Reyes v Immonen $50,000 9-ball

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Reyes is superb. Format for semi and final is: 2 sets, each a race to 5. Sudden Death rack breaks tie. Semi-final: Reyes vs Hsiao-Lang Fang (Taiwan). Final: Reyes vs Immonen @ . 9-ball must be called. Alternate breaks.

Reyes pool billiards 9-ball

58:54 FOUL:
Al Vara
Thanks great game Efren the best jet lagged tired true Champion and Sportsmanship
Alexander Tabag
Mika you were so imbarased at the end
Allen Mercado
thanks ray
Billy Gibson
efren was scratching his head near the 59:00 mark because his follow through hit another ball illegally and he got away with it, he was acting out because the ref right next to him missed it.
Brian Pentecost
Fun to watch these while practicing in my garage. Thanks for sharing.
C Moon
Bata the best hands down,legendary
Cody Fletcher
58:50 Reyes clearly fouls the 8... how the hell did nobody see this lmao
Great game - great outcome!  Calling the 9 ball when it's totally obvious seems frivolous.  The rules are the rules but it would have been bad to have the final given away by that technicality.
who plays 9 ball where you gotta call the 9 ball??
David Behrens
Mitch Laurence: 'Efren Ray-ayes'\nAllen Hopkins and many others: 'Ephram Reyes'\nJim Wych: 'Efren Rey-EZZ'\n\nHow hard can it be to say Efren Reyes
David Molano
What happens at minute 8:25? Why doesn't win Reyes?
Dias Piedade
hello Bro EFREN, You r so gud till now, i like watch your matches till now,,,,,,i learned lot from your mind,,,,,,,make more magics ,,,,,,\nI am from INDIA -STATE ,GOA
Doug Overhoff
I don't like winner take all, especially for pool players, the prize money is paltry compared to other sports. They have to pay out of their own 💰 just to get to the tournament, plus all others expenses.and then they play all the way to the end, and on one stinking game to decide who wins? One unlucky roll, and all that great playing for nothing? Only one man goes home with any money? But the promoters and the venue get theirs, no matter who wins. The format sucks, in my opinion. Efren played great, but so did Mika.Exciting match, but it's not fair to the players without some compensation to the runners up, too. At least expense money, because the players usually have to pay an entry fee, as well.
Ed Hartgrove
In game #2, Efren didn't call the 9-ball? In 50+ years of pool playing, I've never heard of having to call the 9-ball (not when playing the game of 9-ball, that is).
Ejay Go
58:54 efren is foul
you can be as awesome that your opponent made to. What a catchup by Reyes.
The best game I have ever seen
tai wan on.
I have seen Efren play in person a few times and there is something very smooth about how he plays. It's hard to describe and it's unlike any other. You couldn't ask for a better champion.
Gregory Koromilas
59:00 Reyes made a foul while moving the 8 ball... Right??
Guy Manges
Efren, Outstanding...
cincuenta mil dolyares!!! tumataginting!!!
Hoài Trang CrossFire
Admin là người việt nam chứ
Hư Không
Thần tượng
Janet Airlines
I miss when espn actually used to show pool
Javan Grant
the shot at 58:50, didn't his queue hit the 8 ball. Isn't that a foul?
Jeff Baker
what a deadly stroke wow
Jesse Landsaas
58:54 Efreen cheated.
José Alejandro Torrejón
Wow wow now I now why Efren is Efren. The man fought wars on the table
Julian Sharp
Wonder when the Olhausen table was made. I used to work for them in the finish dept. Don't even hear about Olhausen anymore. Now it's mostly Diamond, which play just as good.
Jun Carlo Escobal
Very entertaining finals match! Effren the beast 💯
Lamie Mariano
Efren Reyes has more experiences and skills in pools
Luis Fernando Yepez Silva
At that level,lucky is very important.Good video!😊
Luis Lozano
El mejor jugador de billar Pool,! Efren Reyes!
MDR 17
What year is this from?
There will be no foul if noone remarks for it, so noone noticed it.
Miguel Antonito Agregado
Efren's face at 00:28 LOL who thought of presenting players this way
Where can I watch any of Reyes' 8-ball matches?
Mika's break is outstanding
Odeck gopez
idol ng lahat efren bata reyez lodi
Paolo Zialcita
This game is the most i see efren played with a left hand lol.
Patrick B
Not calling the 9, but twice!
Raptors Fan Boy Since Birth
The Best Pool Player Ever
Ray Dominguez
Immonen got robbed big time
Love watching Efren in general and them real pro's playing in Real and not Kids tables either in 9 ball or 8 ball matches that are even more hardcore and harder.
Rj Acosta
What a shot G.O.A.T bata reyes
Rolando Flores
How big of a table do they play on?
Romeo Canilang
58:49 was a foul. referee and all others didn't see it. Anyway, Efren lost that set so i think it's ok. :)
Sam Traygis
exciting match!!!
Santiago Macahilas
The Magician does it again what a great match Efren truly is clutch when it comes to the big money game he's the greatest ever in my eyes and I've been watching him for a long long time I hope he just keeps going on and on he's an icon back home and all the kids shooting pool idolizes him another filipino great we can look up to and be proud ..... God bless you Efren
Steve Kurk
Efferen has ice water in his veins to win like that
Tom Modeski
Never seen 9 ball where u can't sink the 9 on the break to win
Troy Angelo
Is that an 8 foot table?
Trying to make sense
Efren earned his money on this match.
Vince Ramirez
58:49 wasnt that a foul? his cue stick moved the ball??
aaron dark knight
I'm glad Efren Won in this tournament. That taiwanese is good but Efren Bested him too on the way to becoming a Champ in the End. ...
any name
somebody needs to make a movie about him already..
bob robert
Fantastic both players Congrats Mr Reyes
butch lagado
1:22:50 Efren wouldn't make that kind of mistake at the last rack he knows money is on the line..
kacper milner
58:54 is definetly foul shot XD karma ;)
mohamed kamal
The greatest thing about Efren is that he just makes everything looks easy I mean if you watched him playing pool you're going to think that playing pool is too easy but when you actually play and try to do what he does it's too different and that why I consider him as the greatest player ever lived
mr. chow
bad shot si idol
ray carlton billiards
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riff724 riff724
does anyone know why efren doesn't use a break stick and harder tip ?
holly shit that introduction is so cringy
the snowdawg
Hey Ray, what year was this match?
1:24:29 Was epic!!!!! Pointing at the pocket like a BOSS!!!!!! He went to work!!!!
Efren's last name isn't Ray-A-zzz. He starts pronouncing it a little better as the match goes on, but it was a bit annoying to me.
watta shot @ 1:19:56
yunix collin
As a Filipino we considered efren as a national treasure, a lot of new upcoming and good Filipino pool players now but i have to say reyes is one in million, hes like an einstein of pool Micheal Jordan of pool and and tiger woods of pool, hes a living legend and no one can surpass his knowledge of pool knowing he just learned it through experience
good to be happy ending