Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come (Soundtrack Album) - Classic Reggae Music

Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come Soundtrack Album - Classic Reggae Musicwww.timelessreggae.comBuy now from Amazon: 1. You Can Get It If You Really Want2. Draw Your Brakes3. Rivers of Babylon4. Many Rivers to Cross5. Sweet and Dandy6. The Harder They Come7. Johnny Too Bad8. 007 (Shanty Town)9. Pressure Drop10. Sitting in Limbo11. You Can Get It If You Really Want12. The Harder They Comewww.timelessreggae.com is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk

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AB Keisker
Excellent 70s Midnight Movie! True Classic Island Reggae!
Angee Corea
Yes, Jimmy Cliff is up there with Bob Marley..\nHis songs also send a positive message as do Marley's...\nYOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT..
Ayodeji Awodugba
Timeless and refreshing. Love it.
Baba Kaya
you must see the movies...a part of reagge story and life...we can,t forget the past how hard life was in the jamaican ghetto
Becky Chiao
This album came back to me tonight by the magic of the algorithm just when I needed it.
Boyer Barner
Spiritual message here. It is true. Pray in the name of Jesus. To God. And He will deliver.
Classic Timeless Innovative Amazing! ❤❤❤
Can I wish for more wishes?
Love this! and remember well taking my 14 year old sister to the movie for her Birthday! Still love it and so relevant for Today's activism...
Curt Robinson
An all time wonder!
Devon Oropeza
Many rivers to cross
Hilary Woodcock
Doctor off 600life lol x
Hildy Papa
seen this movie as a kid with my older sister loved it and jimmy Cliff was bob ,s inspiration! I love both their music!! and my big sis for teaching me different music and cultcures
Hillary Chapman
Best movie soundtrack ever
Ian Nohle
Jack Littlefield
first heard this music when I went to see the movie when it just came out. Like all of the music on the album, but as you might expect, the song that stuck in my mind, with that incredible hook, was harder they come . As soon as the movie was over , I said \
Jake Hawley
Used to listen to Bob Marley, Jimmy reigns supreme
Jody Vance
Not just Jimmy Cliff, though. Much love also for the Melodians, Scotty, the Maytals, Desmond Dekker and The Slickers on this soundtrack.
Linda Parker
Holy smokes , I almost had a heart attack, I was\ninterrupted by abniouctios add , But they came back \u003e hahahahah funny as hell( sound out your words )
Mary Goden
Love Jimmy cliff music
Maximillien Pegasus
My favourite album of all time. Still have it by my side. Pressure Drop best track of all time too.
Michael Stucker
Wow! This sound is before digital! Must be post WWII, British techno. circa 1975. I did not realize how tight this shit was when I bought this album in high school. I'm now sixty...………..Fuck!!!! I drift back to the Sun Splash! Jumping into Ocho Rios! Jamaica is oh so sweet! Cova! Mi amore! I love you, so much! Please do not forsake me.
The vinyl version of this album is a bit different
Mr Jefferson
What does the first line of lyrics in the song \
Nathanael Verdonck
The last track at 36:00 is the bigger the come, not the harder they come. It is as far as i know the only version of this song on yt
Onnion France
Poor white kid from trash bag central finds this because the Clash cover \
Patti Shouldice
Love, love, love it!!! Respect ❤💛💚
Remmy Kangwa
April 1st is hon. Jimmy Cliff's birthday. Happy 70th birthday to you sir. This album brought so many sweet memories of my late Dad. Miss you dearly. Rest well
Retail TSP
Awesome and timeless stuff. Grew up listening to this.
Rolando Aponte
Pressure Drop is perhaps the best song ever.
Sylvia Lane
The Harder They Come- don't forgive them, they know exactly what they do!
Torben Juhl
A1 –Jimmy Cliff You Can Get It If You Really Want 2:38\nA2 –Scotty (2) Draw Your Brakes Producer – Derrick Harriot* 2:55\nA3 –The Melodians Rivers Of Babylon 4:12\nA4 –Jimmy Cliff Many Rivers To Cross 2:57\nA5 –The Maytals Sweet And Dandy 2:58\nA6 –Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come 3:36\nB1 –The Slickers Johnny Too Bad Producer – Byron Lee 3:02\nB2 –Desmond Dekker Shanty Town 2:37\nB3 –The Maytals Pressure Drop 3:43\nB4 –Jimmy Cliff Sitting In Limbo 4:52\nB5 –Jimmy Cliff You Can Get It If You Really Want 2:38\nB6 –Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come 3:02
Trippin Out
Get ready for some rock steady
_AK Deezy
the memmories of jimmy cliff started in saint croix v i. the memmories of his music will live in my soul and heart untill i die, it made he so happy in thoes yr.76 77. iam 76 yrs old now an will never forget .
j s
my love introduced me to this record
You Earth People Are Capable Of Great Beauty
to hell with the crossfading ..
I bought this in high school. My favorite album then. Shanty Town, Many Rivers to Cross..\nToo much GOOD on this pc of vinyl!!
Great soundtrack, but totally ruined by the idiot who loves the sound of his own voice talking over the top...