Willie Nelson - The Harder They Come

Music video by Willie Nelson performing The Harder They Come. (C) 2005 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Highway Lost Nelson Records Reggae Willie

I wana smoke a big fat one with Willie...
Alexaandra Ale
why is he wearing a romania flag as a strap???
Anna Fisher
Wow, what a beautiful tribute to Jimmy Cliff and Jamaica! One love, Willie Nelson!
Bill Anderson
I respect you Willie. Your the man.
Bush Boy
thank heavens Willie born and was on this earth ... WISH THE NEW SINGERS TOOK NOTES AND WAS AS AWESOME AS THIS GUT
CannonCan Grow
Carla b
nice version
Carmen Gilliard
Clay Simerly
Another side of Willie I like very much ! great music !!
Connie Gomez
Babysat this mans' son in 1980/81 at Harrah's Villa So Lake Tahoe NV...so \
Dash Jeffreys
Willie has had such a full and colorful life, I admire him more than any other person on earth. Live long(er) and keep on keeping on.
Dominic Mendillo
wow what a trip lol the last time i was in jamacia i played there i gave away 800 us dollars to the elders and the youths long live willie
Dwight Da One
Would like to see Jimmy Cliff, Willie Nelson and Keith Richards (who also covered this) sitting together with guitars, having a joint and having fun
Edmund Smith
A beautiful and righteous rendition
Elizabeth deVries
Always love Willie. What's not to love. Lukas, his son, is here to stay like his dad! Check him out too. LOVE YOU WILLIE! \u003c3
Eric Novak
He is the \
Eszter Katocz
Jah Live...
Felipe Bueno
WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO Colombia, South America... Willie???
Felix KM Galanti
Long Live WILLIE! They aren't going to put that Kat down! It takes an Outlaw! Miss ya WAYLON!
Fort Sasquatch
Rasta Willie ya mon...cool.
Fred G
criss ke ce bon
Fury Voxx
Gabriel Arnett
Big up from Nassau Bahamas, Big up too Willie NELSON & JIMMY Cliff on this song, The Harder They Come The Harder They Fall I mean Babylon will fall..
Gabriel Demers
Thanks , Willie
Gary Graham
Glenn Österback
papadoo exuite mama lou
Jimmy Cliff\u003eWillie
Hannes Uttke
So cool! Wow! In german: Sieht der Typ nicht herrlich aus? Was für ein cooles Outfit...
Willie Nelson covering Jimmy Cliff just class, his collab with Toots is pretty awesome aswell
Jabari Craig
Blaze it willie blaze it...
Jack Rocket74
principle of life.... told by willie and jimmy....ignorant people are right always. So don't be ignorant.
Janet Farris
lovin my honey
Joe Kane
Older than my father but five years and still smokes dope oh wait cannabis
Jon Jewell
The producer of Country Man was the genius Lee Scratch Perry.
Jorge Mario Archila
Kapingshang kapai
god bles u
Koko Lee
Hi Willie
Linett Boyd
My sweet sweet Jamaica ...thanks Willie.....Jah mek ya
Lone Wolf
Go Willie...array man light up...LW
Vato Loco
Mar Vinn
Big up !!!!
Marco Lucas
The Harder They Come
Margaret Nelson
no. willie. plz. dont. give. up. o.k. thanks angels battle for jesus we
Mary Shafer
Sing the night life ain’t no good life
Mike Weber
Wow, Talk about cognitive dissonance...
Mirosława Romankiewicz
God blesse you. ....💙\nGreeting from beautiful Poland! 😄
Mod ems
So wise and true!
Nancy Beam
Never did I think WNelson in shorts.
NightEx PM
Big up!
Original Donovan
If a Top Ranking vocalist such as Willie Nelson covers a Reggae classic, you know just how good the song is. Respect W. N...
Peter B
Country music and reggae is a lot closer than you think. My Mother (Jamaican) was a big Jim Reeves fan.
R Brilling
No comment.....I just love this guy
That's great. I love Willie's late in life covers. What a man. \nI just found this cause I had to hear 'the harder they come' while the Trump family starts its fall.
Renato Souza
Como é prazeroso ouvir melodias e vozes como estas . Estou agradecido por conhecer este canal musical. obrigado.
Rita Rickenbach
I like Willie :-)
Robert Kristiansen
This is what a good songwriter is .I hate al that shit music that is being produced to day,But as he says The harder they come the harder they fall..........
Ryan N.
Willie, you're the best-
Sam C. Ruler
it's good, but I still like Jimmy's version more.
Seamus Jones
What would Willie Do??
Stephen Sherman
I will never forget Zion
Stormy Whether
He's talking about green. Who cares .
Susan Campbell
Oh my, I love you Willie!
Synthetic Humanoid
Damn.... This man is magical!!! from an heterosexual way!! I can say that I really love him!!
Toe-taping, thoughtful song. Thanks!
Yes...as much as i respect Willie Nelson...this is dreadful, cliched and lame compared to the Jimmy Cliff
Thomas Panto
Willie is WISE . Never blame the babies. Babies did not invent these medieval military empires . The babies did not even invent their own alphabets . Today, every Human Life is the VICTIM of the lies and laws in the place on earth that they accidentally got born into through no fault of their own . Forgive all to teach all.
Trevor Hogan
respect Willie man .. tuff tune to cover . but you made it your own . any track you cover seems to becomes your own good job brother keep it up .
Ursula Bornhauser
kabommm tune.............blessup
Vanesa Sallego
Willie is a musician/music that helps me get through life. My goal is to see him live before either of us move on to the afterlife. His music is epic.
William Kiely
I like it.
Willie Nelson Tunes
Willie Nelson. The best friend to the American Farmer, and one Hell of a Great guy!
its a good one
alta pape
Amen darlin'. Let it come around, it all tumbles like a domino trail.
ashley jones
It does show video but play miusc
chumba wumba
Blind Willie Nelson sings without moving his lips, amazing man, amazing hair and legs..
I really don't see why they would do that to his voice. Autotuned to blandness..
Over the top Cool !.....it don't get any better........
Only willy can sing this love the lyrics x
You are a well sighted man Willie !!
jdawgs place
One of the last heros....an awesome force...he ain't let accountants or age stop him yet...
katherine foster
Willie is. Forever and ever.\nOnly he could have re done that song, keep the spirit, and made it his own. And mine! \n
Extremely calming ♥
matteo de domenico
Iron Lion Zion.
nice lady
why couldn't Willy have been President? none of this fighting would be going on... I'd have voted for him. like trump but love Willie
norma perez
wow.!! my favorite by. Jimmy Cliff.!! love this willie.!! ♡
How could anyone dislike this this is real music like all of willie's song
Without those sunglasses he's really looking old. But still kickin' ass!
I dare everyone test themselves in getting the idea of this video.
sixty 7 ford
Roll me up and smoke me when I die
starting over
Hahaha the bigger they are.... The harder they fall. Just like David n Goliath
stephen sherman
I remember ZION
tony tookie
This is a cool song and i cool video. Well done Willie
trevor p
I like it
Take another toke WIllie! The USA does not deserve you.
Willie´s rules. 
Lovely video!