Killers Like Us: Chimpanzees | Worlds Deadliest

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This pack hunter is your own next-of-kin. But some of our closest cousins are killers who can eat up to a ton of meat in a year.➡ Subscribe:

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Alal Malal
I love the title, finally they don't hold back.
Blessed King
Ain’t my cousin 😂
Bruce Lye
Human is their favorite!
Caesar The Ape
We will soon rise under my leadership, fear us humans!!!!!!!!
Calvin Blue
Sorry vegetarians... we are more like Chimps.. PREDATORS!!!
Got apes like this all over Detroit and Chicago
Cenk Kubilay Altu
Still not bad as humans
Char Len
Wow racist comments\nI'm so surprised. 😯😒
Chris P.
At my lab I artificially inseminated a female Bonobo chimp with human sperm and 9 months later she gave birth to a Humanobo. The Humanobo hybrid baby was smarter than a human and stronger than a chimp, so I named her Shucig, for \
People People PLEASE chill out! Atheist's calm down, no ones trying to shove a belief down your throat BUT to criticize all theist's is just proving a negative stereotype that makes you look like Butts look true. Christians, calm down as well. I'm not asking for much but please people settle down, it's just a video about chimps...eating a monkey...geez...
Colin Jackson
**nervously looking through the vegan bible** I-I don't understand!
This is how they're getting so smart like us. while we have people being vegans and only getting dumber.
Derick Elmore
Hear that vegans?? CHIMPS DO EAT MEAT
Meanwhile in Detroit
I bet 10000 years ago humans were like that or even worse
next thing u know ..they will be having a barbeque !
I love how one dude makes a black person joke and immediately gets thousands of replies, some creating sub arguments within the reply section of one argument...
Fat man Scoop
Chimp at the beginning is definitely koba before the scar
Caesar why did you die?
George W. Bush
Who the hell is filming this those are some bad ass camera angles I mean this in a good way
If Chimps could talk, it'd be about their hard work with little pay...Chimpin' ain't easy.
Hasan Rüstemoğlu
Small question: They killed the mother or baby monkey? Which one was killed?
Indy The Great
Some vegetarian who was trying to convince me to convert was saying that humans having canines doesn't mean we are supposed to be eating meat, pointing out that chimps have huge canines but are vegetarian. Facepalmed pretty hard there.
James Charbonneau
Sorry vegans!
John Neely
Julie Walker
There was always something about chimp (and other monkey/apes) I didn't like. Humans should leave these things alone. I can't belive that there are people out there that own them as pets, and then are shocked when little boo grows up and attacks it's \
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
*Interesting Chimp Factoid:* Though they obviously enjoy chomping on muscle tissue, the Chimpanzee's intimidating canines are primarily for display purposes. Gorillas and Orangoutangs are almost entirely herbivorous, but they have terrifying fangs as well. In fact, with the exception of human beings, all primates have enormous canines. Teeth are not necessarily an indication of an animal being a herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore.
Karrie Murray
Don't let the vegans see this!! oh no!! lmao.. they are gonna have a hard time explaining this!!
I wouldn't say like us, chimps hunt and kills only for food while humans hunt and kill for pleasure no animal Is as evil as the human
Kevin H.A
Its like a human but with limited intelligence , but if want they can become the second superior hunter in the planet only cause they are so similar to us
King of ant
98% dna ! What a lie
So imagine if Homo sapiens and Neanderthals hunted and ate each other, it would be like these guys. It's not cannibalism, but it's pretty damn close!
Kyle Blank
This video is quite fascinating when you think about how humans evolved. Go back to the very earliest species of Homo, which would have looked very much like a chimpanzee, only walked upright. Now imagine such a group of hominids (upright primates) making their way along and getting into strategic positions to trap a deer or pig. Now increase their intelligence by some degree where they are more intelligent than the chimpanzees, but still very primitive by human standards. They now have much more refined spears than what chimps use, and even better thinking capability, and communicate with even more complex sounds. They also have begun developing the arm anatomy that humans have allowing us to engage in an overhand throw. This allow them to sneak up on animals and throw a spear into them.\n\nAt first, throwing of such spears is from short distances as that is all they are capable of, but then over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, they evolve the ability to throw the spear much further, along with much more advanced tool use and creation capabilities, and much more complex verbal communication, i.e. language.
Lenny Is A Carrot
0:48\nThat's me and my friends when we're grilling meat and eating it afterwards
Levon Gevorgyan
AH, our kin. Waging war and killing. THis is the way nature works, We are tying to go against nature. Time will tell if that will be our salvation, or destruction.
Limey Figdet
I wish I was that agile.
Lord Tobit
I need to speak to Ceasar!!!!
Lord Twaddle
Whenever a vegan argues with me saying \
Lucas Davis
i thought they hunt with spear and horse.
Nothing is bad as Human
Mario Sosa
better than the movies
Does this make chimps cannibals ?
Matt Madison
How the hell are they hunting?\nShouldn't they be standing outside an Indian-owned convenience store smoking cigarillo singles, whining about how the white man prevents them from caring for their women or children?
Mauri McAlister
2:12 - 2:14 Awww... Holding on to baby before the slaughter...
I find it really strange that there is so much press and outrage right now over the orca in Sea World while there are chimps still being used for medical research. While I do agree that cetaceans should not be held in captivity, I wonder where is the outrage over our closest living relative stil being, essentially, tortured to death in labs. Even though they do a shity job of trying to provide any semblance of a natural habitat for the orca, the people at Sea World aren't injecting the orca with strange diseases, testing vaccines or vivisecting them. It's now illegal to breed orca in captivity in California, but are there any laws making it illegal to breed chimps in labs for tortuous medical experiments anywhere?
Moana Auelua
The real truth? Humans are the most evil, deadliest and vile living things on Earth 💯 Don't be blind
Mohammad Qarawolos
I can't believe they was flesh eater
Monty Dog
was this filmed in Chicago or Ferguson Missouri?
National Acrobat
Time to share some pizza with my family.. and allies.
Navakid Productions
perhaps there is not enough natural vegetation for these chimps and so to survive they must turn to meat. kinda how it is cheaper and faster to go to Burger King than to be vegan. but what is done to us is on purpose. not a coincidence that it is easier to go to mcdonalds than to eat some fruits and veggies. gorrilas are %99 vegeterian except they sometimes eat ants 🤔
Some chimpanzees have learned to make spears by sharpening branches with their teeth.
How do Natgeo cameramen not shit themselves when the chimps are in full Predator mode?
No animal is as violent as the human animal
wait what....who's cousins..........they're not my damn cousins!
PaKou Lee
This video made me feel very uneasy... :/
Pepper K
For all you vegans out there, in yo face. I'm going to FIVE GUYZ THEN ILL GO TO RED LOBSTER
Robb KingInTheNorth Stark
at least they share...
Roy Batty
Nice. Nothing like a nice slab of meat to pair with your vegetables.
kush and nature videos has me like +__+
Scott Smith
I think this video stole music from Mario Kart
Wait they're eating other monkeys? Isn't that cannibalism?!?!? Someone explain please
Source Symbiosis Metamorphisis
Crazy how 2% makes all the difference.... 🤔
Spooky Boi
I thought they ate fried chicken and watermelon
Swaggy Bickford
Take this down! You guys stole it from Worldstar Hip Hop!
The Reaper Hunter
Toshinou Kyouko
This is nature and this is how predators behave. Humans used to behave similarly before our technology and civilisation took off.\n\nCondemning these animals shows just how out of touch you are with how the vast majority of life on this planet survives.
Ultimate Slash
Chimpanzees :*kills a human baby*\n \nHumans :*Kills every chimpanzees in the planet*
W1ll P0w3R
Give them a few million years and once we humans kill each other off, if we don’t take them and the whole planet with us, chimps may as well be the next dominant species on earth
What if i say we didnt evolve from chimps but chimps (evolved or vice versa ) from humans \nI believe the latter
Walter Bank
Chimps......humans...not much difference...!!!!! Look out for the human chimp, He will kill you...Look at cop videos!!!!!
Weebs and Depression
Plss stick to bananas...
Weidocu Senocenetli
Now I just want a steak.
I will never mess with one of them. They are MADD strong
Youtube Comments Suck
If chimps, our genetically closest cousins, hunt and eat meat for optimal health then why do vegans insist upon otherwise? I mean I read an article on chimp nutrition and though 90% of their diet is plant, herb and fruits, they kill insects and small mammals from time to time as well as lots of honey.
Woah, that is so terrifying!
Much like humans, chimps can be psychopathic murderers. The key difference is that humans are aware of the consequences for murder where as chimps are not. If they decide they want to kill you, they have no reason not to. There have been many horrific cases of chimps attacking humans, if your lucky you wont live through it because they always rip the face off.
And yet I can't ever get randoms on Overwatch to work together. Who is really more evolved?
The jump of that gigantic mongkey is like matrix.
el indio
Big Primates eat little primates...
if a vegan tries to tell you chimps are know what to do.
yet another case of black on white violence! we need to build a wall!
World's Deadliest - Homo sapiens
It's said that humans developed bigger brains due to better nutrition. (the consumption of meat) Someday far in the future chimps could become a problem to humans.
marco pinedo
haha jesus freaks you make me laugh you cant determine fact from fiction to save your life
we are closer to these aggressive, killing machine chimps than those peaceful sex addict bonobos. human nature is not peaceful, look at history, it paints the real history of us. the only reason why we seems peaceful is because we can speak. we can lie to get what we want without killing. its truly amazing.
ndongwie ngwa
closer to human in social behavior
riiCkY_bObBy _90
I prefer the documentary \
setio ryski
How the heck cameraman can film it ?
sloth sloth
they are smarter than many people lol
stimulusmaximus •
So much for bananas 🍌
tommy gun
how do they film this without getting killed?
w wyborn
they are worst than chinese people
zeekthe hammer
so there cannibals. u gotta be glad to live in todays age where that shit isn't such a popular thing. well least in our part of the world
They hunt wild Europeans !?
మల్లావరపు సహజ్ కుల్దెప్
Damn!!! I thought chimpz were cool dawg!!