Where Did the Word Bimbo Come From?

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Bimbo Where Did the Word Bimbo Come From? awesome bimb... bimbo facts didn't know facts the origin of the word bimbo tifo tifovidz12 today i found out

In German, Bimbo means more or less the N- Word. So be careful while using it in Germany.
1-Minute Medical Terminology
Bimbette: dimunitive form of bimbo. 😉\n\n#MedicalTerminologyWithoutThePain
Blond IMBesile Object = bimbo
Aidan Hancock
Akehap Kap
Quote...”with more eye makeup than a room full of Kardashian’s”\n😂😂😂
Amy Carter
My handmaiden, 'Ditzy' Diane. Love ya, girl! Miss you... :(
Angelina Cortés
And here I was thinking about bread 😂😂😂😂
Angry Applesauce
Bimbo was Betty Boop's dog.
Anthony Butler
I heard my Filipino friend refer to her cousin as Bimbo and laughed, assuming it was her female cousin... Turns out it was her male cousin and she claimed it meant 'cheeky boy' being his nickname from when he was young... He was an adult with his own children but he was still referred to as that amongst close family.
Attila Sóvári
In Hungarian Bimbo means \
Billy Maloney
Simple my Ex-Wife
Bobby Harper
Sir, Tammy Fay Baker is no sane person's idea of a bimbo. I'd be more inclined to place her in the withered old hag or gargoyle category.
Cenneth Adameveson
Bimbo as I remember was the titular male character of a UK children's comic in the 1960's. He was a young boy dressed in blue and white. \nI also recall being confused aged 10 or 11 when my mum referred to a woman on the telly as a bimbo!
Charles Uwakwe
Gary Hart is one of the most stupid politicians in history. He literally dared the press to follow him - and they did.
Christy Gagnon
Destiny man
You have a thing for answering questions, I didnt know I had.
Ed McKenzie
I am pleasantly surprised by the back of feminist complaints. Bravo people
Edward Lewis
Wtf happened to this channel it used to be interesting.
Flat Finger Tuning
In what year was the November issue of American Magazine published?
Francois Lacombe
Where does the expression \
Fukuoka Stray aka Victor Warmflash
From the Japanese word, 貧乏 - (bimbo) meaning a very poor person.
George Semel
Nothing about the Bimbo Eruptions of Bill Clinton! Simon, you are a real piece of work.
Henryk Gödel
Oh god, her eyebrows were drawn all the way back to her temples.... The old puffed out hair styles made women look less attractive.... It just makes them look like they have a giant head or they're wearing a crazy wig. It also accentuates and frames their faces in a way that makes them look more masculine. So, we can call the style the Faux Drag Queen.
Infidel Gastro
I'm surprised that Hart wasn't given the job of American president because of his affair(s). All presidents think that promiscuity is their God given right.
3:56 - ...boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.
Ivan Ooze
JD Houshour
Making the best of the \
James Lim
Bimbo Megyn Kelly
John Q Public
Please tell us where the phrase \
John Shea
i had just watched your show on gary larsen's \
Imagine if the woman in the thumbnail sees this.
Crazy that Jim Bakker is preaching again. Pushing some Alex Jones-style survival kits on the youtubes
Keith Feickert
I'm shocked there is no mention of the Bimbo snacks brand!
Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}
Simon where do cows go to see famous paintings?\n\n\n\n\nThe Art moooosuem 🤪🤪🤪
LeiAnne SW
Early to mid 80s My mum used Bimbo.. a lot!! Tryin to tell us girls/her daughters who we should NOT associate with to avoid a bad name, \
Lon Johnson
One of my favorite comics is El Goonish Shive (egscomic.com). A recent EGS:NP comic featured the word \
M Bevi
Limbo “mains” in Warframe who don’t know how Limbo works.
Nowadays superceded by, \
At 0:20 you say that OED credits the November issue of \
Bimbos are always female. Himbo is the male.
Michael John Angel
Bimbo is Italian for a baby boy. Bimba is Italian for a baby girl. The plurals are bimbi and bimbe. The American slang use of the word makes no sense at all.
Mimi Sardinia
Mr Luxarina
I always thought it was strange that Betty Boop's boyfriend was called Bimbo when she fit that archetype much better. I'll assume that came from the \
I live in Italy in Livorno, and here Bimbo (for boys) or Bimba (for girls) are ways to call people, even adult and elderly
Jim Reeves recorded a song called \
In German language \
This is the kind of questions I subscribed for.
Nexo Nerd 101
Childish Bambino
None of your Business
This is weird. In German, the term \
Osiris Rex
So no mention of Bimbo in the Betty Boop cartoons? In the cartoons Bimbo was an anthropomorphic dog that was the boyfriend of Betty Boop.
Pamela Mays
Depicted in the animated Beauty And The Beast as \
Pietro Bertazzoni
Bimbo is not from italian bambino. Bimbo is itself an italian synonim of bambino, we don't use this word as you guys do, bimbo is just a kid.
There's a company named Bimbo Bread, did u know that?
PowahSlap Entertainmint
From that mexican bread, obviously.
Rachel Garber
More eye makeup than a room full of Kardashians, so true, and that's saying something
Roderick O'Brien sr
I always thought it (bimbo) may have come from activities of the gypsy family Bimbo.
The *November* issue... of what year? And, except for Hahn, your 1980s bimbo examples are lame.
Rube's Good-Brain Coffee
How about the cartoon character named Bimbo from the Fleischer brothers? Why was he called 'Bimbo'?
Ruben Leal
Jessica Hahn... Bimbo for being raped? I think she was smart. Knowing that her rep was destroyed, she did do the best she could with what she had. I suspect she made a pretty penny doing it, too.
In German the word is commonly used as a term for black males or for any male that isn't very bright\n - as a asult in both cases
Searia Kett
There's a bakery in Mexico that makes these amazing sweet breakfast mini cakes called *\
Sir PikaChungus
Skrinklewink The Sane
We have a place called Bimbo's Bakery over here, but it's just a fat dude who knows how to whip up some mean pastries.
Remember when being a scum bag would loose you a Presidency run? Good times, good times.
Space Monkeys
“Monkeys are my favourite animal, because I was born in the year of the monkey.”\n“Same, but I was born in the year of the bimbo.”
Spider-Man No More
I thought it came from Bilbo Baggins
Steven Sanchez
*...more eye makeup than a room full of Kardashians...*\n\n_OOF_
In Italian bimbo is the English equivalent to kid, where bambino is the equivalent of child.
Sufiya H.
Actually, it could also originate from the Sanskrit \
I've wondered more about the name of the snack company, since it's such a derogatory term in English.
Theodore Seeber
It's also a bakery from Mexico
TomGreen 99
*On page 69 of course*
Travis Staker
Not a fan of this word, I don't recall anyone ever referring to a man as a bimbo.
Tunde Faluvegi
In Hungarian the word \
Binbo A poor Japanese Person? ;)
Vespa Davidson
Spanish Company. Bread.
The word bimbo derives itself from the Italian bimbo, a masculine-gender term that means \
chance scherrer
I used to know a guy named Bimbo in HS. He accidentally drove his car through the front of a grocery store. True story 😂
Now, I'm surprised. I didn't knew that Bimbo has a utterly different meaning in English.\nIn German Bimbo is pejorative for black, mostly men and often in the phrase: I'm not your Bimbo (=not your slave)
glenn t
I lol'd at the Kardashian roast 👌
Is that connected to the \
And in Japanese the word bimbo means \
the title made me lol
it's moonpie
Fun Fact: In the 2nd episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, that came out in 1987, has the character Rocksteady call April O'Neil a Bimbo.
kirby march barcena
Bimbo and Bambino...sounds like a father and son combo, imho.
koen bobeldijk
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There was a song called Bimbo in the '50s sung by Jim Reeves. My parents, thinking my sister was a boy, called her Bimbo since before she was born. There was nothing sexual about it. In fact, she credits Laverne & Shirley for reviving it as an air-headed woman in more recent times.
What's the male version of bimbo? - Himbo.
Hey, you pronounced \
I'm sure that girl is thrilled that you used her for this thumbnail...
And all this time I thought it named after a bread we have here: Bimbo Bread
slapitty wapitty
Who (&When) first said \
Mimbo: a male Bimbo \n\nSource : A forgotten episode of Seinfeld
Well, acting like a bimbo can be useful if you want to avoid persecution, especially in political cases.