Emma Pretend Play Babysitting Cry Baby Dolls w/ Nursery Playset Girl Toys

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Emma pretend play babysitting her cry baby dolls with nursery playset girl toys. She tries to put her baby doll to sleep, but it doesn’t want to sleep. She sings the Brother John nursery rhyme lullaby, but the baby still doesn’t fall asleep. She uses the baby toy and the baby finally falls asleep. Suddenly, another baby wakes up and needs to be fed some milk. She puts the baby on the baby seat and feeds the baby doll. Uncle K comes and reminds her to finish her homework. While Emma finishes her homework the baby plays with some baby toys to keep busy. Uncle K takes Emma to the toy store to buy some food toys. She makes some baby food to eat and then puts it to sleep after the meal!

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Arshiyana Patel
The best video ever in your toys and colors
Bonipal Yadegar
Chris Miller
Mickey mouse
Cindy Garcia
My baby brother can solve problems.💟
Eliana Moza
This is very cool, crazy, and colourful and that’s why I love it 😍
Harbhajan Ghattaora
i love you you are the best
Hezekiah miguel Cajayon
We have a toy cookie too like that
Jordan Wilson
Pool party
Lovedeep Singh
Lulu and Keshawna
I love you
Neil Gibbons
Princess ella
Sarah Brockman
Sooooooo cool
Suehey Cruz
i have baby born too
Trenton Roberts
Goood vid
Umar Farees
This is for babies
Willow krangar
Zahra Khalegh Panah
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adam brooksbank
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So awesome
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I love you
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أميره المطيري