Reyes vs Mike Sigel $200,000 8-ball

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The match is a race to 2 out of 3 sets, with a race to 8 in each set. Winner prize is $200,000 --- largest in pool history; second place money is $100,000.

Reyes Sigel pool billiards 8-ball

Talking while Reyes is playing isn't great sportsmanship.
2k Con
Who is the best player ever lived again??? Talkin' 'bout character, personality, skills, nerve and cue-ball control... Mike Sigel is not even close to Efren Reyes.
Abe Mantell
Why is it legal for Mike S. to chat while it's Efen's inning? I thought you can only talk when it's your inning... it is conspicuously rude to talk wheil your opponent is shooting!!!
Al Vara
Efren is the greatest never be another like him.
Bienvenido Marcos Sabado
Mike is no where close to efrens skills. Miles away! Efren \
Blase Saxtet
The king of pool, Master of humbleness... Efren...
59:47 was definitely legendary (:
Bruh ruhh
Sigel in his prime vs. Reyes in his prime. No doubt Reyes will win all day.
Buddy Venturanza
the announcer sounds bias
Caleb Bowers
I hate it when the spokes people complain about how efren breaks the balls and does leave a shot for Mike! I'm sorry people it's the name of the game your trying to win not let them win lol efren is the best!!
Chad Quinn
Chandra Shekhar Mohanty
Biased commentators!! supporting mike. :( Not fair.
Chris Kindler
Sigel is just talking all the time but Reyes is playing.
Christopher Large
poor Mike no lay ups, L.J.J. and the other commentator make it sound like Efren isn't shooting hard shots, high pressure $200,000 match every shot is difficult, Mike is just like E. Strickland talks to much, Efren says nothing he just kicks a** and smiles, I like that
Co rré
they call efren \
D'Amico Dance
unbelievable for Mike to be named the greatest living pool player with Reyes alive and in the room. Ice water running through Reyes' veins, he's the real deal!
gosh, these commentators are just fishing for anything to say because they don't know anything. why are they overreacting to so many shots. they say things like unbelievable for shots that just aren't unbelievable.
Dan Hutchinson
Sigel behaves like a clown with absolutely no class..... Efren is a pleasure to watch, such an easy going wonderful personality and has more talent and class than the whiny little girl Sigel. We need more people like Efren in this world and less Sigels.
Dan Moscato
Efren..... the pinnacle of good pool. great attitude, amazing shot making, and humble... my favorite player
David Moore
Dont run your mouth ,run the table.enough said.
Derek D
Wow, 24 shots in a row to win the first set. Reyes is an animal .
Dod Dad
I treasured every single second of this video. I don't play pool. I didn't know who would win. I hadn't heard of Sigel but I recently began watching some of Efren's wins on Youtube. The commentary was generally good but I wish the commentators would focus a little more on what the players are thinking, and explain better what the players were saying. I think I could become a fan of the game and the players. I even think I want to play the game myself. Where can I learn when the top players will be visiting a particular city?
Duckie mcduckie
reyes is such a humble man gotta love this guy
Emilio Dillera
How can you say that Mike Sigel as the greatest pool player? He was, until Filipinos came to the US and play. Mike Sigel, you are more irritating than Earl Strickland.
Fermin Torres
The host on the last part asked Efren if he wants to say something,of course he wants to say something man,he just won the match!Maybe he thought Efren cant speak english.
Fernando L
I like how Efren giggles. He acted like it's lucky shot. Very humble pro player.
Gary Blagdon
He made $100,000 and played as well as an amateur. Not a bad take home prize for that ass whipping!
God's Cop
I like Mike, But Efren is the best living player in mho.
Helge Aslaksen
Mike Sigel is talking loudly with himself all the time. It's so annoying. Efren Reyes is so calm and professional.
Imraan Adams
Reyes attitude is just so much better than Sigel.. That is why Reyes will always be a better player
mike was humiliated..
Joe Marquis
Sigel total disrespectful talking in the background while Reyes shoots....
Joel Brittain
These commentators are killing me. The woman knows what she's talking about but WHY are these other two know-nothings even there?
John Ball
Efrén Reyes is a legend, one of the best pool players in the World. I was lucky enough to witness 6 of his games back in Los Angeles in the 90`s. Lots of impossible shots but he made it looks very easy.
John Smith
12:24 \
Jon ilonggo
The best pool player of the world made in philippines
Jose Manuel
Reyes the most humble player I've seen, his actions are louder then his words greatest ever.
Josh Martin
1:04:09 Mike touched a ball on the table before all the balls had come to a rest. Should have been 5/0 in the second.
Kameron Jergenson
Efren is way better he takes like 5 seconds to look at the table and he already knows what he's doing
Kristine Celeridad
Reyes is the king of billiards, not Sigel.
Lou Paul
Reyes is humble and gives Sigel respect at the end.
Louie M
Efren lets his cue do all the talking
Lucas Antollin
Filipino: boxing, billiard, karaoke, chess.
lol reyes missed those shots on purpose! So humble he felt bad for Siegel
Miguel Abuan
I believe that \
Miguel Bascao
You can't help but smile when Efren screams out: YESSSSSSSS on his final shot😂😂
Mike West
Great example of why the quiet guy always win.
Mo Ri
Efren is not fluent in English but speech was heartfelt ..good enough to understand that he is such a humble individual as ever
Siegel displays poor form - dreadful execution of shots, talking continuously whilst an opponent is shooting (lucky for him Efren is so easy going), crying after his shots , almost ‘begging’ the crowd for sympathy. Considering Siegel is supposed to be a world class player, this ‘exhibition’ is pathetic!!
Patrick Griffin
Mike your talking can be heard by your opponent while he is shooting. That is unprofessional WTF??
Patrick Zoilo
efren is only the king
feels like the commentators were so biased for Mike. And Efren was getting so-called \
Reyginaldo Caralian
King of pool is over rated. Reyes is the greatest of all time. No one can beat his magical shots.
Rick Deckard
59:18 announcers eat their own words smh
Rishinder Dev Singh
if Mike can play as good as he runs his mouth, he could have won it.Reyes is always the king !
Ronald Cadavis
Its like REYES playing with a KINDERGARTEN CHILD
RonnyLama Richardson
Mike talks too much...Effren is the better player
RoyRoy Novak
In my opinion. When Efren made a ball by grazing off another ball he missed the next easy shot..smiled and walked away. Mike does nothing but make excuses and blame bad rolls and plays accordingly. Young players take note....positive attitude is vital. Remember...a missed ball is just another opportunity to do better!!! :)
Russell Senior
Great pool, bad announcers.
Mike just talks too much Stfu and take the L :)
Jones: \
Sergio de Jesus
the guy commentators sounded like they were commentating a sport they don't play, are they pro pool players?
Steven Hoang
Efren is such a calm and nice gentlmen
Superfly Samurai
My personal opinion is that Reyes is the greatest pool player of all time to play 8 ball, and he's in my top 3 9 ball players off all time. Plus he's probably the only pro pool player that could give a top 16 snooker player a good game at snooker! Playing both 9 ball and 8 ball I have to agree with what the commentators said, checkers and chess, love both games, prefer 8 ball! I've also played snooker on a full size snooker table, wow, if you think 8 ball is chess, then snooker is Grandmaster level chess!
You need to keep silent! Red Shirt
The Boss
Just spent an hour and 45 watching pool because I think I'm starting to become addicted
The rich art
you need magic to beat up a king and that is exactly what efren reyes got,,, pay some respect for the magician
$100k for 2nd place? Nobody lost here.
Timothy Ryan Fisher
Wow I don't even play pool and that was very entertaining, I got sucked in.
Try Thinking For a change
The best man won - great show. Nice to see a humble champion - shows true class.
Tyler Simms
sigel is that guy at the bar who always talks over your shot and acts like it's not a problem when he does.
Vincent Trottier
The commentators were so much on Mike's side xD
Vough Lalou
Mike Sigel is the greatest living pool player in the world ..... until he played Efren Reyes.
William Anderson
Sigel had no chance against Efren.
Yared Kinfe
Rayes is as calm and cool as cucumber !!!
I met Mr Reyes about 10 years ago at a pool hall I used to go to. People lined up for a long time to play him. He gave you the break. My game...I nothing in. I sat down....that was it. He ran the game was over lol
reyes took sigel to school
How come I like this match so much ? I've watched it about 10x
i had to watch this game with \
cums cumi
Talk more do less ( mike ) , do more talk less (efren)
I love that sound when the ball drops into the pocket
the only time I got nervous is when efren was asked to say something after winning. lol
isaiah ashman
I told myself I'd only watch a little bit before bed... here I am 1 hour and 15 minutes deep
Siegel you were the only the king..But the King cannot be matched with the Magician which is the toughest player to beat because he has all the shots that you wouldn't imagine and that is why Reyes is untouchable in pool!
jobert berto
at 16:33\n\
john grande
That shot at 59:21 was unbelievable Reyes is the greatest
59:29 he's a God. I actually woke my parents from sleep.
Efren Reyes is dope!
I'm watching pool for over 20 years now. Efren Reyes is the best all-round ever!!!!!
Commentators seem really biased towards Sigel, talking about bad luck and having no \
raflian tangguh
mike is no match for reyes
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saeed atenzi
It is so funny when people say sigel was the best player.
sawdust 69
sigel should quit whining while efren is shooting.damn what a choke job.
terry thao
Sounds like the table announcer are bias.\nGreat game though.
This tells you right off the bat that America likes winners, doesn't matter where you came from or what color you are.
vic luevano
Man sigel has the ugliest stroke and couldn't shut up during this match