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those who need food for their families. any more questions I may be able to answer.
Abel Giron
I fucking hate chimps and monkey,and i think eating them is better than killing them for hunger for deforestation
I'd love to go on safari and bag me a chimpanzee. Just ignore all the haters. What you said makes sense.
Atomos Kalumet
If you think about it... if you eat an ape, you're technically a cannibal.
Dave Gnome
I will support any campaign to eradicate the gorillas, red head nut orangutans, chimps... or ALL those overpopulated MONKEYS in hk , any group should one approach to donate money for any of above project? or shall some raise such a rally call? ..aim= money saved are to be used for those half man half animal life style of those POOR HUMAN BEING ALL OVER AFRICA, SOUTHEAST ASIA, CHINA. N.KOREA...LAO.... etc...those victims from EVIL RED regimes. i mean it....
Watching that fat pompous English know it all preach about how killing apes for food is wrong made me sick to my stomach. I grew up hunting in the American south. I still hunt deer, rabbits and duck among other things. None of the animals we hunt are extinct, because we have set hunting seasons and bag limits. Africans just have to learn proper conservation practices. Hunting apes for meat is no different than hunting any other animal for meat. Hunting apes for meat is not cannibalism.
Hawkin's Dog
A clear possibility of extinction? GOOD! I'll help with that, gladly!
Jake S
I would eat them both. They are just like deer. I hate hearing all these whiners like Jane (monkey screwer) Goodall try to treat them like they are people. I would put a chimp on the barbey in front of her.
Jazhua Vanboven
Is it just me or this has not the G about eating gorillas.
Lewis Girvan
lmao nice story
Matthew Penner
that is messed up! i can see if your hungry and you need food, then by all means kill and eat to survive but keeping a baby chimp chained up, being beaten and starved until death is wrong
@nuk3p0w3rd Diversity among genus? You're an idiot, this MONKEY is no more different than you and I, MONKEY'S smarter than you though..
Peter Bilt
well you and your posse help these people feed them so they won't kill apes
Pina M
I love these creatures ❤️
Oh fuck off.
Reza Ghaffarian Shirazi
we are relatives of chimps only 94% dna sequence. si ilarity doesn't mean we are cousins
Ronald Bass
Vishnu Vishnu
men kills each and every animal but when the animal attacks we called it's cruel..
primates eating primates
coffee bean
Kill them.....feed the damn hungry children.
doge man
so your killing a part of us
Dr Zeus Dr Zeus
one less....\na nice pile of meat ...\nplus....\n4 chimp foot ash trays.....\nlife is good....
martha matekino popata
this is so sad shame on them
max xosimo
Chimpz & Gorilla almost same da human and thy slaughter to eat da meat kwark...
Good kill them all and let God sort them.
mike johnson
So where do you draw the line idiot, stupid comment makes no sense at all.
Sooo... Why am I proud to be human?
Eating chimps, monkeys, apes. I find that disgusting and I'd have to agree with whitewolfwithblackSP, it seems pretty damn cannibalistic to me!
αηтση gαмєя
That is so sad