Little Walter- my babe

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babe cadillac chess lil little muddy my records walter

1-Shot slinger
This originated from a gospel called This Train [ this train don't take no gamblers this train] same beat. I wonder if it is true that Little Walter really shot that dude?
Alejandra Montiel
Andrika Eaddy
my babe don't stand no cheatin, and she don't stand none midnight creepin
Ange Moore
This song has been stuck in my head for weeks I had to come and play it. My babe don't stand no cheating my babe ooowwweeee sound so sweet. 😁😍
Annette Jenkins
My favorite part in the whole movie! Columbus Short- Too Fine and Talented. Please get your act together. Brilliant Actor!
Ariana Racquel
His best role!!! He was fine as hell in this movie
Armand Morris
I was 5 when that song 🎶 came out, my father played that song over and over! The guy who played Little Walter should have been voted best actor that year.
Barbara Davis
lil Walter is so cute
Barbara Lee
i love little walter
Beneaththe Crust
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ha ha @ Lil Walter shooting the man. I don't blame him. Not only was he stealing his name, he was down grading his image. A hay seed driving a no count short.
Britt Lewis
1 of many artist i wish could meet in person...wild & talented
C moore
That was an incredible movie, if you haven't seen it. The only real downfall is that the cars never matched the years. He says, it's 1955 and there are 57 cars.
Carole Tallerino
I used to tune into the R&B station that only came on at 11:00p.m. and then would stick my small little radio under my pillow & listen it all night while I was sleeping! I really think there's nothing like R&B to me! It's awesome & little Walter was cool!
Charlyne Simms
I wish men still looked and dressed that way
Chris Hodge
1:14 he steped outta that care like a G
He so fine
Cognac Young
ShotGun Daddy Strikes Again!!
Creole Jeanjacques
I love this, Columbus was great
Cynthia Baxter
I  wanted to share a bit of history with you about this song. The first song \
D'AngeLo Black
Gang$taGang$ta,Lil Walter!
Awesome! Finally just saw the whole movie! Great film. I never knew that some of these songs were by people that were portrayed in the movie. Great stuff. Thanks for the post.
DeDe Brinson Hassell
Dee Tubman
Columbus Short is a triple threat 🙌🏿
Delon Kibbe
Maybe his baby knew she didnt have nothing
Dimez Bee
This movie made me fall in love with Columbus short.... Too bad it was just acting lol
The of the best movie depictions of the Blues era!\nThanks for posting this.
Ebony B.
He has a great voice.
Faith L
I didn't like this movie, but Columbus Short and Jeffrey Wright's performances were amazing!
From Marah To Elim
all the men in this movie were fine!
GoodNight Robicheaux
Sharp swangin'jumpboi in the Cadillac 💯
Harry 16
Y does the bottle get the best
Ivy Smith
Columbus is my babe😘😘😘😘
Jack Medina
My Babe!!😉❤
Janay Daniel
He was so fine in this movie. Omg!! 💞 💞
Jaysal P
Little Walter looks like the boss!
Jeanette Ivy
Little Walter was fine too. Life in the fast lane took him too soon! Pretty boys ain't it! I'll take Howlin Wolf any day!♥️♥️
Jesse Blvd
After watching this I started carrying my lil chrome 32 everywhere 🤣🤣🤣
Jessi Lynn
Columbus Short💜
Julia V. Mitchell
That part was something when Little Walter came out of the car and shot that man because he stole his name
love love
Keila Jackson
he so sexy wow😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
Kevin Dorival
Little Walter lived a life of a wild man but man was he good with playing the harmonica. I never liked Blues music too much but after watching Cadillac Records Movie - I'm hocked!! The whole cast was brilliant! Everyone from Beyonce to Columbus Short played their roles very well. The whole squad at Cadillac Records went into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!! #BluesMusic
Kiarasaurus Rex
columbus short is sucha hottie :]
Kieana Fair
Columbus short😩😩😩😏😏😏 I just listened to this, and compared it to the real lil Walter, and Columbus didn't lip sync at all.😭😭 he could really sing 😍😍😍😍💯💯💯
Larry Luster
He recorded it made it famous and Elvis stole it and got the credit
Legend taniwha
my babe
Listen -don’t speak
Gotta love the blues real class real music
Lueva Jackson
Maria Villegas Amu
He is so fine😍😍😂😂when he tried to get with Gabriella .I was like girrll yes u better do it 😂😂😂Lmaoo he so FINE😍especially with that lil gold tooth
Mary Eggleston
Me 93 117
Black folks invented rock n roll.
Mere Farr
2019 still loving this movie! 😍
Phaniee Macedo
This song 💕💕💕💕
Phylicia Hudson
I ❤lil Walter he's so🔅
Princess Posh
Columbus Short is sexyy
*he played this role so well with his sexy ass!* 😩😍😍💦
Raven Tousaint
He played the hell out of this role 😩 sexy as hell 😍😍😍😍😍
Samantha Jackson
love this song to pieces and. back
Samantha jackson
She my babe
Shari Philpot
No work of the current artists could compare with the magnificence of the past...classic!
Shaun Kingston
Jefferey wright played such a great role, really felt like he was Muddy Waters, so underated in the acting industry
Shawana Johnson
I love thos song...
Sierra Darensbourg
That man is fineeeeee lawd 😍😍
Six Deuce BRIM
They was the \
Little Walter was ruthless but this song is my favorite....My baby don't stand no cheatin: my babe; Oh yeah she don't stand no cheatin: my baby; Oh yeah she don't stand no cheatin: she don't stand none of that midnight creepin......
Soblessed Maxwell
he was a pure drunk and druggie in this movie but oh he turned me the hell on so damn much ughhhh
Star Bright
That's my babys daddy! Whewwwww I wish lol
Tanya Hamilton
lol wich one of u is little walter
Tasha Williams
I love the beat to \
Thos Robert
There's a big difference between stealing music and \
Tionne Jackson
If colombus short was really lookin like dat yass😍\nBut either way he still fine asf😍💦💕🔥
Tony Marinelli
This is real music!!!! How did we go from this to friggin rap(crap)?
Shooting that guy, an overreaction yeah. But I get it.
William White
I know that's right bois stealing his name
Must see movie
angela hyde
I love the movie, the songs but this song is my favorite.
mano, me apaixonei tanto por ele nessa cena \u003c3 hah
I hope Columbus Short gets his self together soon cause he is such a talented actor, he can definitely go further in his career.....and Jeffrey Wright is great as well, he's so underrated
that look over the shoulder point at the end was just so dreamy
djenabu jamanca
Columbus Short can sing lol
gail boyle
great song and if columbus Short sang, then he's good
jacqueline jerez
MY BABE,MY BABEEEEEEEE................
When I saw this movie in theater, and this scene came on.... I swooned so hard lmao.... I was obsessed with Columbus Short for a while after this ....
he was so sexy in this movie. gahh lieeeff
aaah! I love it!
melody lovelife
like somebody said that look at 0:34_0:36 I would leaned in for a kiss
😂😂😂😂😂😂 hit em with that no look shoot n run
omar shabazz
Great music by great Black soulful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!