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Make bedtime a breeze and put your baby, newborn, toddler, kids, children, loved-ones or even yourself quickly to a deep, sound and relaxing sleep with super soft, popular and calming baby lullabies! 1 Hour of famous Brahms Lullaby Mozart Lullaby and Beethoven Lullaby. I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks so much for listening and your support! Good night and sweet dreams:-)! If you like my channel please subscribe: Listening to soothing bedtime music is a perfect way to get your baby, youngster or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. Playing soft music without harsh tones at a low volume improves sleep quality and duration. New lullabies and calssical music are uploaded, video and animation by and cutestockfootage.comMusic recorded and Produced by: © Wonderful Lullabies. All rights reserved.

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This music made me and my little sister sleep :-)
Aaashu Sharma
Thnx agian baby and i love it...this music is work like a mother...god bless u ..we loves u
Aghavni N.yan
Love it😍thank you👌♥️
Alex Miller
I just found this for my 6 month son he heard and calmed down enough for me to get him down for his nap. Thank you so much
Alina gorodilina
Oh bless you who put this on this channel you made my 1months old baby get to sleep with Tommy pain.Thank you again this is magic even don't need his pacifier
Alisa Jakupovic
This is great 😇😇😇😇
Alkius Angelina
Im from Indonesia, my little boy very2 love it, very2 love this song. When i playing this music, he was sleep with my wife😍 thanks you so much
Amreen Ali
Thank you soo much it get my nephew to sleep in about 5 minutes ‼️❣️👌🏼
Ana Cristina Rubio
Me encanto!! Se la puse a mi sobrino y se quedo bien dormidito😍😍
Ana Lima
Te fofo sonhando sorrindo !
Annasia Kershaw
The baby's were so cute! ❤adorable❤
Antoniette cassette Vásquez Fuentes
Realmente gracias mi bebé se durmió y relajadito
Ariss Bonilla
It really helped my baby to stay asleep he would just laugh and smile
Ashwarie Guliman
Thank you so much because my baby angel is sleeping for the song of lullabies
Bre Bre
Je suis Breauna! #LOVE IT like me if u love it
Brenda Ochoa
good musica y for babys thanks
Brent Diaz
Oh my wife she likes this song . I want to see my baby for her .😘😘
Caia Henley
This helps a lot thank you so much god bless you and I am 11 years old and this makes me fall asleep
Carmen Moreno ortiz
Me encanta este tipo d musica
Cathcath Maiquez
Thank u so much for this lullaby's music...very amazing..i didn't feel dificult how to make it sleep the baby i've takecare...coz every time i on this music...she will get to sleep...thank u😉😊
Chellesey Mae Celadena
My baby kyle fell asleep when he heard it thank you very much Wonderful lullabys
Christopher Looi
Finally my son fall asleep....this is the best,I highly recommend this video
Country Godess
This is great to put on when my daughter can’t sleep, it’s so amazing how much a little bit of lullabies can do ☺️ this is truly a life saver, well.... in this case, a sleep saver
Cupquakejr 123
I'm just happy because it gets my baby to sleep😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Daijah Vivalamusikka
damn it its 5am i haven't been to sleep all since last night baby girl tummy hurts. .. baby is finally calm but its putting me to sleep too
Dennis Carrillo
Thanks so much for this. It makes mi baby brother fall asleep. This really works. 😘💜💓❤
Diaboric D
Sometimes it puts me to sleep before my baby boy😀😀😊 He enjoys dad's book reading but this one starts the ride faster.
Dienifer Torres
Minha irmã dormiu rapidinho quando começou a ouvir essa canção de ninar 💓💓💓
Elicia Lucas
It's really good because it gets my baby girl to to go to sleep in 2 seconds thank you so much Wonderful lullabys☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Erick Jones
Thank you wonderful lullaby for making this. It really helps my niece to go to sleep.
Erika Guzman
My baby do fall at sleep..thank u for the relaxing baby music 💯
Erika Perdomo
Forever Submitted
My eyes are sooo heavy baby sleeping but I’m suppose to do laundry. This was the point.... 🤦🏾\u200d♀️
Galaxy Gacha
This is his favorite song my baby brther
Gina Aparici
omg it really works my baby camilla fall asleep shes now 1month old
Gustavo Guh
Muito bom deixou meus gêmeos de um ano bem calmo.
Hồng Sen
Music great
Its me Michael myers
I let my baby sis to sleep it work thx
Jeffery Hamlet
That is a cute face
Jessica Pingel
I love this! I've been playing this since I was 5 months pregnant. I had my little one in August. He loves it! He falls asleep within minutes. Thank you so much.
Josefa De Jesus
Que linda cancao amei
Julian Dube
Instead of my 10weeks old daughter to fall asleep am the one who does oh wooooooow how great is this
Karie Rose
Hi me again I want to say thanks for be an amazing YouTuber
Karina Besse
Ooooo que tierno 😄😆☺
Kelly Furman
Love this ❤\nI've played other lullabys but nothing was as calm and relaxing as this one. My daughter falls asleep within minutes of hearing it. I also had a friend over and her son fought sleeping, so I put this on for her and within 2min he was asleep. I highly recommend parents to try this one as it was a blessing for me & my lil one. 😍
Kenyatta Whitworth
I loved this its so beautiful 🍓
Kieichi Engichy
I just wanna cry looking at my 4 month old baby sleeping so peacefully from this music 🎶❤️\n\ngood night my beautiful Aloria
Kiethline Manano
This is soo very nice thank u 😊😊😊
Loveness Mureverwi mureverwi
Your thoughts of the songs are very nice
Lucy Hudson
She didn’t go to sleep but made me go to sleep
Mailyn Boniao
Tnx so much my bby relaxing to sleep
Marcus Byd
. I will like this one it but me and my stepson to sleep thinking you
Marqus Corney
It just became my favorite,right now at this moment 🥰 \nMy wife and my daughter is in a deep sleep .....I’m surprised really \nThumbs up 💭
Melody Palomo
Thank you My consin full sleep first she was crylling but now is sleeping
Mireya Monjaras
I have been looking for these lullabies for soooo long!!! Glad you have it. My kids ONLY sleep with this one!! 💖💖💖💖U!!!
my baby is sleeping thank you for the help i hope you have a nice day
Nhx Tibayan
My son falls asleep within a minutes..thanks for this wonderful music baby helps me a lot. God bless to you.
Oussama KARIM
Merci beaucoup mon bebe venere\nJe taimerai toujours....
Pallavi T
Tq this so good
Paul Clarke
The best way to get a Baby to sleep my first Baby was asleep in Five minutes \nGood night \nWonderful lullabies
Public Domain Classical Music
Dammit, I'm falling asleep myself...
Robin Garrett
Thanks for the soothing sounds
Rosy Lopes
Lindo,meu BB dormiu rapidinho❤️
Ryan Mully
🥰 love ❤️ it
Samantha Grayson
Everyday all day hearing hollering but when i cant put him to sleep and this help him sleep and actully works thankyou so much what made you do this ?
Sandy Reyes
Gracias muy bueno.
Sasha Lynn
It calmed my little guy down for sure however I made the mistake of letting him see the baby and he is jabbering to him/her. Lol.\nHe is yawning now yay!
Serena Gaugler
This is do helpful thank you so much she feel asleep in 3 minutes...thank you so much❤
Shaasia Merton
Every time I put on this thank you so much wonderful lullabies for putting out all this out this lullaby for kids God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful day in Jesus name amen lullaby my one-year-old sister goes to sleep and sleep for 4 hours straight
Shanvay Bangash
This is such relaxing music. I put it on for my little sister and she fell asleep in a matter of time. Thank you o much whoever wrote tgis
Shiley Swift
This song helped my sister. Go to sleep she could not go to sleep thank you guys for macking this song.
Sisi Pambo
Que linda cancão de ninar
Stephanie Gaona
It great bc its gets my baby sis to sleep in a min
T-bone hendy
ty you put my little baby sister to asleep. This is some good soft music 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤
Taylor Whitman
Plus when she was playing when I put this music on she just fell asleep.\nWho made this music is the best music player.\nI love this music and me and my heart will pop out and my baby is cute as she sleeping\nPlus I'm very happy thank you.
Tiffany Clark
Love this! My daughter is 2 weeks old and I've been playing this for her since I brought her home from the hospital. Also helps my 1 year old who has sleeping problems fall asleep. \nJust wish I could download this to my phone so Im not constantly on YouTube
Toni Groeschel
Love this music it put my 5 year old and my husband to sleep while we were in the hospital.
Traceyann Stafford
Yes this lullaby has worked for all four of my children. It calms them and they fall asleep in seconds.
Twoja Stara
I have issues with sleep and it helps me so much, thank you ❤️
Vandera Woods
This selection of song calms my baby every time! Thank you
Vanessa Beattie
So good got my screening baby to sleep wow it’s not easy because she was so hungry my mum sees it’s a miracle this is so good I think that it should be known world wide. 👶🏼
Viviana Maldonado
Me encantoo!!mi niño esta super relajado 💗💗
Zinx HQ
This is very good. My nephew fell asleep within 5 minutes. He tried to fight the sleepiness away but failed. I now have this saved.
aleksandar maro
The best.
anna Chenz
Awesome lullabies. I still play this lullaby from he is newborn until now he is 7 months. When he is napping or sleeping in the night. 👏👏👏
cookietacopretzelcookiegurl spatkleshygurlgacha
Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
ericka mariana torijano paez
Super increíble hasta yo 😴
jayvee rodrin
Thank you my baby boy sleep a lot thanks 👍👌😘
mhinE bAcuLAdO
the music was so lovely, calming and nice to hear..
mhylz bau
So good my baby sleep when we play this
mongon balaa
parmiss sorosh
خیلی خوبه
pemuda pemudi
it works
tom tom
My grandpa love it
wetty sulistyaningrum
Дарья Зорина
Марияна Мирон
زهرة الوتس
شكرن الاطفال بس سمعو هاي نامو😴😴😴😴😴😴