Xia Junsu Incredible Reaction w/ Multifacetedacg

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It's been a while but my sister (multifacetedacg) and I are finally together again! We had so much fun doing this reaction video for you guys and we really hope you enjoy it! But this is the last Xia vid for a while guys lol.Check out my sister's channel here:

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ladys, his name is Xia, pronounced as Shia not Zia or Zea.....
Amu Jane TV
OMG I love you both... plz make more videos together in the future
I'm not happy with the reaction because you guys didn't even pay any attention to the song, which is one of junsu's amazing songs ever.
Chanelle Jones
4:41 \
Some fine detective work.
Deb Libra
That's my girl... What's up MultiFacetedacg...  Didn't know that was your sis.  Thank you for giving JYJ member Junsu some love. As you can see they are the bomb. Quincy... Al B. Sure's son and P. Diddys step son. His name is pronounced Shia which means Asia. Xiah was his stage name in TVXQ... he just dropped the \
Madison Rice マディソン
Hey do a reaction to royal pirates shout out, ,JJCC FIRE, N.O.M Kidding Me
You guys be funny .... (\u003e_\u003c)
Sarah H
Sheelan Michael
WHAAAT!?!? HAHAHAHAHA NO WAY!!! I can't believe that's his kid!!! omg...at a loss for words...
Please react to Heavens Day of Changmin (Live/fancam)  :DDDD
janettie yeung
Please react to xia junsu no reason