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Join Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and all of their forest friends in this sweet and soothing nursery rhyme video collection. Enjoy a few gentle lullabies followed by a compilation of our top kids songs and nursery rhymes."Goodnight to you. Goodnight to me. Now close your eyes and go to sleep. Goodnight. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams tonight. Goodnight, I love you."Song List: Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) - Super Simple Songs® and Super Simple Learning® are registered trademarks of Super Simple Learning, Inc.

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Adkhan Sholeh
How come the thumb down is so high? It's a 50 minutes of happy & educative songs compiled. Even my 3 months baby love it.
Alda Santos De Santana Santos
Estate video e lido
Amy Carlson
Some of these are real cute, especial the first one. But I dont like that I start it to play lullabies for my son then it jumps to upbeat songs like the bath one.
Angie Seauw
My son just loves these goodnight songs😍
Anum Fatima Bukhari
it make my sister sleep
I’m pretty sure 10k of these views are from me and my 15 mo cause it calms him down so much
Aries Candelas
Aww so cute this video I usto put it for my granddaughter when she was a Baby n she will go to sleep love it she is now 5 years old my favorite
Ashley Gomez
lo ly2uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyty
I. Love. It
Briana Sanders
This supposed to put may baby sister but it did me just woke up like if u feel the same
My daughter loves this, we play it every night for her to wind down to - before bed. The title is a bit misleading though, the lullabies end about 3 songs in, and although they're great, fun and educational, they're not necessarily ideal for bedtime, or to fall asleep to.
Casvall Guevara
I'm actually 14 yrs old but I enjoy this especiallythe bath song
Cheyenne J Waditaka
Who else reading the comments waiting for their kid to go to bed lol
Clarence George
Clarius Gabriel Mateo
I love this vedio❤❤💜💜💗🎶🎶
Crispo Cordova
DJ Austin
Even if I'm 9 years old I like snowflake song
Dany Tri Kusuma
My baby loves listening to the song all in here.. Thanks for making my baby sleeping well :D
Dotdot Carpenter
My daughter is 7 and loves listening to this to help her sleep thankyou super simple songs x 😊
Elena Sandoval
My favorite song was \
Elois Adams
hi wassup guys
Eva Chapa
Thx you so much for the song because my baby sister forever a sleep
Faithh Lovee
Me and my son love this... songs with videos
Fere A
I listen to this after work or before bed time. I have a very very stressful job .  It really helps. Thanks x
Game Monkey
These songs make my little brother go to sleep instantly. Thanks for some of the best songs on the internet, to all of Super Simple Songs😍😍😍😴😴😴
God’s Angel
Am 28 and this is my bedtime jam😏😏 don’t judge me... am a baby too. Hooked since 2014
Jasmine Zamora
my little brother fell asleep in like 15 sec Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.thanks super simple songs.=)
Jason aale
My baby love this song and he sleep 😴 good in this 🎶 music thank u for this relaxing 😌 song💕❤️😘
John Houts
Jojen Rey Magan
Julie H
While pregnant I played this for my preschool class. Now just a few months later my newborn loves these songs too. He immediately quiets down and relaxes. I think he remembers them!
Julissa Kern
I'm 22 I worked with toddlers and I fell in love with the lullabys we'd play at nap time . Don't judge lol
Karina Guerra
GIVE A LIKE IF YOU ADORE THIS SONG FELL ASLEEP anyone else sleeping who isn't a baby?💗😴
I love these videos....💛💚💙💜
Kayy Handsome
From 11:57 is my fav. I play it and replay and replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter is loving it too skidamarink a doo lol
Keila Maldonado
lol good one
Kendal Pattison
Omg this is so good for my little sister
Kimberly Shaquanie
I put this on to try and get my little brother to sleep, he hasn't fallen asleep yet, but it did relax get him relax so at least he isn't trying to run around the house.
Lee Cie
Lori Morales
M. B.B. 5vb b
Lyevera Daniel
I love this video very much..the first song is so relaxing♡♡ keep up the good job😁👍
Lynn Gyhkyyu
So nice
Marlous Mes
4|¥ CNV=
Mermaids Are the best
My dad used to sing this to me at bedtime
Michael Domangue
So cute
Mindful Kids
You have the cutes videos! Our little girls favourite! 💜
Mohammad Ahsan
Snow flake poem is best it is so sleepy
So sweet the third song made me cry😭
Natalie Lorenzo
I can’t sleep so I put this on and it totally worked
Nia Flems
Heyyy I thought this was for my son to fall asleep... not me 😫
P r i n c e s s
Absolutely love these videos, my son can’t go to sleep without them now! They work like a charm!
The owl was so cute tho when he jump with the star
Princess Myecah
This video makes my 4 months cousin go to sleep so fast sometimes it even makes me sleep too.
Our 4 months baby love all songs and fun clip so much. Brightness his day :) Thank you so much Super Simple Songs! Keep the good works for all baby and children all the world! :)
Raniel Reyes
always work with my 2 year old :) thanks a lot!
Reynaldo Vilchiz
love these songs
Ricarte Chua
Ricky Jones
Just want to say thank you for making every night a PEACEFUL transition for our Grandson . Amazing lullabys with videos . Not only help our little ones grow as well as singing them to sleep . \n\nSo many Parents, grandparents, teachers , day care ect find Peace in using your video with our little ones ♡ Thank you ~ Gods Bless Positive work for all children ♡
Rizwan Atif
me and my daughter simply love ur songs truly amazing .
Rob Street
😍\n👗🏀I love these nersry runes
Sabrina G
Love these videos! This is our go to when our son has trouble sleeping. Thank you!
Sai Sasis
Samantha Albright
I feel so sorry for youre loss cara larsson
Sansan Noviandi
Goodnight everyone
Sara Tinessi
(Owl hooting)
Sarah Violet
My 10-month-old is in love with these songs
Stephen Hameister
I love these videos
Sushi and Runt
This is so CUTE !! Do you agree?? I think its amazing. THank you for the super cute content !! 60 million views WOOOT
He only has take one nap 😴😪
Trudy Neufeld
Thanks for making these song they make my little bro so happy xoxo
Vasugi Krishnan
My lo is just 4 months and he will sleep after listen these video..keep it up!!z👍
Veshima Samuels
Singing to my 22 yrd friend right now
Yordanos Mesfin
Snow flakes the best one👌
Ze Wu
I am 28 and have major insomnia, but this helps me sleep. Thanks 🙂
Zeenara Najam
owlette is my name
arlyne crisologo
aydin zagros
Thank you very much this song Macks my baby falls asleep thank you and she is 1 I swear it Macks her go to sleep thank you who ever did this
cara larsson
its song is wonderful I love lullaby because my dad all ways sing lullaby at night but my dad is die when am 6 year old....wish my dad is alive now to sing me a lullaby...😢but when I hear this song I remember my dad...😭 it's so perfect I cry this song I love this song💓❣
Soo darn cute 😍😍
fakhra rafiq
john doe
well my son is surely fighting it but my dogs went to sleep instantly 😂👌
kazmane clark
Thank u my little sis love tis and she barley makes it thought the beginning
khanh18 luongnam
The bear ...is cute too
krisitne Denis
Made my mom sleep lol she was asleep lol
leon El 17
Sleep baby me
n y
my son is in luv wid mumma bear n baby bear..this is d only lullaby makes him sleep:)
sabay net
i love the sing
signe ryborg
det er sødt
spooky 21
To follow Lala
the tech two sisters
I played it one time for my sister baby when I was babysitting him and now he won’t go to sleep with out it it’s cute lol he loves it 😍🖤
zain boy
Beautiful songs for kids😂🤣😂🤣😂
The video makes me sleep and the baby doesn't . 😡
Oh it's super duper useful !!!