2008: Etta James at

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In 2008, singer Etta James attended the 'Cadillac Records' premiere. Beyonce Knowles played her in the movie.

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68 mopar
ya dam right Beyoncee doesnt sing as good u! That arrogant bitch cant hold a candle to Mrs. Etta James. She can THINK she can, but she'll nevvvvvvvvver DO IT! Etta James pretty much didnt like Beyoncee, and u can tell simply by her responses to her in this brief interview. Rest in peace Mrs. James.
Anime Knower
She was soo jalous lol 😂
Ann Taylor
Watch - ETTA JAMES I'd Rather Go Blind live in Montreux 1975 on YouTube Etta James owns her songs (when she sings them) can't compare her to NO ONE, nobody comes close
I don’t it was so much at Beyonce might been fact she didn’t get to work with Beyonce to do the movie 🎥
Bubbles Alexander
RIP to One of the Greats!!!!!!!
Cierra Beckett
Its true. Beyoncé will never sound as good as etta James.
Eli Ammar
she petty \
Eva Ilma
beyonce is shit in comparing to these real singers
Freddrick Fredérico
She was so real and DTE! Sound like she'll fight in a minute too! Lol
Fredericka Shanks
bro why she sound like my grandma throwing shade😂😂
Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf
Damn. That was ugly and bitter. Diva till then bitter end. Tha ka for the music, etta
Golden2Golden Michael Golden
I Love Her.
Iris J.
Lmfaoo she was a Ol' G
Jacob Patrick Poulsen
Beyoncé and the films production team really should have talked to Etta about making the film and what they should have included in the movie. If they did not contact Etta about the films production, then how do we know that the movie tells the true story, or if its not just a made-up thing. Etta James is shady because it should have been her that should sing for Barrack Obama. She recorded the song originally and had sang that song for over 40-50 years. So I think she has the right to be irritated and a little angry. Thats just my opinion though, so take it for what it is. :)
Katrina Goodman
etta james is died
Kevin Asencio
She didn't ask me for anything
I think everybody has their own opinion when it comes to which voice they like more and sometimes it isnt about how good the voice is technically. It is just about what sound better peronally! \n\nI think Beyoncé is better than Etta James, from the voice to the vocals. \nAnd in MY opinion Etta was pretty shady here. Yeah, they all shouldt have talked to her, but still not everybody gets a movie of their lives. And i am sure they all knew what to do. I mean the movie was really good.\n\nBut i am still a huge fan of Etta James and her music. I think her voice is amazing!
M.A. Arch
Etta James is REAL! They did a movie about her life without consulting/talking to her?!
Marcella Casey
She was absolutely right and I cringed for her knowing Beyonce didn't even consult her about her own life. Wondering what she'll say when it happens to her in the future.
Paul Simpson
Wow ain't that the truth nobody can sing like that lady she was fab rip
Porsche Raquel
Inasmuch as we all knew Beyonce did wrong for not consulting \
R & B Queen Etta James by Mrs. Michael Joe Jackson
Awesome short interview of R&B Queen Etta James!
RJ Galindo
She probably needs a dose of heroin 😂💯
Renee Willis
Etta baby Beyonce sings a billion times better than you
Samiur Rahman
Wow! She's so shady
Sue Juede
Etta, was where it was...and \
True Kriol
Why does she seems like a miserable old bat... Smh
Yarelis Acosta
Shade 😎😎😎😂🤣😂
indiana hoosier
I love me some Etta and always will.\nI also agree with Etta that Beyonce is not as good as Etta was in her prime. Put both ladies at the same age and Etta would vocally kill Beyonce.
lovinglife beautifulmelodies
lmfao, etta; she sings goid, but not as good as me. damn I wish she were still living.