Hollywood Undead - Bitches [Lyrics Video]

Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : BitchesAlbum : Swan Songs Rarities EP / Collectors EditionLabel : A&M/OctoneSupport the band by buying their music.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way.It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only.All rights reserved.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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No wonder this doesn’t has a music video XD
2:14 \
Aidan Binni
Everyone is scared to show this to their GFs... but what does it mean when my GF showed it to ME?
Alex Malone
Deuce's random comments in the verses xD
Alexis Cooper
I'm 11 and my mom is in the other room I'm bout to play dis song on end (btw I got headphones that are really bad)
Alina Bluee
‘18 & still bumping em!!!
Amado Rodriguez
this song is very dirty........i love it!!!!!
Baby Goat
Benjamin Gallagher
Macho Burrito?! I died laughing xD
Bethany Herman
First song I ever heard by HU, and I was 16. Was at the park with my best friend at the time to meet up with her bf and when he came walking over to us, this song was playing on his phone. I asked him who it was, cause I found myself surprised, as I liked it. A year and a half later I saw them live for the first time. I've been hooked since. Saw them again in 2013, and just recently saw them a third time in September :-) almost 6 years and still love em! Also saw Deuce in 2012, he was fucking great, and I got to meet him :p
Big Homie
Has ANYONE noticed that someone says \
Bree Lynne
I never realized how dirty this song was until I found this lyric video lol
BrenDONE With Your Shizz
I sing this a lot and when i do everyone around me gets really disturbed and look at me like 'Yep, she's high and horny'
Caleb Cirksena
I was at my girlfriends and her dad asked me what music I liked. I said Hollywood undead. He said he never heard of them and asked me to show him their worst song. So I showed him this while my girlfriend was next to him. I thought her dad was going to stab me XD but the good part his he thinks I'm ok
I'll be mumbling he chorus in class and everyone near me just stares at me but my friend will be in the corner pointing at me,dancing,and singing along. We get wired looks a lot 😂
Carly Charlton
Why is this so catchy?
This sounded way better when I was half asleep.
Chance Manning
holy  shit, this song brings back memories.
Ciel Phantomhive
2:16. My favorite part! XD
Clayton Stewart
Charlie's verse KILLS me every time XD
Connor Ware the one true vampire demon assassin
Im charlie scene
Charlie in Bitches: \
anyone watching this masterpiece 2017?
Daniel Garcia III
Dat Jigglypuff
Chupa Mi Pito
Ddos Shadow
ummm is it normal that my grandma (which is really religious) loves this song A LOT ??? i think im thraumatized
DobrixSquirrel49 Gaming
am dying when charlie scene is starting his verse xD
Dohner 242
This song brings back memories of middle school. Feels like forever ago.
I remember when i first heard this and i thought the 'magnum' Charlie was referring to was the Ice lolly.
Emily Romero
You know this song is old when they say cellular phone
Macho burritos have been ruined forever. Lol.
Hayden Humpherys
we saw a different side to Charlie in this song
I pierce your soul
most of my family thinks I'm to young to listen to this and I still listen to it
Infamous Lawd
I have an odd urge to send this to my girlfriend 😋
Iron and Jaws
Anyone else just waiting for Ava to grow up and see what her father was doing with his life? XD
Jacob Lillard
can someone tell me what \
Jasmine Smith
12 year old me used to BLAST this on my stereo.
Jerimiha Stewart
Show of hands, who just realized that one lyric from black cadillac is from this song
Kacey Marr
All of their unreleased songs are actually their better songs. Like the ones that aren't in their albums
Kayla Rios
I put this on in the car and my mom was like \
Killa Klan
Don't even remember how I discovered this song... Was always listening to this and No. 5 on my iPod in high school. Class of 2011! Lol
Kimberly Hansen
Kitty Teacups
So a few nights ago, I was staying at my best friend's house cuz it was her birthday.\nHer parents didn't want us being loud while they were sleeping.\n\nMe and my friend were up at 3:00 a.m., listening to this on midway volume, pelvic thrusting the air, while painting fan art with makeup.\nBut hey.... They didn't wake up.\n\nFRIENDSHIP.
LPS bluesparkle
Is it just me or is it hard not to smile or laugh when listening to this song? (Yep I know I spammed the comment section but I have no other good things to do so yeah don't judge me)
Chupa mi pito! xD
Lexi Policz
who's still listening to this in 2016?
The most underrated HU song
And men wonder why Feminists attack us.....
i can totally relate to this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nathan Hammond
I wonder what the people that are offended by baby it's cold outside would think of this song🤔🤔
Nati Rocks
Nia Sohma
Can someone tell me why I like this band so much???????
Nike Music
im getting the CD that has all the songs from Hollywood Undead
Noneur bisness
Why the hell hasn't this band replaced one direction
Oh nO
i was at the gym... i had my headphones in.... but they wernt FULLY plugged in.... so everyone heard this song playing and i didn't even know..
Olivia Walker
I can't breathe\nI'm dying\nThis song is too much
Owen Schoewe
Best Hollywood Undead song in my opinion
Pax 1205
Chupa mi peto lol
Peterick Hurlman
Remind me to not blast this out while my parents are home
Ready Hacker
this is why I live
Rey of Jakku
This song is the shit, I've got it on loop
Rose Petal
I'm 5'2\
Ruff Rabbit Lxrd666
oh wow so inappropriate lol but love Hollywood undeads songs
Smug Guzzlord
2017 anyone
This is the only rock I like, all my other songs as Classical, Med evil, and the rest HU!!!
Steve V
fk yeah some classic HU #hu4life
Why isn't this on Spotify. That pisses me off ;-;.
Sydney Panchal
2018 bitches
Tarek Bradley
Im a #HU soldier
The Extraordinary Ordinary Family
Hmm imma hire these guys for my 3 year old cousins birthday party
Tierney Reid
Love Hollywood Undead\u003c33
Tyler Griggs
Love the hell out of Deuce
Um Manolo Qualquer
J-Dog's \
Valve Official
Does anybody else feel like the 15 second ads take like a year
My teen years: Listening to this and Everywhere I go at school. \u003c3
Black Cadillac reference?
What album was this on and why is it not on Spotify ?😭
Yusuf Guler
Who came back to this song after listening to Black Cadillac?
Zoe Towne
Ok is it weird that I'm a girl and I sing this in my math class? XD
I feel like of all the members J-Dog gets the least lines. I get why Da Kurlzz doesn't really get lines because he's the drummer, but J-Dog should get more lines in songs.
I showed this to my girlfriend,\nshe punched me in the jaw and left me.\n\nLeast i tried.
blazing gaming with J Dog
J3t killed it
crimson horseman
Is anyone still listening to this in 2018
gir vaglienti
Some of the lyrics are wrong, for instance, it's not I wanna hit 'cause I know that it's time, it's I wanna hit it 'cause I know that it's tight. I love this song, I know it by heart, I can sing it without looking at the lyrics.
This song is one of the many reasons why I love funnyman
kiara harper
Who’s still listening in 2018? 😍
mat hoffman
This is my favourite song but I always forget the name fml
*stops. Stares out window* Yep, that's HU for sure.
no thanks
This band is legit the better version of 1 direction
*is dying of laughter*
please tell me that im not the only one who heard 'funny man walked in and said chupa mi pito' and then went to find what chupa mi pito meant
username unavailable666
so was Charlie put on the list
werewolf kenny
xD how did i not find this song sooner
will felstorm
Let's both get naked girl you know that you want to.\