Chimpanzees team up to attack a monkey in the wild - BBC wildlife

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Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: Watch the planning and specific positions involved in a detailed chimpanzee attack on a colabus monkey deep in the forest. Amazing videos of when animals attack from BBC Worldwide.

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Boy there are a lot of trees in Oakland
77 Yy
See vegans even these 'herbivores' kill and eat meat. There not carnivores and still have killer instinct just like we would in the wild.
judgemental humans slightly out of touch with human reality\nthe scale of humans killing animals is great on this earth today\nchimpanzees were once thought to be savage animals, then it was thought they were very peaceful, then it was learned they do hunt- especially monkeys\nthey don't buy those monkeys at a store, it's real\nthey dig babies out of hiding holes in trees with sharp sticks and eat them alive\nthey chase down adults and eat them on the spot\nthere's a reason animals fear us \nwe are the ultimate killers
Alex Skywalker
aww man they didnt show the part where they rip the limbs off the monkey
Aname Goeshere
DAT D N' B.\n\nXD
Anon Anon
Bit..but..but chimps don't eat meat!
Anselmo Basoria
Humans use dogs to flush game out. Radical
Anthony Booth
Man when they caught the food they cheered like they won the super bowl
Antonio Montana
This is raw footage from Ferguson, Missouri after the Michael Brown shooting.  LOL
Ariel L
We didn't get to see anything boo
Ashish Rana
Forests are so dangerous, unpredictable, cruel. Glad that humans made their own home far away from forests.
Ashraf Anam
Tailless and advanced against tailed and primitive
Bimmie Jamez
Someone has to have said it already but \
Boobie Deamon
Ape shall not kill ape. Unless if it is a white human police officer killing a pavement ape with Jordans on and a fitted cap according to Ferguson grand jury.
Bulb Flowers of Southern Africa
Kind eating kind. Makes one wonder if Homo Sapiens didn't eat these guys into extinction: --\u003e Homo Rudolfensis. Homo Abilis. Homo Floresiensis. Homo erectus. Homo Neanderthals
Cheetah Thunders.
nature is so cruel.
Christopha Soluna
Behold the origins of war.
Chuck Cribbs
They didn't show it being ripped to shreds.
Clown Whisper
every time I see this video show up on my TV it makes me so angry that these so-called scientists and this documentary blatantly lie everything that they're saying was at one time speculated never proven only speculated but since has been totally debunked. The way there they're presenting this is if it is proven and it is not actually been disproved
Conor Reeves
such a strong gank
DAY-V Entertainment™
They're cannibals!!!
Dagger - الخنجر
3:01 so Tarzan is real ?!!
I love the jungle music playing.
David Gibson
Wow that was like a football game. It looks like Group hunting was the evolutionary stepping stone to warfare for our common ancestor with the Chimps. Like us it's usually the males that hunt, kill, and go to war for more territory and therefor more resources. I think even Australopithecus lived in large groups or clans and they worked together like Chimps do. Australopithecus looks small for an Ape, but they had their hands freed up to pick up a big stick or throw a rock and there's always strength in numbers. You see Chimps do it sometimes. Now these guys weren't fast but were smart enough to look out for buzzards though. If you can scare off the predator then you can get it's kill and I think we did that as a group. 
David Gonzalez
This was absolutly brilliant
Diego Claudio Sergio
team deathmatch
Donald Dewar
Top notch video, hooked by that fast paced music, police show-style overhead footage and the Scottish presenter's superb commentary. Amazing how chimps can plan and execute an operation like this.
Dr. Gill Gilliam
Man,Detroit is violent
Eric Hiatt
This is about the extent of human collective intelligence as well. Not that coordinated predatory behavior isn't useful, but it's not going to let you conquer the universe, especially when you spend most of your resources engaged in predation when the latent capacities of the collective mind harbor the potential for further reaches. Capitalizing on the predatory evolutionary mechanism, as civilization does, is driven by the mechanism itself. A species that can't develop the collective wisdom to overcome this is doomed. The universe created this behavior. This behavior, however, is not fit to last long in the universe.
Fly Guy
G Hall
They need to be irradicated.
Are they hunting or just messing around? How much meat do chimps eat on average... What is the meat % in their diet?
Gonzalo 2702
So this confirm we shouldn't be vegan...
Of all videos. why are these not in HD?\nVevo shouldnt be a priority.
Guy inSJ
I am wondering if the monkey get nearsighted or farsighted - like human?
Nature? You Scary!
Ian Malcolm
Iwan Susanto
incredible nature and creature, masyaAllah.
James Bissell
I didn't know there were so many trees in Chicago.
Jason Shoraka
since when do chimpanzees hunt and kill other animals? is this the Mandela effect from where I'm from chimpanzees only eat fruits berries nuts and maybe ants
Karimjajatata Jajatata
killer perfect
It's their EYES. Can you see what i see? \nChimps' eyes betray their thoughts.
Kenny Mango
Leonardo Galarza
Levon Gevorgyan
Oh, our cousins, waging war, hunting, killing. They know what  right is. Why don't we?
MCFCRuss Brown
thats some agility the chimps have there for saying they weigh around the same as an average human being or there abouts
Miguel Santiago
Shoot them useless vicious chimps.
Mike M
Rogan brought me here also !
Mike Nianiouras
Awesome catch up, thanks
I'd posit that these chimps are literally smarter than some humans in regard to this skill ..can you imagine humans trying to coordinate this? They'd starve haha
OMG fake infrared staged with animated figures! 3:30 how lame.\ufeff
damn theyre good
Brains, the most terrifying weapon nature has created.
Munde Rex
Dindo nuffin
Interesting how they set the trap up. They know the monkeys are more capable of moving rapidly through the trees at that elevation (and able to do so more freely), so they coordinate to counter it.\n\nRed colobus monkeys are also relatively bad leapers, though (for species capable of that form of arboreal locomotion), and have been known to fall. I wonder if the chimpanzees ever exploit this by trying to drive them to places where they'll likely miss a leap.
Neal X
These chimpanzees demonstrate more planning, coordination, and intelligence than the average teenager playing Team Fortress 2, that's for goddamn sure...
Chimpmania brought me here.
Nx Doyle
There are a couple of things missing from this snippet. It's not impossible for a chimp to catch a Colobus. Also, it's worth pointing out that, like humans, chimps don't care all that much about conserving resources. They're quite happy to kill more Colobus monkeys than they need for food.
Ortens Finest
Power Respect
Excellent camera work! Pitty we couldn't see the catch, but seeing the coordination was brilliant! Thank you
Questman S R Bharati
We trust in god, the Elohimic knowledge and energy, but an educated human cannot reject the evolution fact!?
Disgusting ...
Who's talking? David Coulthard?
joe rogan brought me here
drum n bass in my documentary? awesome
Ricardo Perez-Ramos
I think i shall teach a few chimps to play call of duty. We will be unstopabble.
Filmed on a AC-130 like seriously it looks like a Call of Duty mission😂😂
SpAceX Fan
Spazzing Falcon
Damn monkeys got names of their positions? What is this the nba?
Steven Candra
Im here to support The Joe Rogan Experience and Bill Burr
smart team
Vex T
And vegans still think they're super bias ideals are morak and ethical, even though these chimps are clearly shown to eat meat from a monkey.
Vyas Chady
The chimps were being watched and recorded at all time, cameras around them and maybe even a drone in the air, by us humans. The chimps had no idea that they were being watched, even though they do seems intelligent, but compared to us humans we are far more advanced that is why we were able to conceal and observe and learn their motions and determine at what stage of evolution they are. Now, take that in for a second, if we were being visited, watched and studied by a more advanced race of neighbours, they could very well be looking at us like we look at monkeys and we might not even notice.
balls deep
Str8 killa
BBCWorldwide still coming at you in 144p in 2017
de chenmo
amazing hunters and tactics. Tribute to chimps.
I know kung fu
Powerful life.
Didn't Jimmy the Greek make a comparison between this and NFL defense men?
hassan ullah
ah 240p, we meet again
kieran mitchelle
drum and bass chimps bought me here
klent Nuez
that is really awsome ;))
kuldeep solanki
In history , nature always wins over culture
meme the memestar 69
Civil war
Tonight we dine on the white devils
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Wow..That video and the accent of the narration.... +100000
*Haven't they heard of McDonalds* ..................
spyro matt
anyone know the DnB track name? or at least a song that sounds almost exactly the same as it?
toto wolf
Night vision was so bogus
Oh! . .  another documentary about Americans
0:56 look at that dudes face . He is on a mission.