SNAP! - The Power (HD 16:9)

"The Power" is an electronic pop hit song by the German music group Snap! from their album World Power. It was released in January 1990 and reached number-one in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, as well as the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Rap charts. It is particularly known for its hook "I've got the power!".

16:9 1990 90's-Hits HD Nr.1-Hits SNAP! The_Power dance hip-house

Todos esperando en las fiestas a los weyes del sonido para ser los primeros en pedirle esta canción al gordo de la tornamesa jajajajajaja
used to warm up on the ice to this..... bad tune
Abolade Esuruoso
These 90's hits.
Adan Reyes
I'm feeling nolgostic tonight
Air Strike Technologies
Straight Outta Pittsburgh, Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. D.M. Butler, better know as \
Albert Ortega
I am lyrical Jessie James!
I smacked my brother every time the song said \
Anthony S.
Back in the day, when we use to go to the clubs to battle on the dance floors, and NOT the streets.
Bence Komik
79 people ain't got power... How can you not like this song
Candy extreme
Those young men were great dancers.
Claudio Silva
Bons tempos
Daniel Rühlemann
Best stuff for power dancing
Daniella Escobar
I GOT THE POWER... i don't know why I'm listening to THIS🤔
Dave Kent
I'm the lyrical Jesse James!
David Davida
Emre Selen
One of the undisputed classics of all times.. Still \
Gacha World
S\nSo\nSom\nSome\nSome o\nSome on\nSome one\nSome one I\nSome one in\nSome one in 2\nSome one in 20\nSome one in 201\nSome one in 2018\nSome one in 2018?\nSome one in 2018\nSome one in 201\nSome one in 20\nSome one in 2\nSome one in\nSome one i\nSome one\nSome on\nSome o\nSome\nSom\nSo\nS
Gilbert Deschamps
The real singer is Penny Ford! The chick in this video is lip syncing.
Grigori Rasputin
This song brings back good memories, listening to it waaay back on 92.3 and 95.5(Baltimore)\nI still get down with 80's and 90's music but the sound quality of this video upload sucks so hard it deep throats rhino d\u003eck.
Hassan Scott
Can never go wrong with this song 2017
Helena MissLena
it's 2017 and this still gives me a beat to my steps..........
Hüseyin Oyunda
its very super music because ı got the power ☺☺☺☺
Isabel Ceron
Amo esta cancion 😢😉😘😍😚😋
I'm the lyrical Jesse James!
The perfect weapon
Jezzer Núñez
Los comienzos del rap y de la música electrónica en los 90s
Joe Nash
Agree about the 90's, just think everything took off in 1987 with a lot of great artists. EPMD, BDP, Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, Salt n Pepa, Heavy D, Gangstarr, Doug E. Fresh, and Audio Two just to name some.
Jorge Ribeiro
Música boa lembranças Danilo Fabrício
Jose Garcia
Joshua D Cato
which of them R german??   Lol.
Juan Rodriguez
De aquí fue que sacó will Smith los pasos .que vivan los 90
Julius Gomes
Seeing Today Nov 24 2018☺
Like si estas escuchando en 2019
K Veneris
Sputnik -means fellow passenger in Russian
Karl V.
It's a song composed and written by German music producers.
Laura L
Powerful vocals
Lex Lowroom
A groove that will never get old!
Lili !
Time is relative, hey :D Love love love...
Lisa Gillingham
Who listening 2018
Mark Camara
Love it .
Mega Man [DLN-001]
When you're He-Man.
Melody Sanger
TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY: May 12, 1990 - 28 Years Ago Today: Snap! debuted at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their single, \
At that time a Bomb was smashed. The Bomb was called \
Nevaeh Ammons
I've got the power
Nick Lee
The song is like a mix between Public Enemy and CnC Music factory. It plays a balance between Pop Rap, High Energy, and New Jack Swing. The mixure of everything is the magic of this song.
Ninja Ginger
Haven't we just....😂😂
Noah Healy
ive got the power cause IAMS got jesus
Nurlan Jumamudunov
Крутой реп .93-год.Политех в Бишкеке.И дискотека в парке дружбы поблизости наша общага КАСИ.Привет из Кыргызстана.
Oly jed
That song can never get old. :)
Pasionaria y no sé que más
2018 🎧🎶
Pex Man
Kids! If u only knew ...good old days....1990s
LOVE THIS SONG!!! Very AWESOME video!!! ...., SNAP is awesome!!!
AWESOME !!!!!!!
Seriously one of my favorite 90's songs ever!! Felt like the beginning of a new movement or era. I remember being at a teen dance at a pow wow & this song was playing & the dance floor was packed. I think I was abt 10 & my sister 15, this other chic bumped into my sister, real hard intentionally & I went off!!!! I push that girl with EVERYTHING I had in me & was ready to box, the floor cleared out arnd us, she back dwn quickly, one of those strange random memories!!
René Schröder
Viedeo anfang nicht Oriiginal,Rest OK
Roshan Manilal
2018 and this song still has power
Samy Sam
such a classic tune!
Sherif Aly
i love this song
Sherrie Stephens Snow
We just had a power surge at work, so this song is perfect right now!
Shimron Netia
November 5th 2018...
Spencer Elliott
Obama dancing to this in the white house.
This shit still rocks......
Is Turbo B still doing music now?
Tammy Toon
I Remember That Dance They Got The Power!
The Chill Rob G version is better
The Black Shadow
It's getting kinda of hectic!!!
The Dark Knight
I remember this song from when I was a kid, it was like the theme song to one of my favorite action movie's called \
The Snow YouTuber
best song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Американская фирма \
Theresa P.
Jocelyn Brown's (voice) is singing \
Tiyqualle Crowley
Who listing to this in 2017🍷💯🎉🎊
Warner Cordero
exelente cancion
Weiber Cesar Guimarães Brito
snap, também é uma das melhores bandas de mid back de todos os tempos, minha adolescência.
Zilma Gomes
andrew Hoard
When I hear this song I always picture Jeff Speakman doing the Kata!
best audio version right here. the sonicmu version is shit!
bryant farrell
I still love this song and especially her!!!!!!
buddha budz
The perfect weapon ...
this song drives me into a frenzy i wanna fukin smash things up in my house its fukin awsome
The best shit to work out to
old school music
kbc _
Someone else come here by the fresh prince of bel air? I love it.
lalaboo grey
WE GOT THE POWER!!!!! ✊✊✊✊
I wonder could that guy have written this music ? He seems a bit punchy
nicholas georgoudakis
love the 80s
saintcruz PS1234
Im 41 i was i 13 when this song woke me up to reality🖕🏽
Oh yeah, still does it for me. :-)
my coming of age, theme songs... my breakout Anthem. I banged my walk to this rhythm
tauron gamer
tengo solo 12 años y esro es lo mejor q e oido
Ярик Шакун
что I Live in russia
игорь медведев
س ر
ذا بور 😎😋
سودانى شديد
One of the most played music in movies.