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Inspired by a series of true events, Baby is a gritty look at the secret lives of wealthy Roman teenagers. Facing family pressures, school stresses and broken relationships, two teenage girls are drawn into leading double lives and an underground world of prostitution. Watch Baby on Netflix:

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Elitè and Gossip Girl but it's in Italy.
Italians are hot 🔥
Adam Mohd Noor
I used to stay in Parioli way back during my stay in Roma as a way to avoid tourist-packed tour buses in central Roma. Anyhoos, this show is unexpectedly good, like really good. I like how the girls' depths are shown and the underlying reasons as to why they decided to enter into their double-life as prostitutes instead of giving the audiences the unrealistic and simplistic view of the girls' decision. We get to understand that their decision isn't primarily motivated by monies but as a mechanism to escape from their bubble - something that we can all relate to, no?
Alana Lucia
Benedetta (blonde) and Alice (short black hair) snapped they really did that. Loved this series. And the soundtrack is fire. I have no doubt Baby will go viral soon
Aline Oliveira
Já quero segunda temporada 😻💝👏
Athena M.
Everyone saying this is similar to Elite clearly did not watch the trailer properly.
Bae Joohyun Is My Father
I hope these two girls see the light and fall in love with each other
Bandile Phiri
After finishing both Baby and the Elite series i can assure you that although Elite may have been released first, it can't hold a candle up to Baby. The Baby series is so honest.
Benedetta Gargiulo
It’s not Elite!! You must be of Rome to understand.
Billy The Kid
What Blair do in Rome? Find out on next episode, XoXo
Oke guys , just because there are some scenes at the high school and they wear a uniform, it’s not ELITE , it’s based on a true story about teen prostitution in Italy , (idk if it’s called like that but that’s okay) but the weird thing about that , is that it happened between rich girls, just for fun or to try another kind of life .So just shut up and start to talk at the end of the last episode . Thankxcxx
Caity D
With the timing of this and Elite it seems quite easy to draw parallels between the two shows but looking further into this, the show is focused around a completely different topic and is based on something that happened in 2008 I believe. I'm definitely going to be watching this show but, from the trailer I think it will be hard not to draw similarities, which is not necessarily a bad thing as in Elite I found myself comparing aspects of it to 13 Reasons Why, How to Get Away With Murder, Gossip Girl, Riverdale and so on and still loved the show.
Calamity Dude
shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Charles Zachary Yu
Am I the only one that thought the other girl in the thumbnail photo was lili reinhart
Charlotte De Villiers
people who are comparing this to Elite... have you even watched the whole trailer? Plus, I dont even get why they say it lol, I mean it’s not that if there’s a school and rich students it means that they copied Elite 😉
That actress is beautiful! I just fell in love!
*طلاين ياخويا ياخويا سيري هادي الجزء الاول مي تعبك ياسر مي تبعها كملتها في نهار*
Dani Du_Soleil
Finally, something interesting! I hope to see more foreign dramas like this, I like to see new settings and hear new languages
Danielaxoxo _
Baby is completely different from Elite, this series is based on a true story that happened on 2013 in Rome.
Daniele Marchetilli
i can say you all a curiosity, at the minute 0:36 there is a word , posh, but in the series this word is \
Deadly Pie
I’m seeing an increase on shows outside of America and I’m loving it! Keep making foreign shows/movies Netflix. I use to watch nothing but shows in my own language and had trouble getting into foreign but I’m getting use to it and like it
This was way better than Elite so stop comparing it.\nI liked the story and the actors.I dfinitely recommend it.\nChiara reminds me od Lili Reinhart at times.\nLudovica looks like Joey King with Tokio's hair.\nCan't wait for Season 2.
Elena Bravi
Ebbasta co sto \
Elena Trinci
Bella figura che ce famo nel mondo con sta serie 😱😂😂😂
Italian is so beautiful
Ethan Meyer
When is Minecraft story mode coming to Netflix
Francesca Nardone
im italian and i can assure you that high schools in italy aren't like that, we don't have uniforms and cool modern schools...hmmm
Francisco Leiva
Alright so being Italian and being from Rome I wanted to step in and explain. While the series can look like elite, the concept is different and more real-life inspired. The series is inspired from the 2013 scandal of baby (minor) prostitutes in Parioli, which is a rich neighborhood of Rome. While mostly dealing with the story of the girls, the series should also explore the differences between teens from \
This language 🔥❤ I was waiting for italian tv show sooo long
Gaia Russo
'elite!!1!1!1!!1!' \nma informatevi ;)
Benedetta Porcaroli is the most beautiful actress i have ever seen
Greta Morgese
Ma ci sta anche qualche italiano tra i commenti??🇮🇹😂
Greta Raspanti
Tutti a dire che le serie italiane siano tutte brutte! Invece ci alcune sono serie moolto belle prodotte in Italia, come per esempio \
Hailee Healy
Ugh the show was good but short 😭😭 kinda wanna rewatch 😩😂😂
Hey, Wanna Play?
Hey, Netflix y'all need to put some serious Horror Movies on here. Most of the Horror you guys have is Garbage.\n\nPlease put some old school Legit Horror Like 2002 May, 2005 Tamara, 1988 Night of the Demons, 1987 Dolls, 2005 Jenifer, 1991 Dolly Dearest, 1990 Demon Wind etc. \n\nPlease From a True Horror Fan I've been waiting for a Good Horror. Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire, The Conjuring, It Follows, The Six Sense, The Shinning are the best on here. \n\nThe rest are just awful didn't even Finish watching them there we're so bad. Acting was just horrible. \n\nSincerely, \nEveryone :)...
Isa Bel
For anyone wondering whether or not to watch, I can truly say that this show is AMAZING!!! I reaalllllyyy hope it's renewed for Season 2
Isabella Scott
Waiting for the elite comments
JK knows my face but not my name.
Oddio non vedo l'ora 😂 potrebbe essere la prima serie italiana che mi piace
This is not elite. I’m italian, this is about young prostitution, based on real events happened in 2008. Elite is what a school drama looks like, the most basic one. This is not.
Jazmin Phillips
Song: Chromatics - Girls Just Wanna Have Some
Jeremiah 94
The other girl looks like Finn Wolfhard 😂😂
Jon Doe
Why is this show only 6 episodes long and about 40 minutes each? Really?? That's it? Couldn't make it 10 episodes long? Even that's too short. What happened to shows that were 20-25 episodes per season and 40 minutes long?? I just finished episode 2 and the show hasn't even gotten into it's main plot line yet. I wish Netflix would make its originals atleast 15 episodes long.
I totally should have gone to high school in Italy \n*edit: I'm not serious lol It looks almost as fake as the high school scene in the Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift*
Katy Zelaya
Muy buena la serie esperando la 2da temporada
Littlefrancy Dici
I don’t understand why people are complaining! The show Will be dubbed in English, french, spanish, german and many other languages. \nYou’re complaining about a less than 2 minutes trailer with subs, that’s really stupid!
Lory Luce
I live in this neighborhood, I remember this scandal, a scandal that shocked Rome and the entire Italy. This tv series is amazing, well done!
Maja R
What is name of the song at the beginning of the Trailer?
Marco Vinas
This show is way more depressing than Elite. Man, its based in a true story and it's amazing. It may look silly in the Thriller but the show is extremely realistic. I'm in love with this serie, i cant wait to the season 2.
Maria Chiara
Alice Pagani è troppo bella ....Alice scopiamo ?
Marina and The Devil
This betteer have gay characters
María Roa
Yesssss, i think im gonna love it, cant wait
Matilda 21
Netflix never fails to give us good quality series
Minucciu Congiu
È tratto dalle vicende realmente accadute sulle baby squillo del Parioli a Roma nel 2014! Elite non c’entra proprio niente, semmai è una serie biografica su queste ragazze
Rome ? Prostitution ? Hope Silvio Berlusconi makes a cameo in this.
Movie NinjaMikey
Ehhhh, not very impressed.
Na J
Time to learn another language😁 Way better than riverdale ☕️
No One
I need the name of the saundtrack 0:00 . 0:20 😭🖤
Soooo no one is gonna talk about the fact that Alice Pagani who plays Ludovica (the short black haired girl) looks exactly like Finn Wolfhard from stranger things?????
Nome Cognome
Like chi ama l italia
OH MY GOD!!! Okay it's happening!!
Nobody puts Baby in a corner!
Is Berlusconi in this?
Queen Ria
1000% worth watching. GO AND WATCH BABY IF YOU HAVEN'T YET! It is hands down my new obsession. My eyes were glued to the screen and I watched it all in one sitting. Now that I'm done with it, I think I will keep rewatching it until a season 2 comes out. There needs to be a season 2 ASAP. Honestly, the cast, the plot, the show as a whole is really just something else. Especially Damiano and Chiara...They're just simply wonderful and definitely my favorite characters. Amazing is all I can say to describe Baby. I won't say more, just watch it. You won't regret it! ❤️
Reanna Towns
Rehab Ahmed
Best show on Netflix can't wait for season 2
I hope they bring more episodes, or seasons because I want to see more❤️😍👌🏼
Saga Nova
wow i can already picture myself watching this while desperately hoping that the two girls will fall in love even tho i know they won't
My compliments. I had not thought THAT song could be creepy.
Serena Fornaro
Proud of our Italy❤️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️
Silvia Vega
If I read another comment about this show looking like Elite I'm going to freak out.
Sister Spooked
This show is amazing
Elite vibes
Tanya Krotowa
I have watched it today. It is lit. All episodes in a row
Thomas Douglas
Sto studiando la lengua italiana, Bona Idea netflix, ho bisogno de trenare, voglio più series di questo paese.\nKkkk I don\
Tiana Rigoni
please tell me i'm not the only one who is madly shipping the two main girls. they have so much chemistry
Tom Amr
Ludo looks si much like Finn wolfhard I’m shook
aprende en casa
Se parece a Betty de riverdale
bell thérèse
Congrats to Netflix for knowing exactly what I want: foreign highschool dramas
darlingteens xx
How is this in any way like Elite lol? Please don’t start comparing shows to Elite just because they’re in a different language and revolve around school.
emma :p
ludovica is such a great personality in this series
Another show in Italian iknow after SKAM Italia
Nice to see originals that aren't English more often
i nickent
So elite
okay i hope there's lesbian action on season 2
jade gooding
i love Elite, but can you stop saying this has Elite vibes??? the problems in here are not even similar to Elite's.
My god, PLEASE READ. This is not ELITE holy shit. As Italian and Roman let me explain you: this tv show is based on a TRUE fact, called Baby squillo (Baby ringer, telephone ringer) happened in a very beautiful and rich part of Rome, “Parioli” . Naturally, they have made an “happier” version, because the Original version is creepier and darker,it shocked entire Italy. The fact talked about two very young girl (15/16 years old) that prostituted themselves every day of the week for bad reasons, for example one of them was induced by the mother. These girls had a very difficult life and family situation, they probably weren’t true friends, they were very different, and they never tried to help each other even if they were very young and not capable to understand everything (maybe?).... and, first of all, they were completely ALONE. nobody knows where they, and the mens who organized their “work” are now... this is a very sad and creepy fact. I suggest you to inform yourself before write something, and to watch this as an INSPIRED show, not as the true story, or as the COPY of elite, Because this is also, maybe a little, a document.
guys I'm from Parioli, the neighborhood in which the story is set, and one of the two girls was attending my school, same grade as me but another class. We shared also some teachers and saying that when we found out we were shocked is a euphemism
I'm so glad we're getting more tv shows that aren't from USA or UK. Also why are ppl complaining about it? English is still the main language for like 90% of the content on Netflix and you don't see non-english speakers complain, lol.
me me
I like that it's in Italian
nei vilde.
Yes! We love Italians!!! Hopefully some of these ppl will be in Skam Italia as well
dizione e recitazione lasciano a desiderare
sergio vela
It looks very raw and real. Élite could never
subhss R
Damn she is so beautiful
suria richman
Loving all the foreign language shows
syiera stuart
Netflix was like “here’s your season 2 of elite”
this remix of girls just wanna have fun tho.
x Luna x
I watched the whole season in one day, I really enjoyed it, would be great if they made season 2
l'ignoranza degli americani sotto questo video...