BEST MOZART for BABIES Brain Development #270 Lullaby Music to Sleep, Mozart Music Therapy

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Mozart for Babies Brain Development, Lullabies for Babies to go to Sleep, Classical Music Mozart helps to fall asleep faster. Put your baby to sleep with best lullabies to go to sleep by Baby Relax Channel.Get our NEW Album "Lullabies: Bedtime Mozart Brain Development" ► iTunes -----------------© Baby Relax Channel All rights reserved

Classical Music Mozart Lul... Lullabies for Babies Lullabies for Babies to go to Sleep Lullaby Music Mozart for Babies Mozart for Babies Brain Development

7em iima
A Hendle
Cool this is actually working for my baby sister
Al Dreyes
Alesha Unleashed
6 month old, took her out in 17 minutes!
Ambur 18
Tanks so much I got my now baby brother to sleep from the peesful music
Amy Nicole
2 weeks ❤️
Anahi Hernandez
This actually works
Andy Archer
My 4 week old boy is flat out to this as we speak 👍🏻
Angela Kormah
1 month old
Asia Vee
This video saved my life ! my 2 week old fell asleep so fast. Now so can I lol
Baby Relax Channel
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Bella Clariot
Bevely Jatico
5 & a half months.. I can say it is effective😊😊
Bman rogerdd
My brother is 2 and he go to sleep to this all the time
Brandi Bernard
4 days old❤️
Camille Blair
2 months
Carolyn Thompson-Mew
2 months and a half
CeCe O'Brien
2 1/2 months and this works!
Claire Salcedo
2 weeks old.. effective..😉
De'Nay Spady
This is by far the quickest one that has put her to sleep under 2 minutes. I love it.
Dhette Sarmiento
this actually works, my 3weeks old baby falls asleep...🤱😴😴😴😴😴
Elizabeth X
Wow been trying to get baby to sleep for about an hour and this put him down within first 2 mins!
Erika Hudson
My baby 1 year
Facebook video
Feng Huang Relaxing - 音楽 BGM
Great music for babies 😍😍😘😘
George Ryan
Ghulam Alizada
Gina Osborne
My daughter is 2 and it gets here to sleep with in 20 mins she loves it ❤️
Gissel Ellington
Santino is 4 years old
Gokce Delibalta
23 aylık iki saatte bir uyanıyor uyursa bu muzikte valla dua etcem sana. Anlamazsın nasilsa zaten habersiz edilen dua kabul olurmuş. Okuyan Türkler tamamen caresizlikten saçmalıyorum 🤤😴😴
Gustavo Balladares
These are my jams to go to sleep ayeee
Hannah Burrell
2 months & works great!
Hira Aadil Rauf
2 Months she goes to sleep Easley
Husky Life
Colicky twins 7 weeks old. One asleep the other eyes wide open.
Indigo CORKE
My 3 month old loves it
Ingris Sandoval
12 months !
Jackie Collins
Big kid music
Jacqueline Buchanan
16 weeks ❤
Jalon Hall
2 weeks old he is sleep in my arms 🙏💜 thank you thank you
Janiah Crockett
1 month old
Javon Bennett
Jaypee Dao
I use this song for practicing ballet impro\n\nThanks!💗
Jennifer Long
18 weeks from ireland
Jessica Maciel
19 month
Jo Star
6 days old niece.
Katie Cupp
5 weeks 💓
Kelly Vang
My little sis is 8 mouths
Kendra Jean
10 days old
Kentoz Menz
10 months and now she falls asleep
King Tyra
5 months 😍
Layla Hudson
13 months
Life as Sylrine
8 months
Lisa Gottschall
3 weeks and hoping this works almost there
5 months knocked his ass out!
Mi 20 month old son trys to fight his tiredness lol he is calming down and drifting off this is real good for my spirit aswell
?\n\n\n\\n .?.,,l o pooooono
Madison Hine
Makayla Newchurch
6 months old and went straight to sleep 💤
Marlon Salvadora
Up until 1.8year old my baby can still fall fast asleep until now. And even I too. LOL. :) good nyt. :)
Mary Ng shwu ling
💔 this music therapy. Thank you for the music!
Mekayyla Selvam
1.5 month son & knocked out. 🤣😂 tq.
Merlyn Sabangan
2 days old and fall asleep immediately😊
2 years old
Mizz Britt
My baby is 3months, he loves this. He goes right to 😴
17 year old works great!
Pavithra Rk
3 month baby
Puppetmaster 369
One month and he fights sleep... this had him out much faster than the usual methods! Thanks!
Rachel Reyes
My son is 2 years old trying to get him to sleep in his own bed
Rebecca Martinez
23, this is more so for me rn haha
Romaani W
6 weeks old
Roy Cisco
I work at a preschool and I use this song everytime for nap
Sheteara Glover
My 10day old falls asleep with this and stays sleep
Stimplebog123 StimpyMCdabman
My bro fell asleep on my leg
Syed Gillani
Thank you for the music 🎧 for my baby 👶🏿
That Funny Guy
9 months
Unknown Default
My baby brother is 5 days old. LMAO He was confused where the song came from.
Vonna and Devon Rivers
1 years old from Houston
William Brossette
Almost 8 months. Usually puts us both out. Thanks.
Yoselin Macias
5 months old💕👶🏼
10 diks
Zaida Chambi Egusquiza
Bello para mí faty
adrianni morante
7 months old..
33 years old zzzzzzzzZ
it's me
I actually use this for my 9 month old puppy, he always falls asleep on this!!
jairus adriel garcia
4 months and a half and it is a bit working
jean norton
Put the baby to sleep and 3 cats.
lets go, eat and more.
I love listening to this kind of musiv.. I am near 50 and helps me to calm down. Thanks for uploading
I play this song to my baby 10 days old in NICU since birth. It makes him relax and full asleep
lol jk
Sister 3 months
10 weeks zzzzzzzz ty
rizi Mariano
9 months my baby is9 months
sandra cordova
My baby loves this music
Özkan Kartal
19 week from germany