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♫♫♫ 4 Horas de Canciones de Cuna ♫♫♫ Musique de Sommeil de Bébé ♫♫♫ 아기 수면 음악 ♫♫♫ ♫ 2 HORAS Mozart para Bebés RELAXING MUSIC BABY SLEEP ♫

4 horas Baby (Play) Musica para Bebes Musiq... Relax (Composition) Sleeping ♫♫♫ 4 HOURS of BRAHMS LULLABY ♫♫♫ BABY SLEEP MUSIC BABY RELAXING MUSIC BEDTIME

nice melody
Abril Luna Herrera
Vy Tucumán
Abril Perez Bielna
Relaja y duerme muy rápido me gusta mucho la canción 🎶 🎶😴
Agnes Cruz
I love this video! I have such a hard time getting to sleep at nite. This music really relaxes me and helps me fall asleep (& I am 42 yrs old). It brings back memories of when I would rock my children to sleep when they were babies ( they are teenagers now and are \
Aitor Martin
Maravillosa esta música!!!
Alistair Jephte Caseñas
It takes 10 minutes to put my six-month-old son to sleep. Lights out, son.\n\nAnd I'm starting to doze off as well...
Amanda P
this video is voodoo magic. I've been using this video/music for the past 4 nights and it gets my 3 month old son to sleep. every. stinkin. time. He doesn't fight sleep and stays asleep thru the night now. this first time momma is very thankful!!
Anas Warraich
Makes me cry.brings so many old memories of childhood.😪😴
Angela Miguel
So Brahms lived on black coffee and forced himself to write a certain number of lines of music a day.
Annelyse Ahmad
So grateful for this. I nanny and it knocks the kids right out. Their parents think I'm magic ;-)
Annette Iverson
Love the Brahm's Lullaby, 4 hrs, for when my baby grandson sleeps at my house. Great for naptime, bedtime or any relaxing time.
It took 2 minutes for my princess to fall asleep and also helps me sleep sometimes too.. Thank you love it ❤️
Armando Perez
this is the only thing that puts my boys to sleep...
Baby sleep music
This is a lifesaver. Gets my five year old to sleep in less than ten minutes every time! \nTonight it's taking a little longer being Christmas Eve and she's too excited to sleep. Bless. But she's just dropping off now. \nThank you! 😊
Breona Butcher
perfect for my 3 week old she goes straight to sleep
Great for helping my baby to sleep, this music is so effective, that I can use much less vodka in his milk... Less for him, more for me!
Carolyn Salenga
my baby is sleeping now....what a relief......
Catherine Walker
thank God for this lullaby or I'd never get my kids to sleep!
Cathetine Sowers
I love it ..grand kids really like it also.. This help them fall asleep.. Beautiful music..
Chris Frazer
sleep tight little Brennan,......for tomorrow we take over the world
Cian miko Clemen
My unborn baby loves listening this lullaby everytime I put the headphones on my belly.. It stop moving everytime my baby heard it.
Dalemon Rowland
The lullaby pets to sleep and me
Dawn Thompson
Wow! This musical really helped my baby sleep. Had fight with him for an hr..the minute i played it took less than 10 min. Thanks lifesaver!! :-)
Dedi Pahlevi
Evil Toad
This is really helpful at getting my 2 year old niece to sleep :)
FranFEDERICAcesca Carletto
Es lo mejor para dormir yo me a pongo y me duermo al toque tengo 9 años oero bueno jeje soy dura para dormir, lo importante es que el que la hizo le agradesco mucho gracias😀😀😁😁😃😃😄😄❤
Freya Park
It's almost 10pm, 5 minutes into this and my 5 year old is FINALLY sleeping.Defiantly be using this again!
Hilda Valenzuela
Angélica Rz: Desde q nacio mi Bb Kyle le pongo esta cancion de cuna y se queda bien dormido hasta la fecha q ya tiene 7m. GRACIAS a quien se Tomo El tiempo de subirla. 👌
Hina Patel
My daughter fall asleep right away when she hear this song please make more songs
Ingridy Ferreira
E muito bom a minha menininha dormiu muito quetinha com a canção 😍😍😍😍😍
Relaxing 😎
Jesica Rivarola
muy hermosa música..mi bebé se duerme enseguida la escuchamos desde que el estaba en la panza
una canción muy bonita zzxxxx
João Lucas Queiroz Almeida
It's Nice music for sleep
Katherine Phan
I'm 8 I still need this I love it thumbs up if you agreed and
Kaye Galvez
Im 17 yrs.old and I still keep listening to this lullaby ._.
Kayla Creamer
Not even 10 minutes of the song and my baby brother almost 2 weeks old went to sleep❤️
Kenneth Thomas
so soothing it put the baby and me to sleep.
Kristina Routsaw
it doesn't work out for my son
Ligiane Arruda
Linda Dawood
It mde my sis sleep in 12 mins......that's cooool
Linda Lleras
Looooveeee it!! My baby fall a sleep and normally it takes me alot las night was 2 am when he finally sleep and today is 9:30 pm wooohoooo!!!
Lynne Johnson
I and my 3 basset hounds, 2 pitbulls, and one dingo love these lullabies and we go to sleep listening to these
I guess i'm a baby
Maisam Amirali
i dont why people dislike this?\nWhats wrong with it!
Marisol Urrutia Ulloa
Hermosas melodias
Marlyn Gomez
Nazia Mohammed
great lullaby, gets my baby to sleep. thank goodness I found this lullaby. it works magic
Nicole Jones
this really puts my lil brother to bed
zzZZzzZZ zzZ
Paolina Wyn
La amo questa melodia😍
Precure fangirl 1999
My boyfriend Ratchet fell asleep sucking his thumb, snoring lightly I took a photo of him asleep in bed, he was blushing a little bit, he's so adorable.. Awwwww... 😍💋💖💘 my heart throbs a bit as he opens his mouth and starts drooling he is so cute...
Queen Malan Malan
Good night 💤
Queen._ Nini
After 1 minute my sis and I fell asleep that ROCK me to sleep
Quwenetriese Anderson
My nephew never wants to go to sleep. I have him from 12am to 5:30am cause his mom works. Keep in mind I’m sleepy cause of school. So tonight he was crying I put this on and I close my eyes so when I opened them he was sleep
Randy Bernard
Listened to pretty much every night for the past few years for my babies bed time and nap time song
Rante Armas
I love lullaby songs during bedtime
Romina Da rosa
mi bb se da cuenta q la miro y se hace la dormida
Rory Mercury
Rose Ann Holt
My 3months old son got sleep after 10mins. finally I get shower😊
Samantha Coffey
I have played this every night for the pasr year since my granddaughter came home from the hospital. She will not go to sleep without this.
Silvina Dominuez
que buena mucicacreador
Sonmez Ammar
Perfekt til min søn.. Intet andet virker😂☺️
Sue ellen Pugh
this is nice but it does not work😤😕
Sunshine Ramirez
when its 1am and you got a test but can't sleep😣
Susan Marshall
Brahms was a student of Robert Shumann.  He was staying with Robert & Clara Shumann at the time of his studies. the Shumanns had lots of children, it was a happy home.  Brahms wrote many of his kids songs for them.  This particular one he wrote for one of Clara's little girls who had trouble sleeping.  Watch the old movie 'Song of Love'..  learn something about the great composers, their lives and hopefully you'll gain a better in sight into classic and the meaning of real music .. that will still be enjoy long after you and I have gone.  Not the rap crap you hear to day!
Tanya Lee
Love the fact that it's 4hr long, I always put this on when my BB cries and wouldn't go sleep. It's a Godsend, Thankyou!
Team Rustofsky
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Tiago Brignol
Awesome, it always work with my son :)... God bless Brahms, YouTube and this channel :p
Tina Jones
hot diggity!!..finally something that has helped my 8 year old autistic son fall asleep.
Toby Sharp
It put my baby to sleep
Venkatesh Vangapandu
hi I love the songs for to sleep ☺babies
Zeinabi Gugunava
This music helps me to fall aseep.
alexa nealey
we use it daily for my grandsons nap and night time
angelica munoz
I can't believe this actually works even I want to go to sleep😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😪😪😫😫😫😫😫
My baby bro is now asleep
This lullaby makes my two girls sleep within 10 mins! 👍🏼👍🏼
Mi deseo es que El Eterno Padre bendiga a todos los que tuvieron que ver con la instalación de este Video musical, pues está lleno de pureza, de alegría, de paz y bienestar para llevarlo a todo aquel que lo escucha para que duerma lleno de tranquilidad y bendiciones.
cat lover
I am seventeen and i listen this song before i sleep
chiu Lily
I love this music .
Oh dear, 10 minutes in and my 3 kids haven't fallen asleep but I think I may take a nap while I wait. Love this music regardless if it works or not!
kathy florence
This is really helpful yet one time there's an ad in middle of song that wakes my baby XD. I wish there's an exception for this but over all I love it.
lerri va Lo
muy buena musica!!! mi bebé se duerme y tranquiliza mucho cuando se la pongo...me a ayudado mucho...
mabel dominguez
This music help to put my nephew to sleep in a few minutes after having a long day I have been using this music since the day my nephew was born and it still helps him to sleep peaceful at night
mailin gomez
es bueno q se animen para haser dormir bbs mi hermano lla no llora tanti grasias hala musica para ellos
planeta marte
sari dianita
7.15 and the baby went to sleepppp.... 😍
scarlet ramirez
This helps both my 2 y.o. niece and me to fall asleep.
I’m 13 and I still want listen to it
vero# sche
bellissima ❤❤❤❤❤❤ siete fantastici💜❤💚💙💛
yamilet zamudio
Like si t estas durmiendo.. :)
Ранохон Токсанбаева
артём наис
امنيه احمد
i love this lullaby .. it puts my 6 months little girl to sleep
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