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Last week, four mountain gorillas were slaughtered in a Congolese National Park. This kind of illegal hunting of highly threatened species is one of the biggest threats to wildlife around the world, and Conservation International is leading the fight to put an end to this kind of killing.

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Ali AlZaabi
how could you say that man animals have fellings you know look at the female gorilla and her baby she has feelings for it =(
Aly Aly
You should be ashamed of yourself, you sir are a coward and one of the many reasons we should all be disgusted with about what we have become. We finally evolve to but together coherent thoughts, and this is the kind of garbage you spew.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
fuck you, i like hamburgers !
Bella G
\u003c3 gorillas they are pretty much human. Go die if you agree with the slaughter of any animal
Carolina Rivera
First of one goes hungry eating fruits and vegetables! Second, if they needed the meat to eat ..why do they leave so many dead gorillas around? Third, gorillas are usually killed to sell their hands as an ashtray! This breaks my heart!
catraboy3 says about how americans do damage. sure that is true, as do british, french and other western countries. however i don't see how this justifies the act that these folk are doing?
puta gente asesina ...
Darnell Brooks
Don Bosco
@Mitchel141 they are harmless and innocent. never done anything wrong to you
Finlay Fitzy
what the fuck there are only about 400 mountain gorillas left so fuck Congo. Why the fuck do they hunt them i think the country's that make guns should stop giving \nAfrican country's guns all they fucking do is have civil wars make children that other country's feed and eat bosh meat as in Chimpanzees \nLowland gorillas , Mountain gorillas , and lots more in danged animal they are one of the closed things to humans so fuck Africa !!
Gianluca Carocci
you idiot.Humans are a species of the mammals, like monkeys, dogs, cows, lions, etc ...... understood ?Monkeys are NOT our ancestors.We are NOT monkeys.Monkeys have just a \
Israel Wolstein
That's so sad (: Can something be done to stop this? \nI was having a good day but this shook me up.\n\nPS: BLM
Jake the dog
This is how nature is.
Joker Mcnald
human are evil. without human animal can live with their own.
Some times we as humans quite contrary, These assholes are giving effort & money into saving some ape's lives and at the same time foregoing the millions of Congolese refugee. Even we as humans are no where near extinct. It doesn't have to be ....... you know........ Ape's lives are more important then human's. What kind of hypocrites are these.
Kamel Jones
How do gorillas get caught and their strong as hell?
Marcelo Rivas Rod
Esta biem, de hecho yo he matado un sinúmero de animales y los seguiré matando, cuando no haya nada más que matar, empezaré con los presidentes de cada república. Mientras tanto, SIGAMOS MATANDO!!! MATEMOS LO QUE SE MUEVA....WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\nC`MON...LEST DO IT
Robin Jonsson
humans are evil...
Scarlet Stark
The white man stepping in to save the black man. This is true democracy.
Shariel Cherub
How terrible... I was there in the Virungas in 2004. The gorillas are magnificent, gentle beings; a joy to behold, free in nature (no cages). I hope and pray for their survival.
Super Friday
Because people pay money to hunt animals in Africa, and gorillas are included. I met a guy who pays thousands to hunt animals in Africa. It's a business.
they will one day take over the world, kill all humans, slave us:D
Wayne Lawton
@silliegirl50 slag
Ziad Mohamed
me too\nyou need to see this video \n\n((Mercy Halal Islamic Slaughter part 1 ))\n\nthanks :)
the tragedy of these people is equal to the tragedy of the gorillas. it´s so easy blame them... they kill gorillas, western people kill the planet. one american cause more damage to the ecosystem then 100 congolese.
theyre poor... put yourself in their shoes for once. survival of the fittest
We are not all that different. \nThe genetic difference between humans and chimps = 1.11%, human/gorillas=1.43%, humans-oragutans=2.98% (wikipedia). But that shouldn't be the main reason to protect them.
dank theif
WHy cant we just treat poachers like cats and dogs in china?I would like that very much.
Just getting rid of future competition.
I personally don't agree with the gorilla slaughter, but its their country. We can complain til we're blue in the face, but its totally up to them. Who's gonna stop them, the UN? They have no enforcement powers!
the only thing people can do to save them is to sanction everyone who buy the gorilla. Its because someone is buying that kind of products that they kill this animal if there is no market there wont be someone trying to supply. Another thing they could do is to raise them and repoblate with hunting pourposes and the money they recive of hunting permision can be used for more repoblation programs
maria Villa
que es esto?
people have to understand that the people that kill them are poor people thta re trying to survive and eat or maybe support a family, im not saying its right cause its very wrong but when a human is put in the brink of death, they will do ANYTHING for money and if that includes killing a gorilla for money theyll do it. point is: THATS LIFE
mike johnson
If they all die a part us dies with them. Stop the killing.
These people are straving and you are worried about a few gorillas?
kid you really are a idiot. Also being a racist is not illegal you moron. Cant wait till I go to Africa and hunt some stupid ass monkeys. O also monkeys are not a race they are a species you idiot.
A lot of the people who hunt them are probably just people who want to feed their family. By the way according to some African's they are not gentle creatures.