не любовь \nИ сильная Тоска
Cyndi,s song gives me comfort and solace and delight ,and heals my tired soul , and melts\nmy suffering and anxiety , and purifies my small mind .
Nostalgic! It's so great!