Beyoncé - Baby Boy (Video) ft. Sean Paul

Beyoncé's official video for 'Baby Boy' ft Sean Paul. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:Baby boy, you stay on my mindFulfill my fantasiesI think about you all the timeI see you in my dreamsBaby boy, not a day goes byWithout my fantasiesI think about you all the timeI see you in my dreamsAah, oh my baby's fly, baby ohYes no hurt me so good, baby ohI'm so wrapped up in your love let me goLet me breathe, stay out my fantasies

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Acik adi
One of the best song ever...
Ahmed Mejri
I think im the only one listening in 2018
Aisha Sharma
2019 💋💕🎶💖
Alana Banks
I wish they can bring back music and videos like this . Realistic
Alicia Thacker
Sean Paul made this song sexy!!!
A moment to appriciate bey's Old Natural booty
Anderson St. Martin
Man that was hot!!! but not like in that dirty way but in the way sexy should be...\nBeyonce's a queen and will always be, she's an inspiration for every young artist (such as myself)... The beat, the lyrics... i mean this song is so great...\nHopefully One day i can get to at least inspire one person (and that'll be the most awesome thing ever). i Do covers btw, could you please check any of them out? they really are good.\nHope i didn't bother you, sorry if i did!\nPeace!!
Angel helen
Amo as músicas da byoncee
Anna Lima
2018? ❤️🇧🇷
Annah Christinne
This is my favorite song of all-time.
Bricela Tania Cáceres Limachi
Alguien 2018 \nLo lo sigues escuchando aunque se haya hecho en 9 años
Briyunta Knowles
This will forever be one of my favorite Beyonce song😍😍😍
Carlos The Athletic Weeb
Anyone see calebcity new video today?
Chrichna Dacelien
Cibelle Camilo
Rainha faz isso muito diva 😍😍😍
DaJon Ellis
JayZ is one lucky bastard
Dance Ent
Baby boy, let's comesingalingdone
Danica Coleman
Beyonces body was goals back in the day,..
Dena Alencar
Ay love Beyoncé!!!!
Divine Styg Stylez
scott storch killed it !
Elley Dre
Beyoncé!!! She’s an amazing entertainer
Etta Dee
Iconic video and song
Who s listenning in 2019?
Fluox Trix Channel
Album top demias ! Clipe sensacional 2018 Br
George Santos
Its been 10 yrs baby boy! 😜☝🤘
Guadalupe Andrade
Mexican politics be like \
Cant believe she was only 21 in this video
Heni Puspita Dewi
This is brutally underrated, and this is one of her best music video, who is with me?
IGuessIt’sOk YungRichBaby
Her body 😍😍😍😍 goals 😩😩😩😩🔥🔥🔥
Ibiza xxx
I would have prefer beyonce with Sean paul instead of Jay z
Israel Palomo
Beyoncé is just a Naughty Girl who's just Crazy in Love with her Baby Boy.
I miss music like this
Jaedie Smith
2018? Any one else 😍\nAll the way from Honduras...\nI ever loved this song since it first came out on BET in 2003 \nAwesome 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Kwasi Asare-Bediako
2018? Anybody?
This is the Beyoncé that I love and miss.
Leo Costa
Fazer couver de sean poul y sasha e facil, dubla essa filha. ..hsuahau
Lizz Marie
Sean was HUGE back in that time and he was a cutie too.. So I can see why jay didnt want beyonce to film with him. He saw him as a threat for sure lol.. But damn they wouldve been a hot couple together .. Shame
Marcus Reeves
Has anyone noticed the versatility on Beyonces videos ??? Its like most of the have one white girl , one light skinned black girl and one dark skinned girl. Im really impressed with Beyonce !
I love sean paul, he's voice's different of the others
Mi Mi
Beyonce be:\n\nDrunk in love\nCrazy in love \nstill in love\nDangerously in love\n\n\nand i cant even get a boyfriend
Michael Holmgaard
Seal Paul had the most awesome beats, and Beyonce was the hottest thing on the planet! I miss the danceable music of the 00s ;)
Love beyonce anyone watching 2019?
Naudia Villalba
god dammit! when you can't decide what video to pick from the suggestions because they're all so good Dx
Nicolás Galeano Villate
Sean Paul predicted Snapchat\nHe says Snapchat Girl xD\n\nEdit: I could've never expected to have as many reactions on any comment of mine :o
Nyah Acosta
I love her so much even her songs I wish I could met her in person 👑❤💗🦄🔥🎤🎧📱🎹🎸🎼🎙📷📸
Olivia Griffin
Pamela Silva
2019 😍👏🏾👏🏾
Perry Sta Ana
Cleopatra music 100%😍😍2019
Damn she looks so young and fine 😭 a whole diff person now
Ra-sone Rucker
That very moment 3:21
Ramatoulaye Sam
2018 show me that im not alone
Rashara G.
Beyonce was so slim then. She's beautiful slim and thick😍😍😍
Who's here from Caleb City👀
Rose Vlogs
3:22 fav part 🙏
Caleb did it better dont lie to yallselves 😂
Ryan Tackett
Beyonce Your Music Stays On My Mind. Can't Wait To See You Live July 30
SP Star
sekali\nI searched for this song long after watching the 2013 Beyonce Superbowl, and finally found it, I'm very happy😻😍
Sasha Vega
South Meech
I really watched her grow into a queen no other girl can’t compare
State the facts
Certified quality music 🎶 Sean Paul and Beyoncé❤️❤️
This is still her sexiest video and one of the sexiest videos of all time in my opinion.
Super Best Friends
Every time I hear this song here and on the DL Hughley Radio Show it so reminds me of one of my Army buddys from Basic Training. He was from Kenya and he would easily leave us ALL in running without even trying. The instrumental of this song reminds me of him so much because I first heard it back when I was in basic 2002 , he was from Kenya and this here is an African beat so I always enjoy listening at the beat and just imagining him running swinging his right arm with his left arm extended down by his left leg.. He was real cool a true friend, I didn't have money to buy the platoon photo because I didn't have my ATM card yet so he gave me the money to pay for it without me even asking. I of course payed him back after my parents visited me with money, I was 18 back then.
Sylla Atlas
This was the soundtrack of Galliano's iconic egyptian collection for Dior
TH Tutors
2019 alguém ? u.u
The choreography is ICONIC.
Thando Thando
The day is coming where Beyoncé’s music videos will be treated as treasures. People who didn’t appreciate her will begin respecting her. I promise
Thaylla Valentina
Alguém 2018? 🇧🇷
Thiago Araujo cunha
Vim por causa do super Brow
Tracy Knowles
this first together ❤ this song queen b
Vasemaca Kolikata
June 2018...any1...😍😍
Vitor Perronito
Wellington R
The question of the century...What you listen in 2:38? \nBaby boy, conceive an angel?\nBaby boy, come sizzling down?\nBaby boy, consider laying down?\nBaby boy, come save your angel?\n😂😂😂😂
Came out on my birthday :)
X Chris X
Back when Sean Paul made good music
YahBoi N8
Calebcity got me vibin to this song 😂
Yavuz Sultan Selim
There are 3 types of english : \n1- UK\n2- USA\n3- Sean Paul
Young So Cool Boss
2018 Classic Legendary Beyoncé
Zion Brown
Fun Fact: the reason why you don’t see Beyoncé and Sean Paul in a scene together during the wholllleee video😩 is bc Jay-Z told Beyoncé he didn’t want them filming together bc he viewed her outfits and dance moves too revealing 😋
anne njoroge
10 years later and i am still watching 2019!!
aurelie nebwe
This song gets me moving on the dace floor, in my car, on the street, in the mall, in my house and when this body moves, theres no stoping it..
chinelle wedderburn
chrisnes rey
2018 anyone?
don skinny
timeless music
Don't get me wrong, it's a great song but the cover from Leo Moracchioli killed it
jays racing
Still hot ....just different makes me feel like it's year 2000. The real Beyonce before jz got it.
julio cesar
quem ta assistindo em 2019 curte ae
TB, I had this song on repeat! back in the days 😂💓
I don't care who you are, if this song doesn't make you want to strut like a catwalk model I would have diagnose you as broken.
Baby boy let’s conceive an angel??? I’ve been singing wrong lyrics for all this time 🙄😂
sly 5722
1:42 Damn what highlight she wearing 🤔 it’s poppin’
soul me
Sean paul + Beyonce = hottest thing on earth
wallace torrieri
Q lindo o Pablo Vittar em 3:23
yakshitha punati
My fav part of video 3:21 to 3:51
Петя Петрова
2018 and I still love it
爱中国 爱中国
This song would’ve done a whole lot better if there were no sabotaged.