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Anyone else trying to catch a few extra zzz’s with this on first thing in the morning? 😂
ALi Sevgi
Im at a meeting with the president and i have this song going in my head, thanks to my daughter
AandJay'sEndlessPlaylist's 1
Anyone else just reading comments cause you can't do anything else on your phone cause your baby wants to hear all the songs lol. Not gonna lie I've grown fond of these songs better than most \
Alejandrina Hernandez
You make that fake am going to tell pink pong ( calls yes ping ponk end of the call)\n\n\nHe said that you are rood! Ok sorry its all fake😂😂😂😂😂
Who came here cause of Kylie Jenner?
Amy Luong
Poor fishes the grandpa shark is the megalodon
Andrea Correa
This video has more views than jake Paul’s views all together
Annie Cirilo
Awesome I love it little shark doodle shark doo.
Ashton Oja
where is the megaladon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BabyBus - Kids TV - Songs & Stories
Another baby shark is coming! Super Police Shark!
Behind_the mangle
I like this song better than the original
Bird Lover28738
My baby cousin is OBSESSED with this song! It’s so funny! He had his first birthday themed baby shark!
Buzz Buzz
someone end my permanent suffering, as i continue to expose myself to this content for no apparent reason, and its having a detrimental effect on my already weak brain. i crave peace so desperately yet i can never seem to find it. please, end it all.
We all love this song in my house 😂
Callie Jones
i am watching this for fun
Caomi Kittens
Everyone in meh school is singing baby shark 😂😂😂
I don't even have a kid
Cierra Forever
I’ve played these videos for my baby since she was a couple months old. Now 10 months old, she hears one little note or sound from Baby Shark or any of these songs and it’s drop everything with the biggest smile on her face as she crawls towards the music 🎶 😍 Thank you Super Simple for providing us with such great, baby-friendly content that both children and parents can enjoy 😉
Conrad Wilson
We’re playing this in band class just to be funny
Contra Cabal
what the heck? i wanted 55 minutes of the baby shark song!
Craftgirland Friends
Me trying to listen to thurnder clouds from sia next thing you know a random baby comes and yells out BABY SHARK NOW
Curtis Taylor
Baby shark out there slaying sum th0ts
D a n i i
I knew this since this got ‘popular’
Dary Colon
But yes my son loves this so soo much..💗☺
David Chavez
Is this gonna be a new meme?
Depressed Tord
This song was in my math class I was embarrassed
Eleonora Clark
Great \
Emma C
Babyshark is taking over LOL
Esther Chen
This is my baby's favorite video, she dances and laughs whenever she hears it. We showed her another version of baby shark and she wouldn't have it. You guys are the best!
G* 59
15:00 me every night
GamerGirl Autumn
*me listening to baby shark at 2 in the morning when i have school tomorrow-*
Why am I watching this?
Happy fox Playz
Y do I watch this I’m 11 XD I guess cuz it’s a meme
Like this version than the other ones on YouTube
Hydrode Gaming
I'm 20 and enjoying this.
Thumbnails kinda dark....
JM Enterprises other account
How did this get popular
Jas, Family and Cousinz
22:26 literally me all the time
John Moni
Who sat through the whole 55 minutes. I did 🙋🙋\u200d♂️🙋\u200d♂️
JordanGreen 7
Why am I here, I have exams
Jovanni Romero
Bruh I lowkey like this it sound good the shark one
Juan CastroC
like aca si algien habla español
Just a Potato
So mny veiwes
LPS Sammyg
My friends want to play this song at music class to annoy people and we did. Well...... there was one kid that screamed canabilisim.
Les Patapons
Baby shark is so cute !!
Lucas Sousa
Baby shark yay
Maddie •
i listen to baby shark when i am sad and it helps so much
Mandeep Singh
My brother really likes the Baby Shark Song he sings it everyday after school
McKinley Messick
every night my cosin watchs this😆😆😆😆😀😀😀😀😃
Mihal Dallta
The baby shark was sooooooo cute
Mimi Nguyen
This sounds less annoying than the original one. This one is relaxing and calm.
Minnie Msp
I'm dead
Missi !!
My whole school knows this song it’s like famous then ever
Why so many video adv in between a kid video? Thumbs down!
Monserrat Ilagor
Second cousin twice removed shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...
NattyX cz
My baby brother is always stealing my phone but have to give it to me so I can put on baby shark. 😂
Niklas Selin
Fy helvete vad dålig låten Lollo och Bernie ha ha ha ha
Nubia Teol
Me encanta
Otnbla Firecat
Alguém do Brasil em 2018.
Patrick Bateman
I was born 24 years ago and im still here
Pretty Cool Things Hannah jordan
I don't have a kid but every one in my school loves this song...
Memes anyone?
Rachel Douglas
Just had a baby.. this is where it starts
Ronaldo Martinez
Baby shark: beta edition
Rosenthal Bros
I'm 12 and I listen to this while studying... So calming!
Scarlet Mora
Sheriff Rubes
They got my whole school singing this song-\nEdit- They played it at the school glow party too
Shilpaprakash Esturi
Who all think it is cute???!!
I don't even have a kid
Summer Michelle
Who else heard people singing this at school and looked it up
Baby shark is a bop
Tiffine Asbell
“Sweet Dreams” is just beautiful. I turn this video on for my 12 month old every single day while I tidy up. I’m so thankful for this video! ❤️
Uneverknow L
baby shark is my favourite😂😂😂😂
Viktorija Voisiat
i am 10 years old and these are my favourite songs😳😊😘🦄
William Parr
No entiendo nada de nada soy el único latino en este canal
XxBats4LifexX 8765
xd this song tho. I love it\nIt's like a meme but better!
Youshamae Carbonell
OMG... I love dis music 🎶 this is my sleeping pill😘even I'm 33yrs old😆🙏Everytime I heard this song,im inlove😘😍💞
ZIKman Gt
30:26 lol funny
This song slap
deadpool8888 Bartz
This is the most fire diss track in the diss track world
gan gan
My big 15yeold watching this by meh self
grace Damon's bioatch
Came here from Jimin singing this uwu \u003c3
jason green
thats hilarious!!
karia{shapeshifter} {meif'wa}{kind}{clumsy}
I'm 21 and love baby shark XD
This was 2 years ago and ppl be singing itnow,and anybody else got this stuck in there head
ne ne
My baby love it, it keeps her calm. I even fall asleep watchin it...
tamiles soares
Hi i'm from Brazil iliked the music, baby shark
Free 6ix9ine
tiny club
*Baby shark*
Surprised this video hasn't had more views than despacito. My whole school stated singing this.
İlgün Göksu Yıldırım
I haven't a kid or brother-sister but ı listen this musics. Bcoz this music makes me feel happy, energetic. Thx :)))
Łüxürÿ äsmr
I watch this to get away from reality
ᑭIᑎK ᑕᕼEᖇᖇY
I love this song..even though I'm just a teenager I love it❤️